Liver transplant everyone know Time is needed about liver

Liver transplant everyone know: The status of a liver transplant comes when a person’s liver is damaged to such an extent that his life is in danger. Liver is usually taken for liver transplant of someone who has donated their liver while alive. However there are two more situations.

Many times, one’s relatives also donate their organs after their relative’s death, giving new life to the needy. But the special thing is that now, even while alive, a donor will be able to donate some part of his liver and save the life of another person.

This process of living donor giving some part of his liver to save the life of another person is called living donor liver transplant.

A large number of people are queuing up to have liver transplants all over the world, while more than the donor are in need. In such a situation, the living donor transplant will work to reduce this queue.

According to experts, liver is the only body organ that regenerates itself. Its quality makes living donor liver transplant possible.

According to doctors, a living person who donates some part of his liver to another person, his liver grows only within 2 months and returns to his natural size.

Not only that, the receiver ie the body in which the liver has been transplanted. The part of liver transplanted in his body also grows slowly and after some time starts functioning like normal liver.

Those who undergo the procedure of a living donor liver transplant may have some medical issues after this procedure, which is not usually the case in those who undergo a liver transplant of a dead donor.

Liver transplant everyone know
Liver transplant everyone know Time is needed about liver

But the greatest feature of the living donor liver transplant is that the liver taken in this process lasts longer than the liver of the dead.

The special thing is that the procedure of living donor liver transplant is most commonly adopted for children. Where an adult donates his liver. At the same time, the liver part of an adult can also be transplanted to another adult.

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