Just listen to the good things

Today’s precious idea-Just listen to the good things

Story filled with inspiring ideas

Just listen to the good things: Aman was very upset with his life. There was neither a good job nor any other good means of earning. Aman was a very naughty type of child since childhood and never obeyed his parents and was very aggressive by nature.

Just listen to the good things, do not bring them into life.

Once thinking about something in mind, Aman reached the house of an old teacher who used to teach him in childhood. After many days, the teacher was also very happy to see his student, he was also very respectful. Aman asked the teacher that since childhood you had been teaching me a lesson of goodness and you had taught me very well but I still could not become a successful person. Why does this happen? People teach us, we learn so much from our parents and gurus, but then why does it not affect our lives?

The teacher smilingly said that son, you will bring a bottle of wine for me and then I will answer your question. Aman wondered how the teacher is asking for alcohol from his student but still Aman brought liquor from the market.

Now the teacher said to Aman – son, drink this bottle of wine but take care of one thing that do not let the wine come down your throat. To mouth and rinse. Aman thought that he had gone mad?

Aman started drinking alcohol just like that, he would drink a sip and rinse it. Then in a while the whole bottle was empty. Now the teacher told Aman that you were intoxicated?

Aman said – no addiction

Teacher – Oh, you drank the whole bottle and you did not get intoxicated?

Aman – how will addiction? When not even a sip of alcohol has descended down the throat

The teacher said with a smile – Son, I was just trying to explain to you that the entire bottle was empty but there was no alcohol intoxication because not a single sip of alcohol had gone down the throat. In the same way, I taught you a lot of books in childhood, taught you a lot, told you a lot of morality, but you did not bring a single thing down your throat, you did not bring a single thing in your life. I wish if you had brought any thing told by your parents or your guru in your life today, you would have been a successful person and my head would have been proudly elevated.

Just listen to the good things
Just listen to the good things

Friends, we too go to school in childhood, do not know how many times we learn the knowledge of our parents and our gurus and even our parents and teachers warn us in childhood that you will not follow the right path. You will regret it, but we do not put a single thing in our life. In today’s time, school has only meant getting degrees. Take a degree and find a job, no one goes to school to learn morality, no one goes to school to become a human being, all the people have just become money making machines.

This is the reason why people’s morality is declining in our society today.

We don’t know how many times we must have heard these things

Always speak the truth
, help others, do
whatever you do with all
your heart , serve your parents, etc.

How many such things are taught to us throughout our life, but do we follow any of these things? Probably not because we have only heard things, they have not been introduced in our lives.

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