Introduction of an essay

Introduction of an essay : How to do the Essay Introduction

Introduction of an essay: The essay is a text in which the author exposes and argues his opinion or opinions on a specific topic (this can be social, cultural, political, among others). The essay is usually used in academic settings although, today, there are many authors who publish essays for the large reading public, thanks to the fact that the increase in sales of this type of writing has increased in recent years.

Each essay, like each author, is totally different. However, there are some basic rules, as far as the structure of an essay is concerned, that allow the text to be exposed in an accessible and understandable way for those who read it. If you are thinking of writing one, you need to know, for starters, how to do the introduction of an essay . 

How to do the introduction of an essay – what to consider

The introduction of an essay is the reader’s first exposure to the topic to be addressed, just after the essay title . Readers may not be experts on the issue they are going to read and, for this reason, the introduction should be clear and show mastery of the issue to be discussed. An example of how to start an essay would be to start by defining the basic terms of the topic you are going to talk about or review the history or theories that cover the topic. In this article, we will explain how to start the introduction and what structure it should have, so stay tuned and read on!

Introduction of an essay
Introduction of an essay : How to do the Essay Introduction

Before learning how to make an introduction for essays , it is convenient that you know the basic parts in which these types of texts are usually divided, which are:

  1. The introduction (which we will talk about in this article).
  2. The development of the text : it is where you will present your ideas, opinions and agreements and / or disagreements reasoned and argued.
  3. The conclusion : where you will review all the ideas developed throughout the text, exposing, worth the redundancy, your final conclusion about it.
  4. Annexes : Annexes may appear in an essay or not. This will depend on whether you have consulted specific sources, cited authors and their works.

There are different types of essays , such as literary, critical, scientific or narrative essays. The language of your essay, as well as its purposes, should be adapted to the gender you will use. However, broadly speaking, all types of essays must contain the same essential parts.

If, beyond knowing how to start an introduction, you want to know more about the structure of the essays and how to develop each of its parts.

How to start an essay introduction

The first thing you need to know to make an introduction is to be clear about what you are going to talk about in your essay. Do you want to express your opinion and your reflection on the current policy in the country? Do you want to analyze and make known to the world your ideas about the consumer society? There are many topics to talk about when deciding to write an essay . The important thing is that you are clear about what you want to write and why. To start your introduction you must consider the following:

  • How are you going to present the topic you are going to deal with.
  • How are you going to focus the writing. Will it have the form of a dialogue in which two people ask questions and give answers to the main topic? Or, on the contrary, will it be a narrative by chapters in which the various parts of your reasoning will be exposed?

Remember how important it is what you tell as how you tell it. This is so, especially when you intend for your work to be read by as many people as possible.

How to start an introduction is a task as important as writing the essay itself. Thanks to a good introduction, you will be able to capture the reader’s attention. To do this, it is important that you start your essay with a phrase that “hooks” and, in addition, clearly reveals the topic you will discuss in your work.
If you want the introduction of your essay to be effective, you should take into account the following tips:

  1. Structure the introduction in a clear way where the paragraphs are well differentiated.
  2. Use academic or more specialized language if the text is aimed at a scholarly audience. If you are looking to write essays that reach the general public, use a language that, although formal, can be understood without resorting to specialized dictionaries. If, even so, you need to use a specific term, explain it clearly through some dimension or some illustrative example.

Also, you must expose the topic you want to talk about while putting the reader in a situation. To give an example of an introduction to an essay , it is not the same to say: “Mobiles are ending personal relationships and I am against it” which, instead, start your text as follows:

“Today and, due to the great social and technological changes we are experiencing, our interpersonal relationships have been reduced by the use of mobile phones and, as a consequence, of social networks. We all use these virtual communication channels to to establish new relationships of friendship and even love relationships. Will there come a time when technological advances end up canceling or diminishing the feelings of human beings? Will we lose our innate communication and social skills in pursuit of an exclusively virtual world? “

It is about offering the reader the possibility to put themselves in context and, if possible, to identify or understand the problem, idea or theory that you will talk about next.

How to make an introduction to a university essay

In the case of university or academic essays, every introduction begins with what is called a “hypothesis . ” Following this hypothesis, and using it as a guiding thread, we proceed to develop and argue the entire essay.

Unlike non-academic essays, if you want or should write a university essay, you should know that it is very important to know in depth the subject that you are going to develop and, in addition, the opinions versed by other authors on this subject. For this it is essential that you investigate and know in depth what you are going to talk about. It would not make sense, for example, if you decided to conduct an essay that dealt with astronomy if your knowledge about it is scarce or very limited.

As important as how to begin the introduction of an essay is to know what you should never put into it. An excess of information, at the beginning of the text, will cause the reader’s interest to end up running out before turning the first page. So, never include the following in your introduction :

  • The conclusions : the conclusions of your essay should be like the icing on the cake. You always have to leave them for last.
  • Proposals or solutions to the problems raised : since when does anyone know the solution before knowing what the problem is?

How to write an essay

Writing an essay is such a thorough task that requires as much work and effort as a novel, but it is also a rewarding work that allows you to express your ideas and expose yourself to your readers. If you are thinking of writing an essay, in addition to conviction, it is important that you have the following tools:

  • Written ability to express and argue what you want : forget about monosyllables and short phrases. The reading of an essay, like that of any novel, must provide information and opinions, but it must also ensure that reading becomes a satisfying and enriching action, both mentally and spiritually.
  • Good spelling : before you start writing, you have to learn how to write.
  • Ability to synthesize : it is important to develop the topic to be discussed and opinions, but going too far through the branches can cause the reader to stop reading or lose interest.

To write an essay, and this also includes the question of how to do a university essay, it is recommended that you follow the following structure:

  • The introduction : be the exposition of a hypothesis about gamma rays or your ideas about the loss of romanticism in football in pursuit of money and the big media, the beginning of your essay should be the “hook” that your readers bite.
  • Development and resources : in this part, you develop your ideas through, as the name implies, the resources (the material you have to convince, argue and defend your position). If your essay is university, your best weapons of conviction will be statistics, data, bibliographic citations, examples (all of them tested through bibliographic references). If your essay is not academic and is more informal, you can develop it through examples or situations analyzed from your point of view; Everything you think can give weight to your argument is included here.
  • The conclusion : the conclusion should be the gold brooch or, as we have said, the icing on the cake. In this part, you summarize, reinforce and reaffirm the opinions expressed throughout the text, showing them to the reader in a worked and convincing way. Attention: it is not about repeating the same thing all the time as if it were a mantra, but offering the reader your whys and your conclusions.
  • The bibliography : this part is essential in every university essay and, almost always, in the rest of the essays. No one is born taught and all writers, however observant, intelligent and thoughtful they are or have been, will always need to drink from the source of knowledge of other authors. Always try to give credit to the authors of the ideas with which you have been inspired.

Writing an essay is a rewarding task that will allow you to know yourself better and show yourself to the world as you are. If you have your essay ready and you are not sure how to give it a good ending, do not hesitate to consult our article How to conclude an essay . Cheer up! 

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