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Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression: Treatment of depression includes rest, psychotherapy, and medication.

Resting is not a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean you have to do something. Taking rest is very important to recover from depression.

SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), SNRI (serotonin / noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor), NaSSA (noradrenergic / specific serotonergic action) that act on serotonin and noradrenaline Antidepressants such as sex antidepressants) may be used. Others are called tricyclic or tetracyclic, and doctors prescribe one of these antidepressants that suits the patient’s symptoms.

Depression Definition- What is Depression

Depression is a state of energy deprivation accompanied by a decline in neuropsychic tone and a psychomotor slowdown.

Depression is a frequent pathology in Western countries . It affects 3% of men and 6% of women.

Its severity is linked to the death by suicide of its patients and the consequences of professional inactivity, whether temporary (sick leave) or permanent (disability), in this pathology which can potentially affect all individuals without defined predictive factors.

Depressions are considered according to various classifications, but, above all, according to their intensity.

Major depression is defined by daily persistence of the signs for more than 15 days, a breakdown in previous functioning, the presence of several depressive symptoms and a disabling impact on daily life.

Melancholy depression (or melancholy) is the most serious form of depression. She has a significant risk of suicide and, also, a risk of undernutrition.

It can evolve towards delusional forms requiring, if necessary, Treatment by electro-convulsive therapy.

Depressive syndrome corresponds to the clinical picture that the person presents at the time he consults, but it is essential to situate the different forms of depression in their context and in the patient’s environment.

Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression
Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression – pic courtesy pixabay

The Great Depression

By its scale and the dramas it caused, the crisis of 29 is fortunately a very rare situation in economic and social history. The previous one dates from 1847 and led to the revolution of 1848, and the crisis of 1929, which started in the United States, spread throughout the world in the form of a great generalized depression.

From the spring of 1929, clouds gathered over the American economy after several years of vigorous growth . Business results are deteriorating, auto production is falling, farm incomes and housing construction are falling. On Wall Street, however, speculation continues all the more. We borrow to buy stocks. The frenzy is general and the banks lend everything.

 Between the beginning of 1928 and October 1929, the total amount of the loans doubled. The prices of the main values ​​soar. Thursday October 24 (Black Thursday or Black Thursday) is the crash . Everyone wants to sell their titles, no one buys. At noon, the Dow Jones index (the equivalent of cac 40) lost 22.6%. The decline continued for three years: stock prices fell 87%, the banks went bankrupt. This financial rout quickly brought the real economy to its knees.

The conflagration hit Europe hard, American banks demanding immediate repayment of the loans made for post-war reconstruction. Only France seems, at first, spared. But this will not last and the French economy will be one of the last to restart, just before the Second World War. Two figures are enough to measure the extent of this global depression: American industrial production fell by half from 1929 to 1932 and the unemployment rate fell from 3.1% to 24%.

If the current crisis presents some symptoms similar to those of the crisis of 29, the organizations created since such as the central banks, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank, endeavor to correct the drifts.

Symptoms of depression, Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression


 Anxiety, apathy, dissatisfaction, emptiness, guilt, despair, mood swings, nervousness, or pleasure-giving actions, not even feeling of happiness. In depression, a person is distressed, either sad or depleted of his energy. In a situation that affects his mental level, a person feels very stressed and relieved. His mind starts to become skeptical towards him, due to which his work capacity is affected, this leads him to more depression, in this state the person’s ability to think well and bad ends and he acts disgusting.

Such as suicide cutting the vein of the arm, Hanging etc. hurts oneself by doing work. He is unable to recognize his own power and is always in a state of helplessness. He is always surrounded by despair and does not like anyone around him. He feels lonely. No matter what is said in a joke, it gets pierced like an arrow, connects everything with itself and suspects everyone. By remembering the past or remembering the past, weeps alone. He does not tell his mind to anyone because he does not believe in his ultimate benefactors nor on God, he always curses them for their situation.

Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression
Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression – pic courtesy pixabay

Some patients are speechless, express anger, show irritability, show extreme anger, hate, and some are introverted, depression causes a very serious situation for them, By adopting the Ekanki lifestyle, they go into intense silence and this state reduces their heart rate completely, which can sometimes lead to their death. Some depressed individuals who are busy working during the day stay away from the state of depression, but as soon as they become alone then they drown in the same past, or worry about the future. He is able to enjoy present moments for a very short time.


Normally an adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep but, in depression, a person is unable to take advantage of his sleep, sleep opens very early in the morning or he becomes a victim of insomnia. Even after sleep he feels tired and laziness. Some patients have also been found to have excessive sleep, but in that too the person wakes up tired, unable to feel fresh. He always experiences fatigue and restlessness.


 Lack of concentration, slow movement in every task, thoughts of suicide, missing something or forgetting common things are the main. Suddenly remembering some old things and becoming happy. Most depression patients later suffer from amnesia or Alzimer. He meditates and finds himself unable to do any work. 


 Some people start getting intoxicated that they always stay away from reality because they do not have the power to accept it. We can say that they become timid. They do not have the ability to tolerate the ups and downs of life. Caffeine (coffee), tea, junk food etc. also have the wrong effect. Cigarettes (smoking) or tobacco consumption etc. also have the wrong effect. 

Special physical characteristics

  • Excess of sleep and appetite. Carbohydrate craving (ie a strong desire to eat junk food like pizzas, pastries, burgers, etc.)
  • Manoshachalan Mannan (Psychomotor Retardation): – Leiden paralysis (slow paralysis) is also seen in it. The body appears like a wooden log.
  • Behavior changes quickly and such young boys and girls are very emotional. Weakness, there is low mood in them.
  • Parents face a lot of struggle with these teenagers.
  • Interpersonal disorganization is also found in them.
  • Constipation, headache, falling of forest are also found in depression.
  • Such youth also make some pretense to get their point, which is called projection, it is seen more in high level families.
Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression
Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression – pic courtesy pixabay

What causes depression? – Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

  • Depression can occur due to biological, genetic, psychosocial, biochemical imbalances. The physical causes of depression are also many such as malnutrition, hormones, hormones, weather, stress, disease, intoxication, prolonged exposure to unpleasant conditions, backache etc. are the main causes. 90% of depression patients suffer from sleep problems. Not being able to live in our own way and being too ambitious so that the desires are not fulfilled gives rise to depression. An accident or separation from loved ones can also lead to depression.
  • There is also a big reason in our society that what people will call the biggest disease, this deep layer of our mind has given rise to so many psychologists. Not being able to choose your life partner, your career, career from your choice is a big reason for stress and sorrow that takes the form of depression in the future.
  • For the Treatment of depression or depression, read the next letter, which deals with yoga, pranayama and meditation.

Types of Depression , Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

Major depression

 In this situation the mood of the person keeps changing. It also affects a person’s daily activities and personal relationships.

Bypolar disorder

 It is also called manic depression. A situation like irritability, anger, hallucinations is found in them. The main one is to be very disappointed then very happy.

Cyclothmic Disorder

 Lachhans are subtle in this. Mild depression and hypomania are seen in it.

Disordered disorder

In this, the patient experiences depression for two years or more. He also feels unwell and feels difficulty in daily tasks.

Post mortem depression

 Postpartum depression is a serious problem that can occur to the mother a few months after the birth of the child. A woman can go into this condition by abortion also.

Psychotic depression

 This is a very serious problem, in which people fall prey to hallucinations, irrational thoughts, hearing things that are not there, among other symptoms. 7

Anaclictic depression

Found in a newborn baby, in which the child is separated from its mother for any reason. Unable to find mother’s love, the child becomes a victim of depression.

Atypical depression

It is found in young people. Carbohydrate craving is also found in these patients.

Seasonal affective disorder

It occurs according to the season. It usually starts in spring or winter and ends in summer.

Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

Psychotherapy – Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

In psychotherapy, doctors and counselors can work with patients to find ways to solve problems while interacting with them. Psychotherapy includes cognitive therapy and interpersonal therapy.

Drug therapy – Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

When using pharmacotherapy, start with a small dose of antidepressants at first to reduce side effects and gradually adjust to the appropriate dose. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks from the start of taking the anti-depressant effect, so side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, and headache may occur first. If you are concerned about side effects, such as when you feel severe or prolonged , please consult your doctor.

Judgment of effectiveness

The effects of antidepressants do not appear immediately.
After taking the same medicine for 2 to 3 weeks, determine if it is effective.

Main side effects of antidepressants

  • headache
  • Malaise
  • Constipation / diarrhea
  • Thirst
  • sleepiness
  • Nausea / vomiting

About hospitalization

Hospitalization may be used for a variety of purposes, such as when the symptoms of depression are severe, or to avoid the risk of suicide, such as rehabilitation or when there is not enough rest at home. The length of hospital stay varies depending on the patient, but the average length of stay in the mental bed tends to be shorter than before.

Know the progress of depression treatment – Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

  • Until the condition is stabilized by Treatment.The Treatment of depression is said to go from the diagnosis by the doctor to the “acute phase” where the Treatment starts, to the “continuation phase” where the symptoms are almost eliminated, and eventually to the “maintenance phase” where the stable state is maintained. The However, the course of Treatment varies from person to person. Even if the condition continues to improve, if you stop taking the medicine on your own judgment, the depression may recur, so it is important to tackle it without panic.
  • The important thing is to look at both mind and body. The symptoms of depression are varied and may manifest not only in the mind but also in the body. The Treatment aims to get rid of those symptoms and return to life before getting sick.However, if you do not remove all the symptoms and leave any of them, depression may worsen. For depression, it is considered important to focus on both the mind and body and proceed with Treatment.

Sufficient rest is important for depression treatment

Among the treatments for depression, it is said that the most important thing is to have enough rest for the mind and body. Here, we will show you how to deal with depression well, such as how to take a rest, how to spend your daily life, how to hold your mind, and how to take medicine to enhance the therapeutic effect.

Treatment for Depression
Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression – pic courtesy pixabay | Rest Treatment for Depression

Resting is part of the treatment -Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

“Recreation” and “pharmacotherapy” are fundamental to the Treatment of patients with depression.

Resting is especially important for patients who are particularly depressed. This is because, for patients who have sent every day at full speed, applying the brakes once again triggers their own pace. By taking a rest, pharmacotherapy can also demonstrate its original power, and rest and pharmacotherapy can be said to be like two wheels of a car.

However, some people who are busy with housework or childcare, or who have a job, may feel great resistance to rest. There seem to be many patients who take a rest as a negative image, but rest is part of the Treatment. Rest your mind and body and concentrate on treating depression.Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

Let’s be careful about the following when we take a rest

Let’s be careful about environment when we take a rest. Even if you are resting at home, you may be frustrated or unaware of the situation when you have small children, are self-employed and have a lot of people coming and going, and you don’t get the understanding of your family. In such cases, you may choose to stay in the hospital and take a rest.

Also, during periods of strong depressive symptoms, it is necessary to remain quiet in a quiet environment, but try to avoid disturbing your life rhythm by taking three meals at a fixed time and keeping a certain amount of sleep.

If you feel like it, starting a light exercise such as a walk can have a positive effect on your body and mind. Do the things you want to do, step by step, along the road to recovery. Running it and feeling “easy” leads to the next recovery step.

Continue depression treatment without panic

Depression slowly recovers over time

Depressed patients have a strong desire to cure quickly and return to work early. Waiting for recovery itself can be painful for the patient.

