Preparation of Republic Day 2020, 73rd tableau Kashmir, Practice Rajpath

Preparation of Republic Day 2020, 73rd tableau Kashmir, Practice Rajpath

Preparation of Republic Day 2020

Delhi Police will be fully prepared for Republic Day, 4-tier security

Republic Day (Republic Day) with the first deployment of 10,000 security personnel in the national capital, Delhi Police ( Delhi will also help systems and drones that recognize this face to Police) foolproof security measure. The police have made 4 level security arrangements.
DCP (New Delhi Zone) Ish Singhal said Brazilian President Jeyr Bolsonaro the Republic Day Parade ( Republic Day were to be the chief guest at the parade) and made special security arrangements for the guests.

Officials said that Rajpath Sharp shooters and snipers will be stationed at multi-storeyed buildings to monitor the parade route from Lalkila to Lal Qila. Hundreds of CCTV cameras are also being installed in the Red Fort, Chandni Chowk and Yamuna Khadar areas under security arrangements, including at least 150 cameras.

He said, there are 4 tier security arrangements. This arrangement will be done in the inner, middle, outer and border areas of the national capital. He informed that 5000 to 6000 personnel will be deployed in New Delhi district along with 50 companies of paramilitary forces.

missile on Preparation of Republic Day 2020
missile on Preparation of Republic Day 2020

Hotels, taxis and autos have also been asked to be vigilant. Patrolling has also been increased at various places. Security personnel have identified busy markets, railway stations, bus stands and other places, where additional police forces are being arranged.

According to the news from Jammu, the Jammu Kashmir Police has deployed drones to keep a watch from the sky in the city. In particular, it is being monitored around the MA Stadium, where the Republic Day celebrations are to be held.

Police said that the newly formed Crisis Response Team (CRT) has also been deployed in the sensitive area. Drones are being monitored in most areas of the city to monitor any suspicious activity.

According to information received from Mumbai, the area around Shivaji Park in Central Mumbai has been declared as a flight-free zone for drones. Intensive security arrangements have been made around the grounds. The Governor, Chief Minister and other dignitaries of Maharashtra will be present during the Republic Day Parade at Shivaji Park.

Woman power will be seen in the Republic Day parade, CRPF commandos will show tricks – Preparation of Republic Day 2020

The country’s women power will show their jambaji in the Republic Day Parade this time. The CRPF Daredevils Team will perform different motorcycle tricks on Rajpath for the first time on 26 January (26th January, Republic Day 2020). His tricks include 9 great ways.

Preparation of Republic Day 2020
Kashmiri girl

65 CRPF commanders are about to perform their feats on the Rajpath after the Republic Day Parade. According to the information received from CRPF, the women on the bike will show rifle positions, beam positions, pistol positions, combined motorcycle positions including pyramid positions.

Seema Nag, who is leading the women’s daredevil squad, said her team was founded in 2014. Earlier in the Statue of Unity parade, these people had shown similar tricks.

Preparation of Republic Day 2020 on the Rajpath

Seema Nag says that her team is very strong and she is encouraged in how to carry out her work. For this, they have practiced a lot. Practicing on Rajpath. This practice is being done so that there is no mistake while doing tricks on 26 January.

 missile on Preparation of Republic Day 2020  parade preparation
missile on Preparation of Republic Day 2020 parade preparation

Speaking to Aaj Tak, CRPF DIG Bharat Bhushan Vaidya said that the Daredevils women present in this team are very strong and strong. They do not have any problem in doing such work. He said that the women battalion in his team has been deployed in different states. He has been included in this team.

According to him, many women of this team are posted in terrorism affected area in Jammu and Kashmir, while many women are keeping an eye on law and order in the northeast states. Not only this, there are some women in the Daredevils team who are also posted in Naxalite affected states.

President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro arrives in India, Prime Minister welcomed by tweeting

The President of Brazil will join as a guest this time in the parade on 26 January. On Friday, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will be guests at the Republic Day Parade.

India will celebrate its 71st Republic Day on 26 January. Like every year, this year will also showcase the valor and strength of Indian soldiers on Rajpath, while tableaux of different states of India will be included. The parade to be held on 26 January will be attended by the Brazilian President as guests this time. On Friday, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro arrived in India to attend the Republic Day parade, welcomed by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in a tweet.

Prime Minister Modi tweeted – Preparation of Republic Day 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted and wrote- The President of Brazil was warmly welcomed. We are happy that we are welcoming them. We look forward to attending his Republic Day celebrations. The Prime Minister further wrote – His (President of Brazil) visit to India will increase the strength of the relationship between Brazil and India.

tricolor on
tricolor on Preparation of Republic Day 2020 parade preparation

The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950, since then 26 January is celebrated every year as Republic Day. Every year, representatives of other countries participate in the parade as guests of the Republic Day celebrations. Jair Bolsonaro will attend the 71st Republic Day as the Chief Guest. Jair Bolsonaro is the President of Brazil from 1 January 2019. Jair Bolsonaro is the 38th President of Brazil. 64-year-old Jair Bolsonaro arrived at the airport in Delhi on Friday.

The tableau of Kashmir and NDRF will also be seen in the Republic Day / Parade for the first time along with anti satellite weapon system

  • Full dress rehearsal of 71st Republic Day parade on Rajpath on Thursday
  • This time Chinook, Apache helicopter and cannons will be seen in the country’s strength

The parade’s full dress rehearsal took place on Thursday for the 71st Republic Day celebrations. In it, security forces personnel walked with weapons. Dhanush 145 mm 52 caliber howitzer cannon, Apache and Chinook will be the main attractions in this parade. Also tableaux of fighter aircraft Rafael will be included. Apart from this, the anti satellite weapon system will also be displayed for the first time. It is believed to be the largest weapon of India’s war fleet.

India’s first indigenous attack helicopter LCH will also be seen in the Air Force tableau. However, it has not yet been inducted into the Air Force. Vikrant, the country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier being prepared at Kochi Shipyard, will be in the Navy tableau this time. Anti submarine and reconnaissance aircraft P8i are also included with it. Apart from this, the march past of the Special Forces commandos and the amazing feats of CRPF personnel will also be seen.

NDRF’s squad suit in gear

The parade will see NDRF’s squad in CBRN (Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) suits gear. Through this, ways will be shown to deal with natural disasters and chemical attacks. Apart from this, the tableau of Kashmir and Finance Ministry will also appear in the parade for the first time.

Women’s team will perform 9 types of tricks on a motorcycle

Nari Shakti will show jambaji in the parade this time. For the first time CRPF’s Daredevils team will perform 9 types of tricks on Rajpath by motorcycle. Many women of this team are posted in terrorism affected area in Jammu and Kashmir, and are monitoring law and order in many northeastern states. There are some women in the Daredevils team who are also posted in Naxalite affected states.

This Republic Day special

  • 22 tableaux will come out, of these 16 states and 6 departments
  • Republic Day parade will be 90 minutes, there will be 16 marching squads
  • 21 bands will participate in the parade. These will consist of 13 squad military bands
  • 44 such children will participate in the parade, which received the National Award

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