Make mosquito citronella candles, How to make Anti-mosquito candles

Make mosquito citronella candles: Anti-mosquito citronella candles are an excellent natural option to keep these annoying insects away. Discover how to do them!

Mosquitoes are a problem at certain times of the year. Not only because they are very annoying, but also because they can transmit some diseases. Therefore, a good option to move them away from our home is the mosquito citronella candles.

Make mosquito citronella candles
Make mosquito citronella candles, How to make Anti-mosquito citronella candles

In this article we teach you how to do them step by step. So, naturally, you can fight mosquitoes and avoid their bites. In addition, candles are always a very special decorative element for any room in your home.

Does citronella keep mosquitoes away?

For starters, we have already heard of citronella as a natural aroma that is capable of acting as a repellent. However, is that true? Are these properties demonstrated at the scientific level?

Although in its beginnings it became popular as an ingredient in perfumes, it later became one of the most famous natural repellents on the market . It is usually used in concentrations of 5 to 10% to prevent skin irritation.

Studies show that its components (citronelal, citronellol, geraniol, citral, pinene and limonene) can be as effective as the DEET of conventional anti-mosquitoes. However, its oils evaporate quickly, so its effect does not remain so much over time.

In this sense, a citronella candle can be an excellent solution to benefit from the virtues of this essence and prolong its effectiveness. In addition, we will avoid the side effects of DEET, recognized as an endocrine disruptor.

How to make mosquito citronella candles

To decorate our home, to give a fresh aroma or to illuminate an outdoor dinner. .. The mosquito citronella candles have many other utilities that protect us from these annoying insects.

In addition, they are an economical option that we can make at home in a simple way. Even the smallest of the family can help us and we can use to recycle some jars. In short, a very practical craft that we can do together.

What do we need?

To make these mosquito citronella candles we will need the following:

  • Cans, bowls or glass jars that can be recycled
  • Wax (can be soy, paraffin or we can also recycle used candles )
  • Waxed candles wicks (better if they are with carrier)
  • Citronella essential oil

In addition, during the process you will also need a stainless steel pot or casserole. 

How do we do them? – Make mosquito citronella candles

We detail you step by step how to make these simple citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away from your home.

  • First, we can glue the wick to the base inside the containers that we are going to use.
  • Then, put a pot over medium heat with the wax until it is almost melted. At that time, turn off the heat and let the heat itself just make all the wax liquid. If we use old candles, we will chop the wax and act in the same way.
  • At this time we can add the citronella essential oil and mix all the preparation well.
  • Afterwards, we can let the liquid wax warm a little before filling the containers. If the waxed wick had no base, when the wax cools a little more we can introduce it carefully.
  • We should not hurry to cool the candles. On the contrary, it is preferable that the process is slow, at a warm or ambient temperature. Ideally, let them stand for at least 48 hours before turning them on.

Decorate your candles

Now you have ready your mosquito citronella candles. However, if they are going to be a decorative element of your home you can also play with the design to make them unique and personalized . Do you have materials at home that you want to take advantage of ?

With threads, wool, fabrics or burlap you can line the containers and give them a more rustic and familiar touch. In addition, when you master this technique you can add some pigments to the recipe to make them of different colors. And remember that you can reuse the remains of the candles already used to make new ones.

And finally, don’t forget to always have your citronella essential oil on hand. In this way you can add a few more drops to enhance and maintain its aroma while you have the candles burning.

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