Mobileapp for investigate mental state

Mobileapp investigate mental state equipped with Artificial intelligence

Researchers at the US-based University of Colorado have developed a mobile app capable of assessing the mental health of psychiatrists. This app equipped with Artificial Intelligence is speech based. With the help of this app, psychiatrists will be able to identify mental disorders better. Mobileapp investigate mental state article is published in the Journal of Schizophrenia Bulletin. 

Researchers say that treating them on the basis of patient interaction is outdated, subjective and unreliable. That is why they have developed machine learning techniques that will identify everyday changes in our speech. These daily changes are a sign of deterioration in mental health. For example, when no logical method is adopted while speaking a sentence, this condition indicates severe symptoms of schizophrenia. 

At the same time, a change in our tone of speech or speed can be a sign of fad or depression (mania or depression), while memory loss can be a symptom of cognitive and psychiatric (cognitive and mental health problem). The co-author of this research, Peter Folge, says that language is an important factor in identifying the patient’s mental state. The use of mobile devices and AI can detect and monitor day-to-day changes in patients.

This is how the app will work

It has been said in the study that this new mobile app asks patients some questions in a series of five to ten minutes, which they have to answer only through their mobile. This app questions patients about their emotional state or asks them to narrate a short story or repeat a story. It also gives patients a series of touch and swipe motor skills tests. It evaluates the sample of speech and then compares it to the previous sample of speech of the same patient and many people. He then assesses the patient’s mental state.

More than two hundred people participated in the test

During the study, at the behest of the researchers, the doctors heard and evaluated the speech of 225 people. Half of these people included in the study were seriously psychiatric and half were healthy. After this experiment, when compared to the results of the machine learning system, the results of the AI ​​model of the computer were found to be very similar to the results obtained from the study of physicians.

New technical model to measure the life expectancy of cardiac patients

Scientists at the University of California have developed a new technical model to combat heart failure. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, this device can predict the life expectancy of heart patients. Through this tool, doctors can get many important information about heart patients in time. With its help, they will be able to take many advance decisions. 

To develop Mobileapp investigate mental state, researchers studied electronic health record data and developed a machine learning algorithm to de-identify (used to prevent someone’s personal identity from appearing) six thousand heart failure patients. . A risk score based on eight variables was prepared by the researchers to develop the algorithm. Identification of these eight variables collected from heart failure patients determines the low and high risk of death. These variables included blood pressure status during heart relaxation, WBC, hemoglobin, platelets and urea and nitrogen levels and keratinin levels in the blood. Based on the results obtained from the study of these variables, through this new technical model developed, an accurate prediction of how long the heart patient can live can be made. 

That is, this model is capable of telling how long that patient can die from heart failure. However, researchers say that this technical model is yet to be done on a large number of tests on large groups. Only then can it be properly validated. 

IBM’s weather forecasting system

The tech company IBM is planning to launch a new weather forecasting system. The company says that this new system will be able to give an estimate of which side the weather is going to take after 12 hours. Through this system, those parts of the world will be monitored which are still behind in getting detailed information related to the weather. The company says that the seasonal changes due to climate change are becoming very serious for us today, in such a short and fast speed weather forecast is very important.

Mobileapp investigate mental state
Mobileapp investigate mental state

IBM Graph

This system will be known as IBM Graph (The Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System). IBM will run on a graph supercomputer and will provide us with detailed and high-quality weather forecasts. Earlier such a brief forecast was available only in the US, Japan and some European countries. 

But IBM, through its new forecasting system, will provide meteorological data from areas of Asia, Africa and South America. Many areas of these continents are most affected by climate change. The company says that the current global weather forecast model takes 10 to 15 square kilometers in its area and is updated every six or 12 hours. Whereas IBM’s system will tell about the weather forecast of areas less than three square kilometers from these models and will be updated every hour.

Beneficial for Indian farmers

In this regard, Cameron Clayton, head of IBM’s subsidiary, The Weather, says that this detailed forecast can revolutionize the lives of farmers in some regions of the world, such as India or Kenya. For example, with the help of high resolution weather data obtained from this system, farmers will be able to forecast untimely rains and make better plans for planting or harvesting crops. 

Google’s single board computer

Google, together with Asus, is working on a single board computer. This computer is named Tinker Board. The size of this computer is estimated to be as much as a credit card. Asus can display the first batch of these computers at the Internet of Things Technology Conference to be held in Japan today. This computer is mainly being developed to run AI apps. 

According to Anand Tech’s report, two variants of this can be launched Tinker Edge T and Tinker Edge R. It is believed that the Tinker Edge T NXP is based on the IMX 8M and features an Edge TPU chip, which accelerates TensorFlow Lite. While Tinker Edge R has Rockchip RK3399 Pro processor which will come with NPU for 4K machine learning. According to Asus, this device will consume less power and its capacity will also be much better. It is capable of taking images in real time for AI processing. It can also identify people and objects placed in the room. It also has a small camera with wide-angle lens and 187-degree viewing angle.

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