Hrithik Roshan interesting information

Hrithik Roshan interesting information : 25 unknown information

Hrithik Roshan interesting information:

1) Hrithik Roshan ‘s real name is Hrithik Rakesh Nagarath.

2) Born on 10 January 1974, Hrithik Roshan used to die in his childhood on film actresses Madhubala and Parveen Bobby.

3) Hrithik had a problem in his childhood. Hrithik did not go to school on the day the school had an oral examination. Through speech therapy, he overcame his problem. Even today they adopt speech therapy because they fear that they will not stutter again.
4) It is said that Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai wanted to make Rakesh Roshan with actor Shah Rukh Khan, but Shah Rukh did not like the script. Rakesh believed in his script and made the film with his son Hrithik which was a superhit.

Hrithik Roshan interesting information
Hrithik Roshan interesting information : 25 unknown information

5) Hrithik Roshan’s family is associated with films. His grandfather Roshan was a musician. Father Rakesh Roshan is an actor, producer and director. Chacha Rajesh Roshan is a musician. Nana J. Omprakash is a filmmaker and director.

6) Hrithik Roshan was first seen on screen in the 1980 film Asha. This film was made by his maternal grandfather and Hrithik was just six years old at that time.

7) Hrithik was considered lucky by his maternal grandfather and father for his films, so Hrithik used to do small roles as a child artist.

8) He had a big role in Bhagwan Dada (1986). In this, he was in the role of a son adopted by superstar Rajinikanth.

9) On the sets of his father’s film, Hrithik used to shoot with a camera that came to mind, but he wanted to become a hero and often acted in front of the mirror.
10) Hrithik is very big fan of Dharmendra . In his childhood, he kept a poster of Dharmendra in his wardrobe. He first spoke to Dharmendra over the phone after brain surgery.

11) Hrithik Roshan is extremely popular among girls. Once, on Valentine’s Day, he received 30 thousand marriage proposals.

12) Hrithik Roshan’s Hindi is very good and he talks to all the members of the household in Hindi.

13) Hrithik Roshan has been battling health problems from time to time. Apart from the problem of stammering, at the age of 21, Hrithik suffered from a disease in which his spine was getting like the English word ‘S’ and the doctors said that he would not be an actor, but Hrithik’s illness on the strength of strong will. Get over He was troubled by knee pain during the shooting of ‘Jodha Akbar’. The doctors said that they could not even stand up, but Hrithik also defeated the disease. During the shooting of ‘Agneepath’, he had a slip disc and while shooting ‘Bang Bang’ he suffered a brain injury and underwent surgery.
14) Hrithik’s father beat his son only once when Hrithik was throwing the bottle from the roof of the house with his friends.

15) Hrithik Chen was a smoker. He stopped smoking cigarettes after reading a book called ‘How to Stop Smoking’. He then gave this book to many people who smoked.

16) Hrithik has two thumbs in his straight hand. Usually in films they hide the thumbs. They consider it lucky for themselves.

17) Due to Hrithik’s two thumbs, ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ also showed two thumbs of an alien named Jadoo.

18) Hrithik loves photography very much. In personal scrapbooks, they keep taking photographs taken daily.
19) Hrithik Roshan uses the same mirror while doing makeup for many years. His make-up always keeps the mirror with him. This is Hrithik’s lucky mirror.
20) Hrithik was very thin and at the behest of Salman Khan, he went to the gym and paid attention to the body.

21) Guzaarish film is very close to Hrithik’s heart. He felt very sad at its failure. Salman Khan said that even the dog did not go to see this film, due to this Hrithik was very hurt and the relationship between them was upset.

22) Hrithik has also sung songs in Kites and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

23) Uday Chopra considers Hrithik his best friend. He studied in the same school.

24) Hrithik married Suzanne Khan. Hrithik knew and liked Suzanne from the age of 12. Suzanne was his girlfriend for the first four years of marriage. The two married in December 2000 and divorced in November 2014. Hrithik was deeply hurt by this divorce.
25) Despite getting divorced, Hrithik has excellent relations with Suzanne’s family.

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