Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2019 Written Update: Riya Alia’s arrest!

Kumkum Bhagya

The episode begins with the police entering Abhi’s house, so that Alia can be arrested. Vikrant asks Meera and Pallavi the reason for Alita’s arrest and they say that Alia is responsible for a hit and run case. Meanwhile, Meerba goes to call Alia down as the inspector refuses to listen to her.

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya consoles the distraught east and does not lose hope from her. East asks how much time he should give for 20 years already and he cannot bear it anymore. Pragya says that God tests those who are able to bear it. Purab says that he cannot tolerate it and he failed.

He later apologizes to Pragya for saying like a doctor and Pragya says that the heart and mind work differently and he did what his heart wanted him to say.
Meera informs Alia and Riya about the police and Riya’s terror. Riya asks her not to do GI but Alia says that she will manage. He goes to check down. Police say that Alia has killed Dishani and escaped from the spot without helping him. Riya closes it but the police say that they have traced the number of her car and also said that they are eyewitnesses for this.

Vikrant asks who the eye witness is and the police say that it is a girl named Prachi. Riya shows her the photo and asks if it is a girl with the sake and she agrees. Riya panics and says that she is lying and everything she says is a lie. Dadhich asks if the girl causing the accident is Disha Singh and the police agree. They proceed to arrest Aaliya but Riya stops them. She warns them to stay away and the police threaten her to arrest Roe.

Riya goes crazy, while Aaliya gets handcuffed. Riya refuses to allow Aaliya to carry her but Aaliya hugs her. She tells him not to believe anyone.
Aaliyah leaves and Riya treats all crazy. Prachi and Shahana on the other hand come home and are shocked to see Madhu alk banded.

Madhu explains what had happened and Prachi decides to file a police complaint. The sage says that they are on the way. Sarita asks about Ben, Pragya and Prachi handles her for her. Prachi and Shahana both go to their room and Prachi keeps calling Riya. Shahana asks her to cut the call and says that she does not need to care about Riya Aa that she is nobody for her. Prachi agrees and hugs Shahana.

Vikram offers to get Alia bail but Riya says she does not want bail because she wants Bua to come back with a clean bitch. Daadi says that Prachi will not lodge a wrong complaint and Riya gets angry on hearing this. She asks him to support her family for once. He leaves to find Prachi so that his aunt is freed and also wants Prachi to apologize to Aaliya. She leaves despite everyone’s opposition. Didi worries about Disha’s condition.

Riya comes to Prachi’s house and pushes Madhu on her refusal to enter. He shouts for Prachi and Prachi comes in front of him. He looks deadly on Prachi.

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