How to lose weight fast? 25 Tips to Lose Weight with diet

How to lose weight fast: Weight loss or reduce is a topic on which to listen to as many things as possible.

Whoever eats more than necessary will go ahead of time…

See you. People tell more than one tips or diet-plan, according to which weight reduce is like a children’s game. But in reality, you already know how challenging it really is. That is why I am sharing with you today how to reduce weight . I will try that this article should be one of the best articles written on this subject.

The science of increasing weight is very simple. If you will not burn as many calories as you are eating and drinking, then your weight gain is certain. Actually only the remaining calorie gets collected in our body as fat and our weight increases.

Before starting the weight loss process, you should know whether your present weight is correct or not. For this, please read this article, know   how your weight is correct or not?  From here you will be able to know your Body Mass Index. BMI is a very simple tool that tells how much fat is in your body according to your weight and height. Your BMI tells which weight category you fall into:

  • Less than 18.5 – Underweight
  • 18.5  to 25 – Normal Weight
  • 25  to 29.9  – Overweight
  • Over 30 – Obese (Excessive weight)
How to lose weight fast
How to lose weight fast? 25 Tips to Lose Weight

Now if you are overweight or obese, then only you need to reduce your weight. And if you need it, then you should also know what is the situation in which you have reached. There are generally two reasons for weight gain:

  •  Khan – Pan  :  Weight is the major cause of increasing our food. If the amount of calories in our food is more then the chances of gaining weight are increased. Drinking more fried-fast, fast-food, native ghee, cold-drink, etc. creates more calories than necessary in the body, which we cannot burn without extra effort and the result is reflected in our increased weight. . If you  keep information about how many calories your body needs every day  and consume as much then your weight will not increase.
  • Being  inactive   :  If your routine is such that you do not have to move your hands and feet, then your weight gain is almost certain. Especially those who stay at home or work in the chair throughout the day should deliberately involve some physical activity in their daily life. Like if you use stairs instead of lift, play a game of your interest, such as badminton, table-tennis, etc. If you can afford a treadmill or a gym cycle and use it regularly then it will be quite beneficial. By the way, the cheapest and simplest solution is to get used to walking for a while every day.

But apart from this, your weight can increase due to many reasons. You can see other reasons here:  10 major reasons for weight gain

Now that you know the reason for increasing weight, then lose or reduce it depends on your will and knowledge. Here I am sharing some similar TIPS of weight loss. Hope this information will be useful for you.


1. Be patient:  Remember that your weight today is not a two-day or two-month gift. This is the result of your long-standing lifestyle. And if you want to do weight loss then you definitely have to be patient. Benjamin Franklin’s statement – “He who has patience can get what he wants.” Always inspires me. So you should also be prepared that this work will take time. You may not see any difference in your weight in the first week or two, but this is the time where you have to be strong, have patience, have courage.

 2. Believe in your efforts:  It is more important than anything else that you are confident in the efforts you are making for weight loss. If you are going to a daily gym on one side and telling friends on the other side that there is no use of going to gym-gym, then your subconscious mind will also accept the same thing, and really you will not get any results of your efforts. will get. It is very important to talk positive to yourself. You tell yourself, “I am getting fit”, “I am getting results”, etc.

3.Visualize:  Think of yourself the way you want to look. Know for sure that it will help you lose weight. If you want, you can put some similar photo on the wall of your room, or computer screen as you want to see. Seeing yourself like that every day will make that thing even more possible.

4.After breakfast , make water your main drink: during  breakfast, take orange juice, tea, milk etc. but after that use water only for the whole day. Even if you do not touch the cold drink, keep full control over the tea and coffee. In this way you will consume around 200-250 calories daily.

5. Use pedometer:  This is a device that counts every step of you. Put it in your belt and try to go 1000 Steps extra everyday. Those who have more weight usually walk only two to three thousand steps in a day. If you add 2000 more steps to it, then your current weight will remain and the weight will be less if you run more than that. A standard pedometer costs from 1000 to 1500 rupees.

6. Keep a small diary with you :  Write down everything you eat. Research has found that people who do this consume 15% fewer calories than others.

7. Know how many calories you take, and add 10% to it.  If you feel that you take 1800 calories every day and still do not have weight control, then you are probably guessing your calorie intake Huh. Generally, if you add 10% more to your estimate, then your estimate will be more accurate. For Example: 1800 + 180 = 1980 Calorie instead of 1800.

