Leftover food in Arab: Protest against throwing away, spcl method adopted

Leftover food in Arab: Protest against throwing away, spcl method adopted

leftover food in Arab: Saudi Arabia occupies the first place in food wastage and there is a lot of effort to stop it. Known for its hospitality, a special thali has now been made in Saudi to reduce wastage of food.


  • In Saudi Arabia, a lot of food is served for hospitality
  • Most of the food wastage in the world is also in Saudi Arabia.
  • Many campaigns are going on in Saudi to stop food wastage, now use special plate
  • A special plate has been made so that small amounts of food can be served in it.
leftover food in Arab:
leftover food in Arab: Protest against throwing away, spcl method adopted

large number of people descended on Riyadh to protest against the rapidly spreading culture of dumping leftover food in Saudi Arabia and the huge waste of food. Now some unique ways of stopping it have also come out. A plate has been prepared in the country in which food will look over-served and waste will be minimized. Food is served in large quantities in Gulf countries.

In most parts of the Gulf country, food is served more and chic is seen as a cultural virtue of nobility and hospitality. However, most of the food served in this way goes to the garbage. Saudi Arabia houses a large oval plate served in which a mound of rice is erected, but much of it is wasted. Many people simply eat rice from both sides of the plate and are barely able to reach the middle. Special plate designed to prevent wastage of food entrepreneur torch Alkahrshi waste of food.

Struggling to stop. They have made a plate in which food is more visible. In the middle of the plate, a round part has been made, due to its depth, people will be able to serve less food and save more. Alkaharshi said, “This new design, designed to draw inspiration from West Asia, reduces food waste by 30 percent.” He also said that 3,000 tons of rice have been saved since the use of this plate by many restaurants in Saudi Arabia. Will not host the effect of preventing a waste of food, he insisted on upholding the tradition of hospitality and said, “This way we can also protect the culture of hospitality preventing wastage of food.” Food waste in saudi Arabia.

The rate is the highest in the world. According to the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, each household in Saudi Arabia wastes 260 kg of food annually compared to the global average of 115 kg.

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