Miss Universe 2019

Miss Universe 2019: Did you know they gets these facilities with salary?

Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi has been chosen as Miss Universe in the year 2019. Let’s know what they will get after this?

South Africa’s Jojibini Tunji (Zozibini Tunzi) has been elected Miss Universe for the year 2019. She achieved this title by leaving behind 90 beauties from all over the world. Vartika Singh participated from India in this competition. However, she could not make it to the top-10 as well. Jojibini Toonji was crowned Miss Universe 2019 by Miss Universe 2018. Do you know what Miss Universe gets after this? Let’s know …

Miss Universe 2019
Miss Universe 2019: Did you know Miss Universe gets these facilities with salary

Taj- Any candidate gets a crown after winning Miss Universe. It then depends on the agreement whether she will return it or keep it. It has been seen that Miss Universe likes to keep the crown for some time.

One-year salary- According to the report published in the news website independent.co.uk, the winner of Miss Universe also gets salary. However, this salary is only for one year. After this salary is given to the new Miss Universe.

Scholarship – Miss Universe gets salary as well as scholarship. The winner receives a scholarship in visual performing arts from the New York Film Academy College.

Modeling Portfolio –  Miss Universe is taken full care of. Their modeling portfolio is created after becoming the winner. Special photographers are used for this.

Travel Allowance – After becoming the winner of Miss Universe, the candidate has to do social work worldwide. For this, sponsors of Miss Universe Organization give travel allowances.

Beauty Products – Beauty of Miss Universe winner is also taken care of. Beauty products are provided by sponsors for the year. Apart from this, facilities like haircut and skin care are also available.

Relaxation to stay in New York and attend events – The winner is provided a stay in New York for one year. From 1996 to 2014, Miss Universe had the opportunity to live in the Trump Place apartment. Apart from this, there are discounts for movie premieres, screenings, broad-way shows and launch parties in New York City.

how to become?

The Miss Universe Contest is organized by The Miss Universe Organization. For this, partner companies are selected in every country, which organize competitions in different cities. This is followed by a competition at the national level. Here, the selection is done for the global level. After this, the candidates have to participate in the Miss Universe competition lasting two weeks. The winner is selected after the semi-finals and finals.

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