Male Beauty Beard Hair: Essential Care for Beard, Hair and Mustache

Male Beauty Beard Hair: Who says men can’t worry about their looks? After all, being happy with what you see in the mirror brings satisfaction and boosts the self-esteem of anyone, which is essential for quality of life.

Hair, body and skin care have long since ceased to be exclusive to the female universe. The modern man, attuned and interested in his image, goes to salons and seeks to know more about fashion and beauty.

Times have changed and so has the market: Today, there are a variety of products and procedures designed especially for men who value their appearance and want to invest in wellness.

Want to know more about it? For this post, we have prepared a complete guide to male beauty. Here you will know the basic care that every man must master to maintain a respectful look and look like a true gentleman! Check out the products and processes for a complete treatment: beard, hair and mustache! Keep reading and stay on top!

Beard Care – Male Beauty Beard Hair

From the dawn of humanity, cultivating for the facial is a sign of virility and that man has reached maturity. Nowadays, beard and mustache have never been so fashionable, so much that more and more barber shops open in the cities, and specialized products are launched to deal with this type of hair.

In this part of the post, we’ll talk about shaving care and tips to keep it always healthy and attractive. Keep up!

How to treat beard and mustache?

As mentioned, sporting a vigorous beard and stylish mustache is a trend. However, it is wrong to think that having a beautiful look happens only by letting facial hair grow anyway. Check out four care and habits that every bearded man should incorporate into his routine:

1. Always trim 

Like hair, trimming the beard is necessary to maintain the health of the hair and to maintain the chosen style well. There is no point in choosing a fashion look if it is not well taken care of. In a few weeks, the hair begins to grow and compromises the original look. 

For the trim phase to be a success, it is important first to understand that facial hair has its own growth rate. The lateral ones develop faster and therefore require a more frequent retouching. The mustache is slower, for example.

2. Capriche in cleanliness

Cleaning is a mandatory and indispensable step. In addition to the pollution and impurities that accumulate on the hair, it is common for a man to dirty his facial hair with food throughout the day. Therefore, they must be sanitized frequently.

To make it beautiful right now, use a good shave-specific shampoo while showering – there are aseptic hair and beard shampoos. This care will leave the hair smelling and pleasant, and prevent the proliferation of bacteria and problems such as seborrhea. 

3. Moisturize

Facial hair is naturally thicker, but betting on care that will make them softer is good for health and even contributes to improving the appearance of the beard.

Products like aftershave and oils have actives that can treat hair and give it softness. In addition, they also work by stimulating the capillary bulbs of the face, which makes the hair grow healthier and stronger.

4. Don’t let your beard get wet

Many men don’t bother to dry their beard or mustache after washing their face or showering. However, this can be dangerous: water accumulation favors the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause hair to fall.

Fungal alopecia is a common problem related to the lack of proper drying of hair or facial hair. What’s more, this infection attacks the pores of the skin, leaving the beard shapeless, shaggy and brittle . So it costs nothing to avoid such a headache and dry the beard thoroughly with a towel after wetting it, right?

Male Beauty Beard Hair
Male Beauty Beard Hair : How can man show confidence with a beard?

How can man show confidence with a beard?

The beard is an element associated with power, strength and virility. More than an accessory, it can change a guy’s life and boost his self-esteem. After all, the growth of facial hair marks the end of a phase: the man leaves behind his clean face and boyish appearance, and his look changes.

Thus, the beard is present in a rite of passage that makes a man feel older and mature, and consequently more confident and prepared to face various aspects of his routine, both professional and affective.

At this point, it is worth reinforcing what we have already said here: it is not enough to grow a beard. To make a striking impression and win admiring glances, you need to invest in masculine beauty. In addition, the man should choose a beard model that matches his personal style and that values ​​the shape of his face. See how:

1. Round face

Anyone who wants to lengthen the face and soften the rounded features should concentrate the volume of the beard to the part near the chin. Styles like goatee are best recommended for balancing the face. Chops and beards very concentrated on the cheek create the opposite effect.  

2. Triangular Face 

Unlike the previous one, the intention here is to soften the chin a little. Therefore, it is worth adopting a style that has a fuller beard on the sides. The thin beard – the one that seems to be undone – and the mustache also help to give more proportion to the face. Goatee and long beards, on the other hand, are not a good choice. 

3. Square Face

To break the straight lines a bit and give the face more lightness, just avoid traditional square beards and opt for goatee – tapering goatee – or even a fuller, well-designed beard to give the look more. Ideally, let the beard grow a little beyond the length of the face. This detail lengthens, gives weight and harmonizes the face.

