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Make Mobile fast, If your smartphone has become slow

Make Mobile fast: Now a days everyone uses smartphones. There are many advantages of a smartphone, but it also has a problem. After a time, the smartphone starts slowing down. Often we see this problem in Android phones. If you are also worried about the slowing down of the smartphone, then we will tell you some tips that can prove to be a panacea for your slowed down phone.

Never keep unwanted apps in your smartphone. It is important that you download the apps keeping your phone’s storage in mind. Apps that you do not use, immediately remove them from your phone. Apart from this, pre-loaded apps also come in phones nowadays, which you cannot uninstall, so disable them. You must have noticed that a lot of live wallpapers are also present in your Google Play store. These live wallpapers and a large number of widgets on the home screen also affect the speed of your phone. That is why on the nominal wallpaper and home screen put the same widgets which are of your use.

Make Mobile fast
Make Mobile fast by a young girl

Whenever you use an app, its cache starts collecting. This can become a major reason for slowing down your phone. In such a situation, it is important that you keep clearing the cache by going to the phone’s settings.

3) Clear inbuilt storage

The most important thing is that you never keep your inbuilt storage full. 10 to 20 percent of the inbuilt story is required to be available. The phone slows down as soon as the phone’s storage starts running out. That’s why clear the cache and remove the unnecessary apps from the phone. Apart from this, move the pictures, music and video files in the internal storage to the microSD card. You can also move some apps to the card.

Even if you check the firmware update of the smartphone, there is a lot of improvement in the phone. This includes performance optimization. You go into the settings of the phone and check whether you have received the software update. If found, update the phone immediately and make sure to back up the phone before updating.

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