Preparation for cricket coaching – head coaches, fielding coaches

Preparation for cricket coaching – head coaches, fielding coaches

Preparation for cricket coaching: Today, Totram was sitting in the verandah, standing in front of us wearing pajamis, T-shirts and caps with stripes on the blue side .

We asked what is the matter? Somewhere Modi ji did not give you any challenge under ‘Hum fit to Bharat fit’ .

Said- what will give us some change? We are inborn fit. The same 28-inch chest and 47 kg weight for the last sixty years. Has anyone done this?

We said no, brothers, how can this be possible by anyone other than you? The weight of the leaders also varies slightly according to the department. If you want,  you can share this important knowledge on Twitter with the fit youth of the country .

Said- I mean neither to Fit India nor to any Twitter. I am preparing to give cricket coaching to Team India from August 2021.

Preparation for cricket coaching
Preparation for cricket coaching – head coaches, fielding coaches

We said- It is okay that neither your body tire nor your mind retire like Kalyan Singh ji. But remember the talk of politicians is different. Even at the age of 100, they can  adorn the chair . If someone does not check, even the dead leader can take ten or twenty days in confusion. Is the principle of board of directors not applicable in cricket?  You should know that cricket is not a game of throwing jumla .

Said, so I also know, but I am fascinated to see the salary of Ravi Shastri and other officials .

We said – But which of the head coaches, fielding coaches and batting coaches is your job?Said- What are these three things in cricket? In cricket, after making half a century or a century, the audience has to react to the praise, react after hitting a six or a four.

When taking a wicket, you have to bend your arm with a nudge and jerk it like a bhastrika pranayama, someone has to tease, someone has to get angry and distracted, the wicket taker has to give hi-fi, bat when he is out on zero. Shock or anger have to be expressed, even after missing a catch, one has to slip away and show that there was no lack of effort – there are many things which are not under the control of any one .

And then there are reasonable reasons for defeat. All these tasks do not belong to any one. While I can do these additional work well.

We said – this is it. Just like if there is a working minister, ten are going to answer his failure. Find out, maybe a similar place may  come out for you.

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