NRC news: Amit Shah said 4 positive side of NRC in Rajya Sabha

NRC news: Amit Shah said 4 positive side of NRC in Rajya Sabha

NRC news: Amit Shah said in the Rajya Sabha on the NRC – ‘Nobody needs to be scared all over the country’

In the Rajya Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah today said that there should be no discrimination against any religion. In response to a question, the Home Minister said that there is no provision in the NRC to separate anyone from the list on religious grounds.

Highlights on NRC news

  • Replying on this, the Home Minister said, ‘No provision for not being included in the list on religious grounds’
  • Amit Shah said in the Rajya Sabha that there is no need to fear the NRC, it will apply in the whole country
  • The Union Home Minister also said that this is a separate process and the Citizenship Amendment Bill is a separate system.
  • Congress MP Syed Nasir Hussain asked questions about NRC in Rajya Sabha.
Amit Shah on NRC
Amit Shah on NRC news

In the New Delhi
Rajya Sabha today, Home Minister Amit Shah responded to the opposition’s allegations on the NRC issue. He dismissed the possibility of discrimination in NRC on the basis of religion. The Home Minister said that citizenship identification will be ensured on the basis of NRC and will be implemented across the country. He said that people of any particular religion need not be afraid because of it. This is a process whereby all the citizens of the country can join the list. No one needs to fear NRC.

The Home Minister said, “There will be no discrimination on the basis of religion in the NRC.” He said, ‘There is no such provision in the NRC on the basis of which it is said that more people of religion will not be included in it. All citizens, irrespective of their religion, can join the NRC list. The NRC is a separate process and the Citizenship Amendment Bill is a separate process. It cannot be put together. ‘ With this, he said that this will be implemented throughout the country so that all citizens of India can join the NRC list.

The Congress MP raised the question based on Shah’s statement
that Syed Nasir Hussain asked the question in the Rajya Sabha based on Amit Shah’s statement in Kolkata. The Congress MP said, ‘I just want to know from the Home Minister that you had said in Kolkata that you had named some 5-6 people of religion and not taken the name of a Muslim. You said that people of all these religions will get citizenship even if they are living in an illegal manner. This led to a feeling of insecurity among the Muslims. I know that the Citizenship Bill and NRC are separate procedures.

Citizenship bill for refugees suffering complete general discrimination

In response, the Union Home Minister said, ‘Hindu, Buddha, Sikh, Jain, Christian, Parsi refugees will get citizenship. For this, the Citizenship Amendment Bill is separately so that these refugees can get citizenship. They had to suffer discrimination on the basis of religion in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

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