8. Eat a little 5-6 times instead of eating three times: In a research conducted in South Africa, it was found that if a person eats 5-6 times a day instead of eating morning, afternoon, evening Consues 30% fewer calories. And if he is consuming the same amount of calories as he consumes three times, then by doing so, the body releases less insulin, which keeps your blood sugar right and you also feel less hungry.

9.Rose 45 minutes walk: Walking for 30 minutes daily will not increase your weight, but if you want to reduce your weight, then you should walk for at least 45 minutes daily. If you do this every day then you can lose 15Kg weight in a year without changing your food and drink. And if you do this work in the morning in fresh air, then it is something else. But for this you have to put the habit of getting up early in the morning .

10. Use blue color more:  Blue color reduces hunger. This is the reason that most restaurants use less of this color. So you use blue plates in the food, wear blue clothes, and put blue tablecloth on the table. On the contrary, avoid eating red, yellow, and orange colors, they increase appetite.

11. Donate your old clothes :  Once you have got the right weight, then donate your old clothes, which will now be loose to you, to someone. There will be two benefits to doing this. One, you will be happy to donate something and secondly there will be one thing in your mind that if you become fat again, you will have to buy back so many clothes. This thing will encourage you to keep your weight right.

12. Use a small plate to eat :  Studies have shown that no matter how hungry you are; If you have less food in front of you, you will eat less, and if more food is kept then you will eat more. So it would be better to make a small plate with less food. Similarly, use small cups for tea-coffee too. Taking food frequently increases your calorie intake, so take the same amount of food at once according to the amount of food you have to eat.

13. Put a mirror in front of where you eat : In  a study, it was found that people who eat in front of the glass eat less. Perhaps seeing himself out of shape reminds him that it is very important for him to lose weight.

14.Water-rich food:   A research by Pennsylvania State University has found that eating water-rich food, such as tomatoes, gourd, cucumber, etc., reduces your overall calorie consumption, so use them more and more. .

15. Use low-fat milk: Use   skim milk for making tea, coffee, or even just for drinking milk, which has more calcium and less calories.

16. Eat 90% food at home: Eat  more and more food at home, and if you can take homemade food outside too, then take it. Outside food is mostly high-fat and high-calorie. Avoid these.

17. Eat slowly:  Eating slowly will give your brain a signal to fill your stomach already and you will eat less.

18. Eat whenever you are really hungry:  Many times we eat just like this. Many people also start eating due to habit, boredom, or nervousness. Eat only next time when you really don’t have hunger. If you are looking for something specific to eat, then it is not just hunger but it is a matter of changing the taste, when you are really hungry then you will like to eat whatever you get.

 19. Eat fruit instead of drinking juice : Eat fruit instead of  drinking juice, it will give you the same benefits, and fruit will reduce your appetite more than juice, so overall you will eat less.

20. Walk more: The more  you walk, the more your calories will burn. Using the stairs instead of the lift, walking around will help you. At home too, try to rotate your roof once or twice a day. Small efforts will give big results.

21. Do some heavy work one day in the week :  Every week do some heavy work or activity. Like you can think of washing your bike or car, plan to go for a walk with the kids, or cleaning the house to help your spouse.

22. Consume most calories before noon:   Studies have shown that the more you eat during the day, the less you eat at night. The more calories you consume during the day, the chances of getting burnt by night. Are more.

23. Dance:  Whenever you get time, dance with the best music. By doing this you will be entertained and a lot of calories will also be burnt. If you can bring it into the routine, then what is the matter.

24.  Use lemon and honey: Take lemon and honey with light lukewarm water every morning. By doing this you will lose weight. This is our remedy Mr. VD Sharma ji has told according to his experience. By doing this, they have reduced their weight by 10 kg. Hopefully this will work for you too. Many more Ayurvedic and home remedies have been given in this post to reduce obesity.

25. Drink 3 glasses of water before eating in the afternoon. By doing this, you will feel less hungry, and if you want to reduce your weight, then eating less than hungry will be beneficial for you.

Remember that to reduce weight, you have to be patient. By paying attention to small things, you will be able to do this work fast. And it is very important to believe in what you are doing during this time. Hope these tips will help you to reduce weight fast . All the best.

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