Jennifer Aniston Birthday

Jennifer Aniston Birthday: 11 Reasons Why We Love the Actress

Jennifer Aniston Birthday:Today, the famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is 51 years old (and, admittedly, it is very difficult to believe in it!). This star boasts a huge army of fans around the world, and the explanation for this is very simple: it is beautiful, smart, charming and talented – in a word, admirable. We tell you what else we love Jen for. Jennifer Aniston Birthday Special.

Jennifer's birthday
Jennifer Aniston Birthday: 11 Reasons Why We Love the Actress

11 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Aniston

1.She knows how to be friends with former

Jen was able to maintain an excellent relationship with her two ex-spouses: Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, as well as with ex-boyfriend John Mayer. With them, the actress sometimes meets in an informal setting and even celebrates holidays .

They say that there is no friendship between a man and a woman (and even more so between former lovers), but Jen proves the opposite with his own example. Here I would like to add: are you weak?

2.She likes to have slumber parties

And Aniston by his example proves that female friendship also exists. For many years, she has been close friends with her friends in the series Friends, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, as well as with Reese Witherspoon , with whom she also worked together on several projects.

Actresses regularly meet and have bachelorette parties , get together for the holidays and go on vacation .

3.She has a great instagram

How long have we been waiting for this! And finally it happened: last year, Jennifer Aniston registered on instagram. And a few hours after this, the actress got into the Guinness Book of Records: her appearance on the popular social network so excited fans around the world that in just over five hours, a million people signed up for it (now the actress has 27.5 million subscribers).

In his blog, the star publishes archived photos and photos from the backstage, shares frames with friends and, of course, jokes with herself.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer has a great sense of humor

4.She has a great sense of humor

By the way, about a sense of humor. Like her character Rachel from the series Friends, Jennifer is just superb. To be able to laugh at oneself is another talent, and Jen clearly possesses it. She is not afraid to look funny and even stupid.

I love to fool around and laugh at myself. Never in my life did not take yourself too seriously,- she admitted it.

5.And a great sense of style – Jennifer Aniston Birthday

Jennifer, of course, is hardly a trendsetter or style icon, but hardly anyone will argue that the actress has an excellent sense of style. She knows how to dress appropriately for the occasion: whether it be a high-profile event , another TV show or a simple walk around the city – almost always Aniston looks perfect.

6.Jen looks cool at any age – Jennifer Aniston Birthday

At 51, Aniston looks so cool that even 20-year-old girls will envy her. She is slender, fit and rightfully bears the title of one of the sex symbols of our time. The actress herself, however, does not flatter this definition at all – she admitted that the image of a neighbor’s girl is much closer to her.

Such an excellent form of Aniston is the result of hard and regular work on himself . She trains six times a week and practices interval fasting.

Of course, we would love Jen any, but we can’t not admire her willpower and ability to take age into a fist!

7.Jennifer does charity work (Jennifer Aniston Birthday)

She helps St. Children’s Research Hospital Jude is in Memphis and also supports the Stand Up to Cancer Cancer charity.

In 2010, the actress donated 450 thousand dollars to help victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

8.She reacted with dignity to the news about the novel by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

After Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for the sake of Angelina Jolie , Aniston never once said a bad word to her ex-husband or his new lover. Despite the fact that for her it was akin to stabbing a knife in the back and the whole of America knew how hard she was having a breakup with Brad, she always spoke very well of her ex-husband, and was very restrained about Jolie and did not give any reason for journalists to inflate of this scandal.

Jennifer Aniston Birthday
Jennifer loves animal

9.She loves animals

If I had the opportunity to have a llama, a pig, an alpaca, sheep, goats, I would have done it,

She said.

But most of all, the star loves dogs.

I have great friends among people, but my dog ​​friends are special. And let them not send me messages and give flowers, but they do much more. They always meet me when I get home, and they never complain about anything,

Aniston admitted.

10.She did not become a hostage to one role

Of course, Aniston glorified the role in the series “Friends”, after which everyone, of course, noted her talent as a comedic actress. Nevertheless, Jennifer proved that in dramatic films she is able to play at the highest level.

Recently released series ” The Morning Show ” (The Morning Show), where she played a leading news – proof. For this role, Jennifer received the Screen Actors Guild Award and was among the nominees for the Golden Globe Award.

11.Her character from the series “Friends” Rachel Green gave the name to a fashionable hairstyle

“I want a haircut like Rachel’s” – I wonder how many hairdressers around the world have heard such a phrase from clients at least once in their careers. The cult hairstyle of the heroine Aniston does not lose its relevance even now – however, like the series itself, which can be reviewed endlessly.

What do you like about the actress?

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