INTERVIEW - Salman Khan

INTERVIEW – Salman Khan: would like to give credit to fans of Dabangg 3

INTERVIEW – Salman Khan: Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha’s recent release film Dabangg 3 has done well at the box office. The film has reached close to 100 crores. In such a situation, Chulbul Pandey aka Salman and Rajjo aka Sonakshi had a special conversation with the media and expressed happiness over the success of the film. Salman Khan said that I am happy with the response the film is getting. I would like to give full credit for the success of the film to the fans.

INTERVIEW - Salman Khan
INTERVIEW – Salman Khan: would like to give credit to fans of Dabangg 3

It has been 5 days since Prabhudeva’s directorial venture Dabangg 3 was released and there is great enthusiasm among the fans. Probably everyone knows how strong Salman Khan’s fan following is. When Salman was questioned on his fandom, he said, “As a hero I think that as long as your emotion is right, the audience will continue to connect with you. It is not just Star Power that films play, there must be something in it.” Along with this, the actor also spoke on his 30-year Bollywood journey.

Read here some key excerpts from the INTERVIEW – Salman Khan

INTERVIEW – Salman Khan

How do you see the journey of the Dabangg franchise? And which is your favorite out of all the three domineering?

Dabangg is very special for all of us because it became good, so Dabangg 2, now Dabangg 3. Especially for Sonakshi, the first Dabangg is very special. But somewhere I like Dabangg 3 is the best among the three. Not only is it the biggest in production, but we have a lot to say here in the story, some characters are added, Sudeep is getting so much praise as a powerful villain, Chulbul’s past, his love story .. I think it became quite interesting.

Can you say that now the preparation for Dabangg 4 will be done soon?

(Laughs) Asked for so many years when Dabangg 3 is coming, when Dabangg 3 is coming .. Now Dabangg 3 has come, so the question started on Dabangg 4 .

Every film has its own special for every artist. In such a situation how strong have you both met your expectations?

Sonakshi Sinha– This franchise is moving forward due to the love of the audience. We got so much love in Dabangg, it doubled in Dabangg 2 and now Dabangg 3 is also getting so much love. So much is going on in the country, in such a situation, people are liking our film, they are going to see, I am happy .. I thank the people. For us, this franchise will always be special. I am hoping that this will always go on.

Salman Khan– I would like to give all the credit for the success of the film to the fans. Section 144 was also implemented in many cities of the country, in such a way that the film did a good collection, for this I thank the fans.

The Dabangg franchise is also very popular among children. Especially the character of Chulbul Pandey .

The character of Chulbul Pandey is for children only. This is a character or a film that you will feel good when you exit the theater. It is a complete family entertainer. We have also touched on many social issues in the film, which the audience understood. Especially people like Chulbul Pandey and Rajjo’s chemistry too .. Because in this relationship there is love, respect.

Kicha Sudeep is also being praised in the film as a villain .

Unless the villain is strong in the film, what will the hero do? A strong villain was needed in this film, so that the hero could also emerge. Sudeep is a great actor.

How easy or difficult was your journey with the Sonakshi Dabangg franchise?

I have not taken any acting workshop or any special training. Everything I’ve learned is learned on the set of the film itself. Salman Khan’s attitude towards work impresses me. The way they work so hard even today, the enthusiasm in them .. I get to learn a lot from them.

This year you were part of four films (Kalank, Khandani Shafakhana, Mission Mangal, Dabangg 3). How satisfied are you as an artist?

So happy that I got a chance to be part of so many different films. Got to play four such different characters. The end of the year is also getting so spectacular. There is no doubt that it was a very satisfying year as an artist.

You have completed 30 years in the film industry. How do you see this journey?

I feel as if I had come into the industry a day earlier. It has been 30 years, but it seems like I was craving for work the day after tomorrow, got work yesterday and today if I want to take leave then it is not right. This industry has a deep impact on our lives. I work every day without leave, because we all have daily bread. It is a complete circle.

In the 30 years that your craze has been created among the fans, how much love has your characters received .. What do you feel after seeing it?

I think heroism can never end. I believe that when people go to see your film, they are happy .. and when they come out, they keep the hero in mind and exit. When Bruce Bruce Lee went out to see movies, I considered myself a master of martial arts. As a hero, I think as long as your emotion is right, the audience will continue to connect with you. Movies do not run only with star power, there must be something in it.

Fans are eagerly waiting for your birthday. How are you going to celebrate this year?

In fact, this year a new member is coming to our house, we are more focused on the child of Arpita (Salman’s sister). So, more than my birthday, we are more happy and excited about the birthday of the coming child. I will be a part of his birthday.

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