Megabuzz film 83

Megabuzz film 83, 200 crore Reliance invested Rs 450 crore in two films

Megabuzz film 83: Director Kabir Khan has two megabuzz projects coming up this year. There is a web show on Amazon Prime which is officially more than 100 crores. The second is the film ’83’ based on Team India’s World Cup victory. The official details of the budget of this film have been revealed.

Shibashish Sarkar, CEO of producing company Reliance Entertainment, in a special meeting with Dainik Bhaskar told that the total budget of the film is 200 crores. About 160 crores have been spent in making and there is a budget of 40 crores for marketing.

He told that it was all fixed from the beginning. The film is not over budget. We knew that this kind of Magnum Opus is going to cost so much. Kabir Khan has done an amazing job. The audience is about to get a visual spectacle. All the money is from Reliance. Deepika Padukone also came on the board of producers and she is working in the film. Technically, it is said to come in terms of brand value. There is no such thing as investing money under it.

Shibashish further said that two big budget films are coming from our banner this year. ‘Suryavanshi’ in March and ’83’ in April. Combining both films, there is an investment ranging from 425 crores to 450 crores. We have removed a large part of their cost from digital, satellite and screen count. 

Megabuzz film 83
Megabuzz film 83, 200 crore Reliance invested

He said that this happens only on rare occasions when big budget films flop within their scope, if the cost goes up in that budget too. Or if they are unable to shoot on a fixed date, the problem occurs. The decision to shift the date of ‘Suryavanshi’ was the gathering of all of us. Rohit Shetty, Akshay decided to bring the film in March instead of sitting with Eid. ‘

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