Hug Day 2020 : Valentines Week, Shayeri, Why we should hug daily

Hug Day 2020 : Valentines Week, Shayeri, Why we should hug daily

Hug Day 2020 : Hugging someone is not just our desire but also the body’s need. A hug is not just a fallacy but also cures diseases. On the occasion of Hug Day, we are telling you the benefits of hugging and how many times a day it is necessary to hug.

When you are happy you embrace your loved ones, when you are sad you want to embrace someone and forget your sadness and trouble, even when you are very excited and when you are very scared It also feels that hugging and hugging will clear all the troubles and increase happiness. Hugging someone is not just our desire but also the body’s need. A hug is not just a fallacy but also cures diseases and there are many benefits of a hug. But do you know how many times you should give a hug in 1 day.

It is necessary to be engaged at least 4 times every day. According to the essential

family therapist Virginia Satir, we need to be hugged at least 4 times in order to survive every day. Not only this, if you want your upbringing properly and there is no problem in living, then at least 8 hugs are needed every day and if you want to grow well then every day It is necessary to hug at least 12 times. There has been such a shortage of hugs in our lives, now a new profession has started of the cuddleists in which people are charged with money.

By doing Hug, the child’s brain is smart

Parents often say that when he hugs his child, all his tiredness goes away. According to studies, hugging a child through his parents is very beneficial for his growth and health. Actually, for the development of the child, it is very important to develop his messages. When the parents hug the child, lovingly cuddle the magic, it positively affects the child’s senses, making them less likely to learn things. In a research, it was revealed that children who embrace parents more are smarter than other children.

Hug Day 2020 will be celebrated by people of different age groups all over the world on 13 February, Thursday.

How is hug day celebrated

Hug Day Valentin is one of the special days of the week celebrated by people of all age groups embracing each other. To express his love and affection, he embraces his soul mate, friend, Mehboob etc. very fondly. A process of meeting each other very loudly in a standing position is a hug. It relieves one from any problem and has the ability to refresh the mind. If one person hugs another person, he feels as if he has been hugged by his beloved.

hug day 2020
How is hug day celebrated

There are a lot of benefits of hugging as well as it brings the feeling of being natural and loved by someone. This can increase the psychological and physical development of a hugged person. By lowering the level of cortisol in the blood, stress hormones, it builds and strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of permanent heart disease.

Heart stays healthy

Stress hormone cortisol in the body works to increase blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart related diseases. In such a situation, it has been proved in many studies that if you hug someone regularly then your cortisol level comes down and in this way you can protect your heart from diseases.

Mood is better

when you hug someone, then serotonin starts to form in large amounts in your body. Serotonin is a chemical that is necessary to improve our mood. In the event of someone hugging, the chemical like brain serotonin and endorphins release large amounts of blood into the arteries, which leads to a pleasant experience.

The body gets rest

Our muscles get stretched all over the body while doing some hag. It provides relief to the body.

It has been proved that an embrace of only 20 seconds of oxytone increases levels of hormones and brings a lot of happiness. By hugging each other, it prevents a person from having high blood pressure and high heart rate. After a hug by someone, it makes the person feel very peaceful and relaxed.

Narration on hug day 2020

  • “Love is a winding feeling that surrounds you, like a hug. Or a bond ”- Jarrod Kintz
  • “A hug is a perfect gift – if you exchange it, there is no one shape of a hug so it happens to everyone and nobody feels bad” – Irwin Ball
  • “Love is a peaceful feeling, like a flower embracing a butterfly” – Jarrod Kintz
  • “The meaning of the hag – helping manifest greatness” – Zita H Vasavan-Ind-Germany
  • “One day a hug keeps the bad guy away” – Jim Andersen
  • “One word can end a quarrel; A hug can trigger a friendship; A smile can bring unity; One person can change your whole life! ”- Israelmore Avivore
  • “One day, once again I will feel the depth of the hug, and it is definitely a home feeling” – Nouf Alfadi
  • “Hold my hand; Kiss my forehead, embrace and look into my eyes; May be the last today you can ”- MF Moonzaier
  • “Be the first to hug and you will be the highest for a hug” – Sajid Baig
  • “My mother laughs at me. His smile is a kind of hug to me ”- R.J. Palacio
  • “… when someone is honest and hypersensitive, they make my heart ache – I want to embrace them to be true” – John Geddes
hug day 2020
Narration on hug day 2020

Poem on hug

Love is not only a hug, it is not a
kiss, it is not
just a love to say
that I love you.

Love is just a memory,
which is in the form of that little bent bench, the memory of those stairs where we were sitting
inside us. As we sat where we drank tea and talked about our own grief and made our own happiness a partner.

If you want to get that love again
, go somewhere , go to that bench,
go to that grass, near
those stairs, near
that table and chair, near
that flower
that was broken and

say in your hair – I will then I have come alone this time

A Poem on Love

Love is not just a hug
He is not only kissing
It’s not love to say
That i love you
Love is just a memory
Which is recorded as that slightly bent bench
Within us
Wherever we were sitting
As a reminder of those stairs
Wherever we sat and talked about tea, our grief.
I had made my own happiness partner
If you want to get that love again somewhere go to that bench.

Go to that grass
Near those stairs
Near that desk and chair
Go to that flower
The one who broke it was once in your hair

Say – I have come again this time alone
Love is not only in memory
He is in a pain that hurts sometimes if love is alive somewhere
So in a dream
Among all mortal things
In no way ephemeral

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