4. Rectangular Face

Here, the goal is to reduce the length of the face and balance the angular strokes. Fuller beards are recommended, while goatee does not value this shape.  

5. Oval Face

The oval face is considered joker and easier to work with, favoring almost any kind of beard. Therefore, it is here the choice that best suits the style of man. So if you like, you can play and adopt some trendy look right now, which is what we’ll see next!

What are the beard and mustache trends?

The beard and mustache are also not out of the trend of male beauty. Admittedly everyone has their own preferences and the shape of the face must be respected, but there is nothing wrong with exploring other possibilities and novelties, right? Get to know the four most requested styles of the moment: 

1. Full beard

With the success of Viking TV shows and a medieval theme, the rustic-bearded warrior look is on the rise. This model calls for a little more chin length and greater volume on the sides. 

An adaptation of the full beard is the lumberjack style. It is much longer and voluminous in the chin region, so great for those who want to lengthen the face. It’s the right trend for tuned men who enjoy hipster inspiration.  

2. Tight beard 

The classic “to do” style is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of hair or don’t like a long beard. At the same time, it provides a serious and adult image. It is worth having a barber to do the maintenance and ensure that the lines are designed to enhance the face.

3. Van Dyke

Van Dyke’s beard is full of goatee and prominent mustache. Actor Johnny Depp is a big supporter of this style, so much so that he has already become his trademark.

Like all beards, it requires careful maintenance to maintain its shape. However, once a man has the patience to grow up and invest in men’s beauty care, he gets a unique look full of personality! 

4. Featured Mustache 

Stylized and alone – without the beard company – it makes a huge difference in the look. To take on a unique shape and stay sharp, for example, as in the French style, mustache wax is a product that allows all possible customizations and keeps everything in place. They help to shape and break even moisturize the strands.

Hair care

Now that we have a beard and mustache, we can’t let go of our hair. In the end, they are also important elements that make up male beauty. Here you will understand more about the male hair universe, learn about trends, treatments and daily care. Come on?

What are the cutting trends for 2019? – Male Beauty Beard Hair

For those who want to change the look and keep up with the look, in 2019 will not lack good ideas for cuts.

Male Beauty Beard Hair
Male Beauty Beard Hair : What are the cutting trends for 2019?

Here’s what to expect this year and check out four ideas:

1. Caesar Cut 

This classic cut, reminiscent of the Roman emperor, which was also very popular in the 1990s – and at the time made the head of celebrities like the boys of the Backstreet Boys – today comes back with everything, revamped. This is a style with low, shaved sides, accompanied by a very straight, not too long, usually shorter fringe and close to the forehead.

2.High fade

The fade is a gradient-marked cut on the sides. The closer to the neck, the closer the scraping. However, the darling of the time is the high top fade, which promotes a longer gradation on the sides, reaching almost the top of the head. The look looks amazing on curly or thinner hair. At the top of the head, the man can choose to have more volume and wear a textured tuft.   

3. Pompadour

This cut was a craze in the 1950s and 1960s. Elvis Presley and James Dean are the most famous representatives of this style. In recent years, he has gained prominence with an updated version and several fans, such as Luan Santana, David Beckham, singer Bruno Mars, among others.

In 2018, he continues to reign absolute. The look is made up of shorter or fade shaved sides and a bulky tuft.

4. Throughout the 1990s

With the long bangs, straighter cut and unpretentious look, the long hair that was a hit with Gungs rockers in the 1990s, like Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, is back. The option is interesting for those who want to grow their hair.

The cut is ideal at shoulder height, split in the middle or back hairstyle. Men who have natural waves benefit even more from this style, which favors a more messy and relaxed look.

What are the daily hair care for men?

In the world of male beauty, hair care is also a top priority, as locks complement the image of the modern man. Also, without the right treatments, the man will have to deal with very inconvenient problems such as oiliness or seborrheic dermatitis.

Learn how to take care of men’s hair right now with the help of four tips: 

1. Invest in a good cleansing ritual 

Men’s hair tends to be greasier than women’s, especially since most men have short cuts. So, so that it does not look unkempt, it is a good habit to wash it every day to control excess oil and prevent problems such as dandruff and the accumulation of dirt and microorganisms on the scalp.

However, many men think that to sanitize just put your head under water. Efficient shampooing is much more than that: you should first invest in a good shampoo that meets the demands of each type of hair. Follow these ideas:

  • thin, light-haired hair needs shampoos with fuller-bodied substances;
  • owners of curly or curly hair suffer from dryness, so they should look for moisturizing shampoos that will help discipline the curls;
  • Excessive oiliness tend to have more refreshing products that act to regulate the sebaceous glands of the scalp;
  • If your hair is rebellious and lives on an eternal bad hair day , do not give up ultra-nutritive shampoos with oils in the composition that will control frizz and shine.

