Lower blood pressure naturally : By Fresh herb, exercise, controlled lifestyle

Lower blood pressure naturally: Do you have high blood pressure and would like to take fewer medications in the future? Then you are right here. In many cases, the values ​​can also be reduced naturally. The successes can be so great that some people even no longer need hypotensive drugs at all. However, it is important not to stop taking previous medication without consulting a doctor. r to reduce the dose on your own, as Heart Foundation expressly emphasizes.

Lower blood pressure naturally
Lower blood pressure naturally : By Fresh herb, exercise, controlled lifestyle

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Although high blood pressure is one of the most dangerous risk factors for stroke, heart attack and many other cardiovascular diseases, medications that lower blood pressure are often not taken properly. The reason for this is often side effects that either actually occurred during the intake or are even feared by those affected.

Are you motivated to do something against high values ​​yourself?

In many cases, if you are motivated, you can do a lot yourself that less blood pressure medication needs to be taken. Medication side effects ultimately become a minor matter. In some cases, those who are particularly good can even make taking blood pressure lowering medication completely unnecessary. Important: Stopping medication and reducing the dose may only be done in consultation with the doctor treating you, as the Heart Foundation expressly emphasizes.

Tip No. 1: Lower your blood pressure naturally with exercise

With a well-thought-out sports program, a reduction in the values ​​of around 5 to 10 mmHg is to be expected in the case of high blood pressure. Although the effects may differ significantly from person to person depending on the disposition. The choice of sport and the scope of training also play an important role. You can find detailed information on which sports are recommended and how many sports units are useful per week in the article on Hypertension and Sports.

Tip No. 2: Fresh herbs instead of salt

For many people, high salt intake leads to increased blood pressure. If you avoid foods rich in salt in such cases and manage to reduce the daily salt intake to less than 6 g, this can often significantly reduce high blood pressure. For comparison: the average salt intake for many people with a careless diet often reaches 10 to 15 g / day, although up to 30 g / day is not unusual for some people. As a member, you can read which foods contain a lot of salt and which are only in small amounts here in the interview on Nutritional recommendations for people with heart failure (including information on the correct amount of drinking) .

Note: That food with a little salt is necessarily tasteless bland is a widespread but wrong idea, which is demonstrated not least by the Mediterranean cuisine, as has long been recommended by Heart Foundation for people with heart diseases. It is often possible to achieve a significantly better taste with selected spices and fresh herbs than with the lavish use of salt. You will find an abundance of delicious dishes that can not only be prepared quickly, but also do without large amounts of salt. B. in the cookbook Mediterranean cuisine , which Heart Foundation has been publishing for years to prevent heart disease and has now reached a circulation of over 50,000 copies.

Tip No. 3: Be careful when dealing with alcohol

Above certain amounts, alcohol can raise blood pressure. Men are advised not to drink more than 20 g of alcohol per day. B. can correspond to 250 ml of wine a day. On the other hand, women should not drink more than 10 g of alcohol a day, not only because of their lower body weight. ut also because they break down the alcohol more slowly.

Tip # 4: Body weight can affect blood pressure

Even though experience has shown that it is often not easy to reduce excess weight, the normalization of body weight is one of the measures with which high blood pressure can be reduced particularly effectively in many cases. Incidentally, the efforts to lose weight are often worthwhile in several respects. For example, if you discover new sports – maybe even in a team with other people – or find fun with a health-promoting diet, losing weight will quickly become an enrichment. will most likely be able to achieve a significant increase in joie de vivre.

Tip No. 5: Improve your own handling of stress

Certain forms of stress can raise blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease. The professor of psychosomatic medicine and psychology Karl-Heinz Ladwig from the Scientific Advisory Board of the Heart Foundation explains in a detailed interview. You as a member what types of stress are involved and which options are recommended in dealing with stressful situations.

Tip for blood pressure advice: How low the pressure should be reduced and at what age?What you should know about the side effects of blood pressure medication explains in detail what people with high blood pressure have to watch out for needs to know or how the values ​​can be reduced with the diet.

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