Modi does not book hotel when he stops in airport on foreign tour

Modi does not book hotel when he stops in airport on foreign tour

Modi does not book hotel:

  • According to Home Minister Amit Shah, Modi takes 20% less staff with him on foreign tours.
  • During the discussion on SPG amendment bill in Lok Sabha, Shah gave this information

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced strict standards for other leaders from his foreign tours. During long foreign trips, when Air India One (Prime Minister’s special aircraft) stops in between to refuel (technical halt), the Prime Minister stops not in a hotel but in the lounge of the airport. Whereas earlier the protocol was that during the technical halt, the hotel was booked for the Prime Minister to stay.

Modi does not book hotel
Modi does not book hotel

Home Minister Amit Shah gave this information in Lok Sabha on Wednesday. He said that till today Modi has not given instructions to book a hotel for himself during technical halt in any country. They stop at the airport, take a shower and leave after filling the plane.

Staff stays with the Prime Minister in bus and car too

During the discussion on the Special Protection Group (SPG) Amendment Bill, Shah said that the Prime Minister has also reduced the staff going abroad with him. Now about 20% officers go with them less often. Apart from this, separate vehicles were earlier arranged for the Prime Minister’s staff. But Modi has made changes in it. Now his staff of 4-5 people accompany him in the same car or bus.

Some people associated security with prestige

“During the discussion, the Home Minister took a dig at the Gandhi family and said if we have got SPG protection, then what is the work abroad that we can leave the security at home? Have been. Rajnath Singh ji is sitting here. Many times, black-clad commandos leave them to the restroom, but they never say anything. If there is protection, what is the harm in keeping it together? “

‘Rahul Gandhi has broken SPG security cover many times’

The Home Minister said that now the three Congress leaders have been given Z + security of CRPF. They should keep the soldiers with them. Shah said that since 2015, Rahul Gandhi has been out of Delhi 1892 times and 247 times abroad without SPG protection. Members of the Gandhi family have made more than 600 trips without informing the SPG.

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