Make a home green

Make a home green and pollution free by these 5 simple methods

Make a home green

Keeping your home pollution-free is very important to avoid serious diseases. But for this you do not need to install machines at home. These easy and natural methods are the best.

At present, about 90 percent of the world’s population is suffering from pollution. India’s number tops it. This problem is further aggravated in winter. Keeping your home pollution-free is very important to avoid serious diseases. Some simple measures can make the house green and pollution free.

1. air movement

Often people keep heavy curtains in the house or keep windows and doors closed for most of the winter. Doing this will not get rid of pollution. Make sure there is sunlight in every corner of the house. Using paint colors, note that they do not contain lead and VOCs. If there is a crack in the wall, get it filled.

Make a home green
Make a home green

2. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal or carbon also naturally makes the air cleaner. Charcoal consist of many elements like coal, wood, coconut shell. It has no smell. VOC means volatile organic compounds, activated charcoal is very beneficial in destroying indoor air pollution. Replace regular room freshener with charcoal freshener, it will not only keep the house free from many foul smells, but will also make the air clean. Fill it in a linen bag and keep it in shoe racks, shelves or bathrooms.

3. Candles

The candle acts as a natural purifier. If you like to burn candles at home, then avoid paraffin candles as they spread harmful substances in the air. Especially asthma patients should burn such candles in the house, which burns without smoke and fragrance for long time. In this way, salt is also considered a natural purifier. Salt lamps can be used for this. Burn them or keep them in the same room. They are helpful in cleaning the air.

4. Plants 

Some house plants are also helpful to make the house free of pollutants. Certain plants should be planted in your house. Such as aloe vera, spider plant, snake plant, babu palm, lady palm, areca palm, dwarf date palm, peace lily, rubber plant and Boston fern etc. They grow easily in small planters as well, they do not require special care. Apart from making the house green, they will also provide relief from pollution.

5. Kitchen should be smoke-free

Kitchen leads the most in indoor air pollution. Scientists believe that cooking on a gas stove emits nitrogen dioxide, which is harmful to the breath. Apart from this, there are harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and particulate matter, so make sure to have an exhaust fan or chimney in the kitchen and regularize their cleaning. Open the kitchen windows.

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