How to locate a person via mobile BY GPS, WHATSAPP

How to locate a person: There are many reasons that can lead someone to want to know the whereabouts of a person through their mobile number, for example if that person is a relative who has not appeared for hours or days and you can fear the worst.

You can also resort to this method if our son or daughter is rebellious and we want to make sure that he is well. However, locating someone without knowing it is something that must be done under the responsibility and ethics of each one. First of all you have to respect the privacy of each person and reach this extreme only when strictly necessary. 

How to know the location of a free mobile

There are different mobile applications that allow you to identify for free where a person’s phone is located, such as:

  • “Find my device” from Google : This simple Google tool will not only allow you to know exactly the location of that person’s mobile, but if you have lost your mobile, you can also make it sound and / or delete its content from the Internet . Upon entering you will be asked for the Google account (or mobile number) and the password with which the phone in question is linked, so if you do not know this this can be an inconvenience. Of course, if the mobile is off or without a battery, it will not detect it.
  • “Locate mobile by number” application: this telephone application lets you know where your friends or family are located through their phone number. It also allows you to know their latest routes and how much battery they have left.
  • App “Lookout Security & Antivirus” : an Androids mobile application. With this app you can know the location of whoever you want through your phone number. Despite being free, it also has a payment option with which, in case of theft or loss, you can lock your screen and completely reset the phone.
  • App “Cerberus” : this application is one of the simplest and with more features there are. It allows you to not only find a person through their phone number, but also listen to the sound of the environment and access that person’s call log.
  • “Family Locator” application : this is a different application from the others, since it is much cleaner and more moral. “Family Locator” is designed to create a private network with the family, to know if someone has already reached their destination or not, as well as the routes they have made. This app is ideal for families who have a habit of traveling, or for people with Alzheimer’s or young children.
How to locate a person
How to locate a person via mobile BY GPS, WHATSAPP

You will find more free applications on the How to Locate Cellular website , with which you can find your lost or stolen mobile.

How to know where a person is by WhatsApp

Lately it has been heard that WhatsApp was going to install a new possibility for your friends and family, and is to share your location in real time with whoever you want and for as long as you want. Although this option is already underway, it may not be very useful if you want to know where a person is without knowing.

On the other hand, there are many websites that ensure that you can know the real location of people through WhatsApp, but this is a totally impossible option . Be wary of all those sources that tell you that you can know where someone is through a WhatsApp conversation.

How to locate a mobile phone by GPS

Other ways to know where a person is on their mobile is through their GPS. There are different ways of knowing the whereabouts of a person with this method, such as:

  • App “GPS Tracking For Mobile” : this application for Android allows you to track your family and friends via GPS. You can know the location in real time and keep track of your children’s whereabouts minute by minute. In addition, this application also tracks old phones, so it is also ideal for controlling older relatives.
  • App “Search iPhone & Mobile Android” : another ideal application to know the whereabouts of a person through their mobile device. However, it is also perfect to find your own cell phone, if it has been stolen or if you are very devious and you often lose it easily.
  • App “GPS Family Locator KidControl” : this application has something that others do not have. While others lose the signal when entering according to which sites, GPS Family Locator KidControl detects the GPS signal of the phones of your interest even if they are in an underground area. It also allows you to select dangerous areas and receive alerts when your children enter them. What’s more, if there is a problem, the application has an SOS button!

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