Mobile theft on police website register complaint , EMEI is necessary

Mobile theft on police website: Mobile lost, stolen incidents are frequent. Even after complaining to the police, there is no immediate relief. Even the police do not file your report. After waiting for a few days, you get upset after getting upset. In such a situation, some states have given the facility to register FIRs online. In addition, many police apps are in circulation, where mobile lost can be reported. For this, the IMEI number, email ID, current mobile number, address and other related information of the mobile are needed. If you have it all, go to your state police department website, register and then file a complaint. Remember, any person can easily file a complaint online. Today we are telling you what you should do if a mobile is stolen.

Mobile theft on police website
Mobile theft on police website register complaint , EMEI is necessary

These are important things …

  1. EMEI NumberThe first thing to do when buying a new mobile is to write its IMEI number in a diary. This is very useful if the handset is lost or stolen.
  2. Call network operatorTo prevent any kind of fraud from your phone, immediately call your network operator and deactivate the SIM. Because it is linked to your credit, debit card and even bank accounts.
  3. Change all passwordsGmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are operated from your SIM in mobile. So change your passwords immediately and secure your data.
  4. File a reportAfter filing an online report, go to the police station and register the report from the area where the mobile mis-theft took place. After registering the FIR, do not forget to take a copy of it, because after this the status of the FIR can be ascertained.
  5. Contact your bank or your credit card company. Do you think the phone has the necessary data related to bank-credit card or account number, password are entered. In that case, stop all transactions by informing your bank and the company that has a credit card, about the loss of mobile.

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