Liverpool vs Watford : Watford “kills” the invincible Liverpool with 3-0

Liverpool vs Watford : Watford “kills” the invincible Liverpool with 3-0

Liverpool vs Watford: 3-0 home win at Vicarage Road puts an end to a series of impressive Reds brands in England.

What Watford did on Saturday may well become a song by Sir Elton John, the club’s most famous fan. More than unexpected, the hosts’ 3-0 win over Liverpool at Vicarage Road dropped the chance for the Reds to continue dropping historic marks.

The defeat

Liverpool haven’t lost in the Premier League for over a year (more precisely since January 3, 2019, when they fell 2-1 against Manchester City ). The 44 game unbeaten record was the second highest in the competition’s history (five more to match Arsenal 2004). The London team, incidentally, remains as the only undefeated champion of the Premier League Era – and has not lost the chance to give that provoked on social networks.

Liverpool vs Watford 3-0
Liverpool vs Watford : Watford “kills” the invincible Liverpool with 3-0

Some facts on Liverpool vs Watford

  • If it confirmed the favoritism against Watford, Liverpool would be the owner of the biggest winning streak in the history of the Premier League (19). By staying at 18, the Reds now share the record with Manchester City, who achieved the feat in 2016.
  • Watford started the round in the second place, with 55 points less than this Saturday’s rival (79-24). The difference now is 52. In the coldness of the numbers, this means that Watford would only surpass Liverpool if they won 18 games (almost an entire round) and the rival were without points in the same period.
  • The recent review was also not encouraging. Watford have not beaten Liverpool in eight games (with seven losses and a draw in the period). In the previous four meetings with their executioner today, the Reds had scored 15 goals and conceded none.
  • Liverpool had scored at least one goal in the last 36 Premier League games. In 253 games under Jurgen Klopp in all competitions, the team had only conceded three goals in 22 games. 
  • The dominance of the vice-lantern against the virtual champion was striking this Saturday. Liverpool kicked just once in the first half (this hasn’t happened since January 2017). Watford’s goals, however, only came in the final stage (Sarr, twice, and Deeney). The reaction of the club’s Portuguese Twitter account after the third goal says a lot.
  • Watford imposed the worst defeat on Liverpool in the Premier League since October 2017. When the team took 4-1 from Tottenham . And since September last year ( 0-2 against Napoli in the Champions League ) the Reds have not lost by two goals difference. We do not consider the 5-0 loss to Aston Villa in the English League Cup. Since Liverpool played with the U-20 team because of the World Cup dispute.

Victory of Watford

Premier league
Watford victory 3-0

Today’s achievement was incredible, but the irregular campaign. And the threat of relegation made Watford celebrate the triumph over the leader without much euphoria. “It was an important victory, but only a victory. The season has been tough so far, we lost last week without playing well and we needed to respond,” said coach Nigel Pearson. 

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