New menu saves people: A new menu that saves people and the earth

New menu saves people: Lots of vegetables, lots of nuts, little meat: With the right nutrition, we as human beings could prevent millions of deaths every year – and the destruction of the planet.

New menu saves people
New menu saves people: A new menu that saves people and the earth

How much does an egg actually weigh? Or to put it another way: How much egg is 13 grams? All people in the world should consume this amount roughly every day in order to stay healthy and protect the environment. In addition, 50 grams of nuts, 75 grams of legumes, 28 grams of fish, 14 grams of red meat, 29 grams of chicken, 250 grams of dairy products, 232 grams of cereals. And above all: 500 grams of fruit and vegetables.

This menu is the result of large-scale research, the results of which were published today ( The Lancet : Willett et al., 2019 ). 37 researchers from 16 countries designed the so-called planetary health dietplanetary because it takes into account the natural limits of the planet and should apply to all people on earth; health , because it’s not just about the planet, but also about preventing diseases such as heart attacks and diabetes, which are more likely due to improper nutrition . The researchers say that the diet can prevent eleven million premature deaths each year.

“What we eat and how we produce it determines the health of people and the planet. And we’re making a serious mistake right now,” said Tim Lang, one of the study authors from the University of London. And so the report actually calls for radical and rapid change. Worldwide, the consumption of red meat and sugar would have to be halved. Germans – if you take the figures from the Federal Association of the Meat Products Industry – would only have to eat a tenth of what is currently common in meat.

Humans and the environment as a common yardstick- New menu saves people: A new menu that saves people and the earth

In order for people to change their eating habits so massively, it needs the participation of women politicians at all levels, says Richard Horton, editor in chief of The Lancet . However, the report also shows that not only the composition of the food on our plates has to change, but also agriculture. Among other things, it must become more sustainable and do without fossil fuels in order to stop biodiversity loss by all means. So it’s about ensuring that what people eat comes from sustainable farming. Food waste must also be reduced by 15 percent.

In essence, the report’s demands are in line with what environmental organizations have been saying for years. The view of a healthy diet also roughly coincides with that of the World Health Organization . What is new about the planetary health diet , however, is to make people and the environment a common yardstick.

Behind the report is the so-called EAT Lancet Commission, which consists of experts in health, sustainability, economy, politics and agriculture and was founded to create the scientific basis for a transformation of the global food system. In addition to the specialist journal Lancet , the independent research institute Stockholm Resilience Center and the Norwegian NGO EAT are also involved..

The only question is how much 13 grams of egg is. About a quarter of a class M ice cream. Bon appetit.

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