Hyderabad rape case : All accused  are dead in police encounter

Hyderabad rape case : All accused are dead in police encounter

Hyderabad rape case :: The four accused of rape and murder of a doctor in Hyderabad have been piled into an encounter by the police. The police had taken the four to recapture the crime scene for investigation. In an attempt to escape from there, all four became victims of police bullets.


  • Four accused in Hyderabad case killed in police encounter
  • Police took the spot to re-create the crime scene
  • During the investigation, the victims were shot while trying to escape.
  • Shiva, Naveen, Arif and Keshavulu were on police remand
  • There was resentment across the country, there was a demand for hanging
Hyderabad rape
Hyderabad rape

Hyderabad: The
case of rape and ruthless killing of an animal doctor at Shadnagar in Hyderabad has taken a shocking turn. On Friday morning, the four accused in the case were killed by the police in an encounter. According to the information received so far, the police had taken these accused on the spot for investigation. The four tried to escape from there, on which the police piled them. Senior police officers have reached the spot.

Attempt to escape
tell that in the case of rape and murder of an animal doctor in Hyderabad Shadnagar, the police had kept the four accused Shiva, Naveen, Keshavulu and Mohammad Arif in police remand. It is being told that the police had taken the four for investigation under the flyover where they set the victim on fire. The crime scene was being recast there. Meanwhile, all four tried to run away.

piled up in encounter
On this, the police reacted and opened fire and killed all four in the encounter. According to media reports, the police commissioner has confirmed this. Let me tell you that since this scandal, there was a boil all over the country and the demand of hanging all four was rising. Where these accused were taken, they burnt the dead body after killing the doctor after the rape.

Hyderabad: ‘Now my daughter’s soul finds peace’, on this, the victim’s father congratulated the government and said that his daughter’s soul will get peace. At the same time, after the encounter, Telangana law minister Indrakaran Reddy has said that God punished the accused even before the legal process. He said, ‘When the accused tried to escape, they were killed. This brings happiness to the whole country including Hyderabad.

Police praise on social media
Along with the victim’s family, they are also celebrating on social media and are thanking the Hyderabad Police. Schoolgirls were also very happy with the news of killing the accused. On the bus to school, some schoolgirls celebrated seeing the police. On the other hand, people are questioning the police action on social media. They say that in this way the people’s judicial system will lose their trust.

Hunt made under the pretext of help,
let us tell you that on the night of November 27, the 27-year-old veterinarian made these poor people a victim of their cruelty. Drinking alcohol, the accused had seen the doctor parked in Scooty and had made an audacious plan. Scooty exhaled, first pretending to help and then snatching the mobile.

killed after this, the four accused took turns with the doctor in turn and strangled him to death. They did not stop here. After the murder, the body was put in a truck and thrown under an overbridge, about 25 km from the toll booth, and then sprayed petrol-diesel and set it on fire. In the morning, a milk seller informed the police after seeing the burnt corpse, after which it came to know about this hagiography.

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