How to rename airpods pro on iphone 13 & other devices?

How to rename airpods pro? When you first activate your AirPods, it automatically raises the nickname of the Apple device you connect it with and is labeled “[Your Name] ‘s AirPods.” It even gets less creative when connected to an Android device, with just “AirPods” as its name. You can imagine how difficult it would be to identify which is which when surrounded by multiple AirPods. Fortunately, you can easily make your AirPods more unique by renaming them.

Renaming your Airpods is related to identification during the connection process. It allows your iPhone, iPad or Mac to identify the Airpods and allows you to connect to them easily. Imagine if you can’t rename your Airpods, how chaotic could it be if you and your friends tried to connect to your Airpods sets at the same time?

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For this reason, this article will explore how to rename Airpods to make connection easier.

What to do before renaming your Airpods

You already know that Apple baptizes your Airpods, Airpods Pro and Airpods Max with a generic name. While this is fine, you will find the need to rename your Airpods in the long run. When you feel the need to know how to rename your Airpods, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing is to make sure the Airpods are working. Sometimes we find that the device does not work because it may be low on power or because there are foreign objects obstructing it. It also helps to make sure you clean your Airpods to remove these foreign objects.

Here are other things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure the iPhone, iPad or Mac Bluetooth connection is working.
  2. Your Airpods must be fully charged.

If you think your device and Airpods are ready, let’s move on to the tutorials we have for you.

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how to rename airpods on iphone, Apple devices

So how can you make your Airpods identifiable during Bluetooth connection? How do you customize it so you don’t get lost? Here are the different ways to rename your Airpods.

A. Rename your Airpods on iPhone / iPad

The easiest and most accessible way to rename Airpods is on iPhone / iPad. Here is a complete tutorial:

  1. Open the Settings interface on your iPhone / iPad.
  2. Select the Bluetooth setup option.
  3. Once the device recognizes your Airpods, tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods.
  4. Tap on Name to open the edit option.
  5. Enter the new name you want to give your Airpods.
  6. Once done, just tap on the back arrow to go back to Settings and save the name.

This part of the Settings interface also contains the items on how to change the settings on your Airpods, such as how the right and left Airpod would work (for example Siri and media control) and automatic ear detection, among others.

How to rename airpods pro
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B. How to rename Airpods on Mac

Another way to rename your Airpods is using your Mac PC. Here is the guide on how to run this process:

  1. Choose the Apple menu and then select System Preferences.
  2. Click on the Bluetooth option.
  3. Next, Control-click your AirPods and then choose to rename.
  4. Enter a new name, and then touch Rename.

How to rename airpods pro with Android

It’s an unusual combination considering that the Apple and Android environments are two different ecosystems. However, its Airpods work just as well as any Apple device. Here’s how to rename your Airpods with an Android device:

  1. Open Settings and then select Bluetooth.
  2. Enable Bluetooth if it is off.
  3. Once the device recognizes the Airpods, tap the letter “i” corresponding to the device.
  4. Then tap on the Device Name to open the editing options.
  5. Type in the new name of the Airpods.
  6. Click Save once done.
How to rename airpods pro
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Give your Airpods a name

It’s fun to give your Airpods a name. It’s like giving your own child a name: it gives him a sense of possession and a sense of self and identity. Without being more poetic than we already did, naming your Airpods clears the confusion of Bluetooth connection later on. We hope this guide helps you, and we hope you’ll check out more of our tech tips in the future.

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