New contract system in Cricket will change the game

New contract system in Cricket will change the game

New contract system in Cricket: The new chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Saurabh Ganguly has said that his priority is to provide financial security to first-class cricketers. If he could do this work during his ten month tenure, then the condition and direction of Indian domestic cricket would change. After doing this, the lack of talent in this game will become old. In the present time, there is a difference of ground-sky in the amount of money received by international and domestic cricketers, which is very important to bridge. If this is possible, the Indian youth will get more attraction towards this sport. If Ganguly’s thinking is implemented in other sports federations as well, then the country may stand in the queue of international medalists and India can emerge as a big power in the world of sports like China.

Inequality in earnings
At present, a first-class cricketer is not confident about his future. As before, he no longer gets jobs just to play. Becoming a cricketer is a full-time job. For this, a cricketer has to practice five to six hours daily in addition to making many sacrifices in everyday life. This is the reason that all cricketers quit playing cricket when they see the possibility of being selected for themselves in Team India or an IPL team. This can be avoided by introducing a contract system in first-class cricket and bridging the gap between first-class and international cricketers. In domestic cricket, cricketers who play all matches of their team and perform brilliantly earn only Rs 25-30 lakhs annually. In contrast, international cricketers are assured of their financial status once they are tied to the BCCI agreement.

contract system in Cricket
New contract system in Cricket will change the game

Under this agreement, Grade C players also get Rs 1 crore annually. We are not even talking about A plus grade players, who get up to seven crore rupees annually. Apart from this, all the contracted players get Rs 15 lakh per test, Rs 6 lakh per ODI and Rs 3 lakh per T20. Apart from this, they are also entitled to get bonus. In short, once you reach Team India, a player who stays there for a year is confirmed to become a millionaire. Saurabh Ganguly wants the first class cricketers to get an increase of Rs. 35000 / – per day in the match, and medical facilities and pension are also available for them. Only then can they make their mind free in cricket. They will not have to wander for treatment when they are sick. With the facility of pension, there will be confidence in them for the future.

Generally the duration of a cricketer’s play is 10 to 15 years. After leaving the game, he faces his family’s maintenance problems. If the contract system is implemented and the domestic cricketers are given 20-30 lakhs annually, then their future can be secured. In the current era, financial problems are more in front of those players, Those who do not reach international cricket and are not selected in any IPL team. In truth, inequality has increased with the arrival of IPL. In classical style, a cricketer who has been playing Ranji for years only gets 25–30 lakh rupees a year while many uncapped players in IPL also collect four to five crores. Imagine two players playing as contenders for Team India and scoring a lot of runs or taking wickets in domestic cricket. One of them gets selected in Team India and the other is unable to reach there due to some reason. In such a situation, there is a difference of ground-sky in the financial condition of both. This is the reason why many players quit playing because they do not have any way forward.

Ganguly wants to stop this. One has to think that if such a contract system is applicable in all the sports like athletics and boxing, then how much the shape of Indian sports will change. Even those who play domestic cricket get 25–30 lakh rupees annually, it is also very difficult for the player to live in other sports. Yes, a good performance at the international level changes the fortunes of the players, but the story of their reaching that level is often a bit of a chore. It is true that all the sports associations of the country do not have money like the BCCI. But they can also arrange to give 10-15 lakh rupees annually to each player playing in national competitions with the help of sports ministry. If this amount is given by the state sports associations to the players who play in national championships, then the results can be seen.

It is true for the youth that in recent years the federations of wrestling, kabaddi, badminton and volleyball have started providing financial relief to the players by starting leagues on the lines of IPL. Apart from this, the wrestling federation has started giving contract ten to thirty lakh rupees to the wrestlers by introducing contract system like cricket. But till now the players of international level have got the benefit of starting the league or awarding the contract. This facility needs to be moved up a notch to younger talent. If this is done, then we will be free forever from the destiny of the Olympic winners.

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