Pearl Harbor Attack Day, 7 Dec: Forced America to Go to World War

Pearl Harbor Attack Day, 7 Dec: Forced America to Go to World War

Pearl Harbor Attack: Every country in the world has entered into another country. In such a situation, the stir started between two countries, could not live between two countries. More countries join in it. This happened during the Second World War. Year 1937.

Pearl Harbor Attack
Pearl Harbor Attack Day, 7 Dec: Forced America to Go to World War

Japan wanted that its economic growth could be done by making a dent in the Chinese market and ending the import of China. For this, in 1937, Japan declared war on China. America did not like this at all. But he was not directly involved in the fight. He made some rules. Japan went to those rules. The US imposed penalties on Japan. And many trades were also banned. Japan’s trade was severely crippled. Japan was overwhelmed by this reaction. America thought that without money, money and lack of essential things like oil, Japan can be tightened. But the opposite happened. When there is shock, two things happen. Either a person stops and starts melting, or he stands up thinking that he will accept iron only from trouble.

Japan did the same. He was adamant. Talk of the ongoing agreement between Tokyo and Washington DC went into a dead lock. But till this time no one thought that Japan would attack America. There were two reasons behind this.
The first is that Japan and America are 4 thousand miles away. This will cause more problems than war to attack Japan.
The second That the American Intelligence Official was sure that Japan would attack America in or around the South Pacific European Colony. These colonies included the Dutch East Indies, Singapore or Indo-China. Pearl Harbor was far away from Japan, so the US was not so vigilant there. On the other hand, Pearl Harbor had become such a target for Japan, which they could not avoid even if they wanted to. Nearly the entire Pacific Fleet on Pearl Island in Pearl Harbor was lifted and slammed. Hundreds of airplanes were also put in parking there.

7 December 1941 – that bad day – Pearl Harbor Attack

Japan’s plan was simple. Ending the Pacific Fleet. In this sense, the US is unable to fight with Japan’s force in the South Pacific. On 7 December, Japan attacked with a lot of planning.

Around eight o’clock in the morning the sky filled the Japanese Plains. Above Pearl Harbor. There were bombs and bullets from the sky. American planes were standing below. As well as many soldiers. An 1800-pound bomb dropped overboard the USS-Arizona at 8:10 AM. The ship exploded and around 1000 people started sinking inside it. The next target was the second warship. USS-Oklahoma. He was attacked by torpedoes. At this time some 400 people were aboard the ship. The ship did not explode completely, but yes he started leaning aside and reached under water.

By the time the attack was over, all of the warships in Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS California, USS West Virginia, USS Utah, USS Maryland, USS Pennsylvania, USS Tennessee and USS Nevada had suffered significant losses.

To understand the whole story, about 20 American ships were destroyed in the Pearl Harbor attack. 300 airplanes. Along with this, the planes on the ground were also ruined. The most important thing – 2500 soldiers died and about 1000 were injured in this attack.

But despite all these, the Pacific Fleet could not be completely destroyed. This was a time when warships were not the most important ships. There were aircraft carriers. And when this attack happened, the carriers of the Pacific Fleet were not present there. Also, the base’s essential facility oil storage depot, repair shops, shipyard and submarine dock were left safe from this attack. Because of this, the American Navy rebuilt everything in a hurry.

War. World war

President Roosevelt said on 8 December, “The United States of America was attacked suddenly and deliberately yesterday. It does not matter how long it takes America to recover from this attack, the people of America will reach victory on the basis of their faith. It seems to me that I can understand what the Congress wants at this time and what the people of America want. And I want to tell you that we will not only defend ourselves but will also convince everyone that if this kind of action is not with us again, it is better. “

After the Pearl Harbor attack, after much discussion and debates, perhaps for the first time Americans were ready for war. Japan wanted the United States to remove the restrictions on it, but because of that attack the whole world was once again ringing the bell at the door of war.

On 8 December, Congress supported Roosevelt’s idea of ​​war. Three days later, Germany and Italy declared war against the United States. Germany and Italy were friends of Japan. Two years after the feud, the United States had joined the World War II.

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