2. Finish

After washing the threads, it is good to bet on finishers to make them tidy and in the desired style. Items such as gel, wax and styling ointment are allies when styling the hairstyle and make the hair more beautiful. However, the tip is to apply little product and not to overdo it, so as not to leave the locks very oily.

3. Don’t forget to hydrate

Are moisturizing treatments and masks “women’s things”? No way! Male threads are also subject to the effects of external aggressions, which leave them dry and lifeless.

So a hydration ritual – at least every 15 days – is a great initiative for healthy locks. If you feel that your hair is asking for help and has not been repaired for a long time, invest in the hair schedule to maximize results.

4. Learn to deal with hair loss 

Baldness is the dread of many men. Unfortunately, this is a genetically determined evil, and individuals who see their parents, uncles, and grandparents losing strands already feel almost doomed to fate. However, the situation need not be treated so dramatically!

In addition to preventing early hair loss , there are now chemical and laser treatments that, with medical advice, promise to get around the problem in its early stages. Also, it is important to remember that baldness can occur due to factors that are beyond genetics, such as:

  • stress and emotional disturbances;
  • bad eating habits;
  • use of hormones without prescription;
  • emotional disorders;
  • aggressions to the scalp;
  • Unbalanced lifestyle with bad habits like smoking. 

Therefore, we see that initiatives such as adopting a healthier diet rich in vitamins and proteins contribute greatly to the maintenance and growth of hair. Another idea that may help, especially in the beginning, is the use of fall protection shampoos . These items are rich in stimulating assets and even help in preventing the problem.

What are the best products for men with long hair? – Male Beauty Beard Hair

Are long wires in men synonymous with a misaligned and mistreated look? Nothing! Learn about the four basic products that save men’s hair and promote healthy, shiny locks without much effort: 

1. Moisturizing Shampoo 

Unlike men with short hair, the longer the hair, the greater the tendency to have weak strands and dry ends, as the natural greasiness of the scalp takes up to full length. So the right bet here is a more moisturizing shampoo that will treat and clean the hair to the extent. 

2. Combing Cream

As the hair is long, the finalization stage deserves more affection. The combing cream nourishes and treats the locks and also protects them from aggressions such as wind, sun and pollution that cause frizz . If the locks are curly or curly, this product will be more than a friend, as it helps when combing, moisturizing and maintaining the beautiful shape of the curls.

3. Finishing Hair Oil

Used after combing cream, on wet or dry strands, the finalizing oil seals the cuticles and gives a final touch to the look, leaving the hair tidy and without goose bumps. It is an indispensable product for those who have curly or curly hair . An important point: it should not be passed near the scalp so as not to make it too oily, right?

What products are essential in every beauty-loving man’s bathroom? (Male Beauty Beard Hair)

If you have come this far, do you already know a lot about men’s care and beauty, but do you know the essential products that cannot be missed in a vain man’s bathroom? Take a look: 

1. Shampoo for hair and beard 

We have already explained a lot about the importance of this item for the health of the hair and beard and mustache, but it is hard to repeat: to have beautiful and interesting looking locks, cleaning is a primordial step. Do not underestimate this step and choose products that will boost the treatment of your hair .

2. Modeling Ointments and Waxes 

Many men love investing in a hairstyle such as tufts and goose bumps. Even if it’s meant to make your hair look messy on purpose, finishers like ointments, waxes and sprays are the perfect tools to keep you looking stylish for hours and resist aggressions like wind and rain.

3. Pre / Aftershave 

To maintain beard-style without damaging the skin, a shaving cream or pre-shave is critical. Likewise, aftershave is the ideal complement, as it refreshes and protects the hair and skin after the razor or razor action, providing a greater sense of comfort.

4. Shaving Oil 

Parched yarn, scratching and spearing partner: never again! Shaving oil is crucial to making them lined, soft, hydrated and fragrant. For the skin not to be too oily, its use should be moderate – about three drops already make all the difference! 

Today’s man is vain and understands that taking care of his appearance, clothes, hair, beard and mustache is very good for his well-being and self-esteem. After all, who doesn’t feel happier and more confident when projecting an image they are proud of?

So investing in men’s beauty care is good for the body, health and mind of any man! With the tips in this post, this task will be much easier. Now, just put them into practice!

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