Kima Ocean Wave Hair :How to waves like water step by step

Kima Ocean Wave Hair : To achieve a sophisticated look, we show you how to make water waves with step by step irons. Take note of this simple styling technique for all hair types.

If you want to achieve a glamorous look to succeed in any event, the waves in the water can become your best allies, since they can be used in both informal and more elaborate hairstyles .

Although in recent years the most marked trend appeared in long hair, it is not necessary that your hair has a certain length to be able to wear them. We tell you what are the steps you must follow to be able to perform them at home.

Kima Ocean Wave Hair : step by step

The waves water were very fashionable in the decades of the 20s and 30s of last century have reappeared in all magazine covers in recent years thanks to the versatility they bring to any style .

Although it may seem complicated, it is not at all, and you can comb your hair using this technique in your own home using just a few hair straighteners.

To start it will be necessary that you have irons, tweezers, a brush, heat shield and lacquer with a strong fixation, but that does not weigh the hair . Remember that the look should be as natural as possible and if you use a very strong fixative you will get an effect that is too artificial and finished.

Before using a hair straightener, you should add a thermal protector . In this way, you will take care of your hair from the extreme heat to which it will be subjected and will ensure that it does not curl or look dry and dull. To apply it, it is best that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Kima Ocean Wave Hair

Then brush your hair to eliminate all loose hair and those parts that may be entangled. Repeat the operation until all the knots have disappeared and you can begin the procedure.

In case you have curly hair, before starting you should straighten it with the iron and then comb it to start making the waves.

Separate your hair in different parts to start making the waves. Make divisions starting at the back of the neck and continue until you have held all the hair. In this way, you can work with small portions of hair, which will make the task much easier. Kima Ocean Wave Hair

To mark the waves it will be necessary that you wind each of the tufts that you have separated on the plates and keep it for a few seconds. Be careful in this step, because if you leave it too long your hair could burn.

When you have finished with a lock, go releasing the rest until you get your whole head full of waves. This will be the task that takes the longest, but it will be essential to achieve the expected result.

After that, brush your hair again using a wide-barbed comb. To prevent the waves from falling apart too much, this process must be done smoothly and slowly, thus allowing the waves to expand.

Final step on Kima Ocean Wave Hair

Finally, place the tweezers in the way that appears in the video and apply a bit of lacquer all over your head so that the waves are properly fixed and last longer without falling apart.

After this process, remove all the tweezers you have placed and brush your hair a little to get a more natural effect. Finally, apply lacquer and boast waves to the water.

Remember that for your hair to look healthy and shiny, it is best to use the best products and also an iron with a certain quality that does not burn your hair and regulates the temperature.

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