However, recovery from depression is generally considered time consuming. Although it depends on the degree of depression and the patient’s situation, the recovery process is not clearly visible, such as a cold, which can be cured if you take a medicine and the heat goes down. The important thing is not to feel it frustrating. Some people with depression rush to get back to work, but this is not allowed. Because, even if the wound surface looks like a closed wound, but the depth is not fully cured, the wound opens just a little. Depression, too, if you try to make it harder, your illness may get worse.Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression

Avoid important decisions during treatment

It takes time to recover from depression, but during that time, patients can easily get lost or make decisions that can affect their lives by losing confidence in themselves.


  • There is an old saying, as you eat food, how you mind. Deprivation is further worsened by lack of essential nutrients in food. The right diet is very helpful in curing depression. 70 -90% psychosis benefits. Use a healthy diet that changes epigenesis, which will keep the mind good and sleep will also be fine which will increase your work capacity.
  • Sirotonin is called feel good hormone which keeps your mind good and helps in good sleep. A tryptophan-rich diet is helpful in increasing the amount of cirrotonin such as gram.

Helpful diet

Vitamin B12 and folate-rich foods – milk, whole grains, broccoli, almonds, spinach, pulses, supplements etc.

Selenium – Selenium-rich diet is considered very helpful in reducing the symptoms of depression. These whole grains and pulses etc. Selenium is also found in brown rice, oat mill and triangle fruit.

Vitamin D – Sun rays, supplements, juice grains, bread etc.

Omega-3 fatty acids – almonds, walnuts, flaxseed, etc. can also be supplemented.

Antioxidants – These free radicals that are formed in our body eliminate boys and prevent them from forming bad cells. Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin A are its main components.

Diet Treatment for Depression
Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression – pic courtesy pixabay | Diet Treatment for Depression

Beta carotene- Braccoli, carrots, spinach, sakarkand, pumpkin, apricot.

Vitamin C – Kiwi, Tomato, Blue Berry, Braccoli, Grapes, Orange, Black Pepper, Potato, Avocado etc.

Zinc- corn, whole grains, beans, nuts etc. or it can be taken in supplements.

Protein- It is a very important organ for life. Beans, peas, cheeses, milk curd, soybeans etc. are the main ingredients of protein.

Some common dietary changes

Use flour (wheat flour) instead of flour. It is much lighter.

Use honey or jaggery instead of sugar.

Include nuts, beans and fruits together in the diet.

Include the oatmill in the breakfast.

It would be better to use cinnamon, nutmeg or natural vanilla instead of artificial flavor.

Use of low fat cream cheese (Cheese) would be good.

There are many more, but try fresh and pure food and eat at the right time.

Try to have dinner between 8-9 and lunch between 12 and 1.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking, tobacco etc.

Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation: –

Yoga and Pranayama –

Include Anlom Antonyms, Bhramari Pranayama, Bandha and Surya Namaskar and yoga in your daily routine. Get out of the house, go on a daily walk and give exercise a place in your life. Stress will automatically go away from you.
Remember an important point, no matter who you are, life does not go right unless you do the right things.

Yoga Treatment for Depression
Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression – pic courtesy pixabay | yoga Treatment for Depression

If you want the right result then choose the right actions then life every day is nothing short of a beautiful miracle. We have to take charge or responsibility of our life, which will enhance the unlimited potential in us and it will be easy to create a stress-free life.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says

If you are sad, the reason is no one else but yourself. No one can give you happiness nor sorrow. Your high hopes and expectations have made you sad, throw your desires like a ball. Devote responsibility and concern to God.

Some yoga-asanas that can help you: Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression


Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression | Presented by art of living


Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression | Presented by art of living


Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression | Presented by art of living


Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression | Presented by art of living


Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression | Presented by art of living

Downward dog posture

Non Pharmacological Treatment for Depression | Presented by art of living

Some Pranayama that can help you: –

Pulse refinement , Ujjai, Bhastrika, Kapalbhanti and Bhramari Pranayama .

Follow this only under the guidance of a yoga guru or psychiatrist Or TV. But looking or doing wrong practice can also cause harm in place of profit.

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