International Neutrality Day : December 12 by United Nation

International Neutrality Day : December 12 by United Nation

International Neutrality Day, December 12 was the date proposed by Turkmenistan to the UN for International Neutrality Day to be celebrated , mainly because this country has declared itself as a permanently neutral state, which means that it does not enter into warlike conflicts with any other nation of the world, nor support those who do . But he prefers to remain a mere observer of events.

International Neutrality Day
International Neutrality Day : December 12 by United Nation

Neutrality is a right that not only nations have, although in the case of the UN , it is clear that countries can decide to stay out of the way and that their position is respected, allows this governing body to gain and maintain a certain level of trust by the inhabitants of the world and achieve the cooperation of all its members despite the fact that the point to be dealt with is very loaded political situations .

What is the true function of International Neutrality Day ?

Neutrality, not only gives countries the power to stay away from conflict, but also increases nations that have some kind of disagreement to resolve it by peaceful means and, if they wish, conduct negotiations in a neutral territory . In simple words, neutrality advocates the use of instruments such as:

  • Preventive diplomacy and mediation : It is about serving as a mediator between two nations that present a discrepancy and establishing agreements before the problem can get out of hand.
  • Good offices : Seeks to carry out a series of visits and missions, permanently, which leads to a solution that is beneficial for both parties . And all through diplomatic means.
  • Missions to verify the facts : Before taking any position, the UN prefers to send a team to demonstrate the reality of a place or both countries, to decide who to provide support or how to resolve the dispute if generate chaos in the region.
  • Negotiation : In extremely delicate cases, which can generate a large-scale warlike conflict, the UN prefers to create a negotiating table so that both parties reach an agreement, each giving a little in their positions.
  • Informal consultations : Finally, another of the means used by the UN, is the consultation of its members in each meeting that it carries out on different topics or a specific topic, so as to evaluate possible mechanisms to develop.

Neutrality is the most consistent step when a good part of the information is not possessed, nor have the facts been verified . All nations of the world, as well as people, have the right to it.

So you can celebrate it or not on December 12, but if you do, it would be good to publish on the web what is the day of neutrality for you accompanied by the hashtag #International Day of Neutrality .

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