Making of Beer treating sewage water, is being discussed in Sweden

Making of Beer treating sewage water, is being discussed in Sweden

Making of Beer: Can you drink a drink made by recycling sewage water? If it’s beer. Experts in Sweden have Making of Beer by recycling sewage water and it is currently gaining popularity.

Can you drink a drink prepared by recycling sewage water? If it’s beer. Experts in Sweden have brewed beer by recycling sewage water, and it is currently gaining popularity. IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute teamed it up with beer brewing giant Carlsberg and New Carnegie Brewery.

They say that common people have all kinds of misconceptions about drinking recycled water and it has been prepared only to remove them from their minds. Brewed under the name PU: REST, the beer is now becoming popular and since its launch in May this year, 6,000 liters have been sold so far. Making of Beer

IVL expert Rupali Deshmukh says that recycled water is very clean and we put salt in it. He said that it is a lot of mental problem that we avoid recycled water. He said that our institute does not work for selling alcohol and this was done only so that people can be told that recycled water can also be made potable.

Beer companies can use imported barley ie barley this season. Indeed, barley production in India has decreased on an annual basis. Traders told ET that a ship laden with 60,000 tonnes of barley has arrived in India from Argentina and another is on its way. It is also expected to increase the import of barley in the coming time. He said that the production of barley in the country this year is estimated to be 19.2 lakh tonnes less than the previous year. According to Rajesh Pahadia, a Delhi-based grain merchant, ‘Duty free import is for equals users. The malting industry is importing barley on a large scale.Making of Beer

Malt extract manufacturing firm Barmalt in IndiaMalting company MD Pramil Jindal said, “We are anticipating lower yields this year due to the arrival of barley crop in the mandis.” Barley production may decline by 7-10% this year. According to us, due to the high price of maize and millet, the animal feed industry is also buying more barley. Due to this, the price of barley has increased. The malting industry requires 5-6 million tonnes of barley for beer and distilled beverages. Barley is also used in food supplements, bread, and other animal foods such as Horlicks, Bournvita and Boost. The grain merchant of a multinational company said that imported barley.

Making of Beer
Making of Beer treating sewage water

Many beer companies of India are exploring production possibilities in Bhutan. Beer brewing requires the most water and companies use Bhutan’s natural spring water to help make their brand better than others.

Beer made from Bhutan’s natural spring water also fetches good prices in the market.

Companies like Alfa and Kati Kite have also started selling Made in Bhutan beer in India, while Simba, Arbor Brewing Company and White Rhino are trying to gain a foothold in Bhutan. The country’s craft beer industry has already gone to countries like Germany and Belgium, especially for wheat beer categories like Hephazine and Witbier.

India’s craft beer market is about 2-3% of the total domestic beer industry.

It is easy to do business in Bhutan – Making of Beer

Industry insiders say that companies Making of Beer crafted are better equipped to obtain licenses in Bhutan for brewing and bottling.

Abhishek Dahiya of Madamex Brewing Company, Punjab, who owns beer brand Alfa brand, told ET, “There is a lot of difficulty in setting up a beer factory in India. Its license is very expensive. Along with this, the officials also have to deal. The entire process of setting up a beer factory in Bhutan is completed in a few hours. Europe And it takes two months for shipments from the UK to come to India, while star .

The taste of water is also better – Making of Beer

Dahiya’s business confidence has increased significantly due to better coordination with Bhutan’s Kinjore Brewery. He is confident that he will add one more variant to his portfolio by June.

Shantanu Upadhyay, co-founder of Kati Kite, told ET, “As whiskey makers prefer to move to the Scotish area, craft beer makers are now turning to Bhutan. The water will significantly affect the taste of beer. And the water of Bhutan’s natural spring is excellent in terms of quality and taste. “

Due to the ever increasing competition in the industry, companies are also starting production in Bhutan to improve their product and differentiate themselves from other companies.

Bottled craft beer brand Kati Kite started its business in Delhi 7 months ago, making Amber L at Ser Bhoom Brewery in Hangso. The company has plans to expand the distribution business in Mumbai and Bengaluru after Bhutan in the next two months.

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