Iranian missile attack: That is the real message of the Iranian missile attack

Iranian missile attack: That is the real message of the Iranian missile attack

Iranian missile attack: Iran promised “heavy revenge” after killing its popular hero Qassem Soleimani. Tehran has now launched missiles at US bases in Iraq, and Iran’s top religious leader praises the attacks. Overall, the “retaliation” was mild.

At first glance, it sounded dramatic. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards fired 35 rockets at two US bases in Iraq as part of Operation Martyr Soleimani . The ballistic surface-to-surface missile attack could have killed dozens of U.S. soldiers, forcing the United States to retaliate again. That would have triggered a tit-for-tat game in which one return carriage chases the other and turns the entire Middle East into a war scenario. But that is exactly what Iran seems to want to avoid. He has no interest in a total confrontation with the world power America.

The attack on the two US bases in the Iraqi Anbar province and in the autonomous Kurdish region was an attack at the lower escalation level. More like an offer of peace than a deadly offensive. In the end, there were only a total of 15 missiles, five of which missed their targets.

There are said to have been no casualties or injuries to American military facilities. Not least because Iran sent a warning before the attack, as the US broadcaster CNN found out. Thanks to an early alarm, those in the danger zone would have had time to get to safety in shelters.

“All well,” US President Donald Trump announced on the short message service Twitter shortly after the Iranian missiles hit. The next day he would comment on it, it said. If countless of his soldiers had died, Trump would have reacted differently and would not have slept one night. His military advisers had given him detailed information on the situation, as reported by the American media.

Iranian missile attack
Iranian missile attack: That is the real message of the Iranian missile attack

Iran could now close the “Revenge for Soleimani” file. The Islamic Republic has saved its face. The state media reported the success of the operation across the board. They spread 80 dead US soldiers and a completely destroyed military base of the American archenemy.

Propaganda departments of the Revolutionary Guards roamed Iranian cities at night and played victory marches on the streets. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Sarif spoke on Twitter of “adequate self-defense measures” under Article 51 of the UN Charter. “We don’t want escalation or war, but we defend ourselves against aggression,” read his Twitter post.

Khamenei praises missile attacks on US bases – Iranian missile attack

A statement also came from the office of the chief religious leader Ali Khamenei. The rocket attack was the “weakest” scenario of retaliation, a “slap in the face” by the United States. The US troops would have to leave the region. “The United States is the enemy of Iran.”

But there was no longer any talk of “severe revenge” that Khamenei had previously promised. The tears that shot the eyes of the top leader of Iran at the funeral for Soleimani were only crocodile tears. In the end, the reason won.

Iran cannot currently afford a war against the United States. The economic situation is worse than ever, and for months now, young people have been taking to the streets against the mullahs’ regime. Of course, Tehran knows that it can never win a direct confrontation with Washington’s powerful war machine.

It is now up to Trump and the Pentagon to respond to Iran’s mild retaliation. “We will evaluate the situation and our response,” said Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman. “We will do everything we can to protect US employees, our partners and allies.”

Will Iran accept the offer of peace, or will Trump choose to further limit the Islamic Republic? As a precaution, Iran has already announced that the United States should not now seek retaliation. If Iranian soil is bombed, the Revolutionary Guards threaten if the Gulf state of Dubai and Haifa in Israel are destroyed by a wave of rockets.

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