IMEI code of mobile? How to know the IMEI code of my mobile

IMEI code of mobile? The IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity ) is a pre-recorded code in each terminal and its main function is to identify mobile phones worldwide. We could say that the IMEI code fulfills the same function as identity documents in people, they are identified and registered in order to maintain control. In most cases this code of mobile phones or cell phones consists of 15 figures. It is important to know the code to be able to make use of the various utilities it has.

If you wonder how to get the IMEI from your mobile but you don’t know how to do it, In addition, if your phone is Apple we also have answers for you, in the last step of this article we explain how to know the IMEI of an Iphone.

Steps to follow:one

Finding out what is the IMEI code of our mobile is really simple, take note of each step, of the various ways of taking out the IMEI and you will see that it is really easy and in a little you will have it. The first way is through the following combination of keys that we will make on our mobile: * # 06 # and immediately we can see the IMEI , the screen will show the 15 digits of this code.

IMEI code of mobile
IMEI code of mobile? How to know the IMEI code of my mobile


Another way to know the code of our mobile or cellular telephone terminal is by looking at the surface of the mobile phone under the battery. So first we must remove the battery and look at the place of the mobile where it was to locate a series of stickers. We will read carefully until we find the code.


Once you know how to get the IMEI out of the cell phone and have it, it will be important to have it written down safely. In the event that someone stole our cell phone, we could contact our telephone operator to block it and at least get it to do nothing to steal cell phones, as they would be disabled for thieves.

4 – IMEI code of mobile

More useful is to use the IMEI code to unlock the mobile . Generally it is the telephone operators that provide the terminals, but these terminals are configured to work only with SIM cards of that operator. Once the period of stay stipulated in our contract is over, we can make it easier for us to release the mobile . In those cases we will be asked for the IMEI code of our terminal and we can already release it.

5 – IMEI code of mobile

Finally, as we said at the beginning, if you have an iPhone and want to know the IMEI of your cell phone in the image below you can see the steps to follow, if you do not follow these instructions:

  1. To view the IMEI, open the “About” screen of your device, go to Settings – General and then About the home screen .
  2. Scroll down a bit and you get to see the IMEI and the serial number.

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