Need a tax benefit on a home loan? Know PAN numbers of banks

Need a tax benefit on a home loan? Know PAN numbers of banks

Need a tax benefit: To get some tax benefits on home loans, banks need to provide PAN numbers, but many people do not know about this. We are giving you the PAN numbers of all banks and financial institutions offering home loans.

Highlights – Need a tax benefit

  • PAN number of banks is required to be given for tax benefits on home loan
  • Most people do not know that even banks have their PAN number
  • PAN number of banks is not easily detected
  • Here we are giving information about PAN number of all banks

Nowadays it is necessary to give a Permanent Account Number (PAN) in all types of financial transactions. However, when there is a need to provide a bank PAN number to take advantage of certain tax benefits on home loans , people do not have any information about this. It is not so easy to find the bank’s PAN number. Here we are providing PAN numbers of all banks .

Need a tax benefit
Need a tax benefit on a home loan? Know PAN numbers of banks

Bank and home loan providers and their PAN numbers:

Bank / Home Loan ProvidersPAN Number
1Aadhaar Housing FinanceAAICA4667N
2Allahabad BankAACCA8464F
3Andhra BankAABCA7375C
4Andhra Pradesh Rural Development Bank (APGVB)AAAJA1351N
5Andhra Pragati Gramin Bank (APGP)AAMFA8921A
6Axis Bank LimitedAAACU2414K
7Bank of Baroda (BoB)AAACB1534F
8Bank of India (BoI)AAACB0472C
9Bank of Maharashtra (BoM)AACCB0774B
10BMW India Financial Services Private LimitedAADCB8986G
11Canara BankAAACC6106G
12Canfins Homes LimitedAAACC7241A
13Central Bank of IndiaAAACC2498P
14City BankAAACC0462F
15City Union Bank LimitedAAACC1287E
16Corporation BankAAACC7245E
17Dahod Urban Co-operative Bank LimitedAAAAT2915L
18DCB Bank LimitedAAACD1461F
19Deccan Gramin Bank / Telangana Gramin BankAAAAD3893M
20Dena BankAAACD4249B
21Deutsche BankAAACD1390F
22Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL)AAACD1977A
23Federal bankAABCT0020H
24GIC Housing Finance LimitedAAACG2755R
25Home Finance LimitedAAACG7010K
26Haryana Gramin BankAAKAS1464M
28HDFC Bank LimitedAAACH2702H
29Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank Limited (HPSCB)AABFH7694E
30Housing and Urban Development Corporation LimitedAAACH0632A
31Housing Development Finance Corporation LimitedAAACH0997E
33ICICI Bank LimitedAAACI1195H
34ICICI Home Finance Company LimitedAAACI6285N
35IDBI Bank LimitedAAACI1603C or AABCI8842G
36India BullsAABCI3612A
37India Infoline Housing Finance LimitedAABCI6154K
38Indiabulls Housing Finance LimitedAABCI3612A
39Indian BankAAACI1607G
40Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)AAACI1223J
41IndusInd Bank LimitedAAACI1314G
42Ing vaishyaAABCT0529M
43J&K Grameen BankAAAAJ7859H
44Jharkhand Gramin BankAAAAJ3908R
45Kangra Central Co-Operative BankAAAJT0749B
46Karur Vysya Bank (KVB)AAACH3962K
47Kotak Mahindra Bank LimitedAAACK4409J
48Kurukshetra Central Co-operative Bank Limited (KCCB)AAAAT2371G
49L&T Fincorp LimitedAAACI4598Q
50L&T Infrastructure Finance Company LimitedAABCL2283L
51LIC Housing Finance Limited (LICHFL)AAACL1799C
52Ratnakar / RBL Bank LimitedAABCT3335M
53Reliance Home Loan Finance LimitedAAECR0305E
54Saraswat Co-Operative Bank LimitedAABAT4497Q
55Oriental Bank of CommerceAAACO0191M
56PNB Housing Finance LimitedAAACP3682N
57Punjab & Sind BankAAACP1206G
58Power Finance Corporation LimitedAAACP1570H
59Punjab National Bank (PNB)AAACP0165G
60Sardar Biladwala Pardi People’s Co-Operative Bank LimitedAABAS4480Q
61standard Chartered BankAABCS4681D
62State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBJJ)AADCS4750R
63State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH)AADCS4009H
64State Bank of India (SBI)AAACS8577K
65State Bank of Mysore (SBM)AACCS0155P
66State Bank of PatialaAACCS0143D
67State Bank of TravancoreAAGCS9120G
68Syndicate BankAACCS4699E
69Tata Capital Housing Finance LimitedAADCT0491L
70Tata Capital LimitedAADCP9147P
71Tata Motors Finance LimitedAACCT4644A
72Hazaribagh Central Co-Operative Bank LimitedAABTT0908K
73Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation LimitedAAACT2786P
74Karnataka Bank LimitedAABCT5589K
75South Indian Bank LimitedAABCT0022F
76Uco bankAAACU3561B
77Union Bank of IndiaAAACU0564G
78United Bank of IndiaAAACU5624P

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