Iran summoned Britains ambassador, temporary custody

Iran summoned Britains ambassador, temporary custody

Iran summoned Britains ambassador: Iran’s foreign ministry has summoned the British ambassador for participating in an illegal demonstration. The ambassador says that he was involved in a procession for the dead in the plane crash.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has summoned UK Ambassador Rob MacAir to seek clarification for his involvement in the anti-illegal anti-government demonstrations here. According to Eff News, Macaire was detained after the demonstration. Since then, a quarrel has started in Britain and Iran. 

The ambassador said that he had gone to join a procession fired for the casualties in the Ukraine airline on 8 January. When the protest started against the government, he left. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on Sunday, “Rob MacAir was summoned for his unlawful conduct on Saturday in an illegal rally”. The ambassador was taken into temporary custody after the news of the ambassador’s temporary detention was revealed by Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Arghchi. He said, ‘He was not detained but arrested because of being an unknown foreigner while illegally assembled. When the police informed me that a person arrested claimed that he was the ambassador of the UK, I said it could not be possible. British Ambassador confirmed by tweeting.

Iran summoned Britains ambassador
Iran summoned Britains ambassador, temporary custody

He added, “I was surprised when I spoke to him on the phone and I confirmed that he was the ambassador. He was released 15 minutes later. The British ambassador tweeted, “I can confirm that I was not participating in any demonstration!” I went there to attend a rally organized for the victims of the PS 752 tragedy. ‘

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