Reduce Fat: fatty people are increasing! 3 ways to reduce your fat

Reduce Fat : In recent years, the trend toward “health-oriented”, which is not just a diet to lose weight, but aims to make it easy to lose weight while enjoying a healthy life every day, has been increasing the number of people who are actively incorporating “vinegar” into their lives.

Then, do you know what kind of effect it actually has? This time, I asked Dr. Naohiko Watanabe, a medical doctor, about the effect of reducing visceral fat, which is good for those who are suffering from diet and metabolic syndrome.

Reduce Fat
Reduce Fat

What is visceral fat – Reduce Fat

Fat is divided into two parts, “visceral fat” and “subcutaneous fat”, depending on the accumulated part of the body. The fat around the internal organs, mainly the tummy (upper body), is “visceral fat”.

In recent years, the number of people who care about “Metabolock syndrome” is caused by excessive accumulation of “visceral fat”. Visceral fat is also a risk of causing lifestyle-related diseases such as “diabetes” and “hypertension”.

Difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat

Visceral fat and subcutaneous fat accumulate in different locations. In contrast to the visceral fat that attaches to the viscera, the subcutaneous fat is the fat that comes directly under the skin, such as around the waist, buttocks, and thighs.

There are two types of obesity: “visceral fat type obesity (apple type)” with visceral fat and “subcutaneous fat type obesity (pear type)” with subcutaneous fat, depending on the type of fat and how it is attached. There is a big difference in body shape.

“Visceral fat type obesity (apple type)” is a body type with abdominal abdomen, and “subcutaneous fat type obesity (pear type)” is a type with fat on the lower body.

Where is the visceral fat?

It accumulates in the membrane that fixes the intestine, the mesentery in the stomach. It is said that the fat around the mesentery is easy to get fat and difficult to remove.

What happens when there is a lot of visceral fat?

If visceral fat increases too much, fat cells secrete substances that inhibit the action of insulin and substances that make blood clots (bad adipocytokines). Then, since insulin works badly, it becomes dyslipidemia and diabetes.

Metabolic syndrome is determined to be 85cm or more for men and 90cm or more for women around the waist even if it is not obese, but it is thought that visceral fat has already accumulated in the body at this stage.

In addition, increasing visceral fat not only leads to obesity (metabolic syndrome), but also adversely affects health conditions such as high blood pressure, fatty liver, and arteriosclerosis.

* Metabolic syndrome is determined by applying to two of the three items of high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and lipid abnormalities in addition to the circumference of the waist, and two of visceral fat accumulation, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and serum lipid. It is a prerequisite that the above exceeds the standard value.

Causes of diseases centered on lifestyle-related diseases

Visceral fat that causes various lifestyle-related diseases associated with obesity. Of particular note is the “fatty liver”.

Fatty liver can cause liver cancer when it gets worse. Even those who do not usually drink liquor that burdens the liver, the accumulation of visceral fat due to lifestyle increases the risk of illness.

It can also cause dementia.

Cause constipation and reflux esophagitis

Lifestyles that secrete a lot of gastric juice, such as heavy drinking, eating oily foods, stress and overeating, also increase the risk of reflux esophagitis.

<Features of the prone to GERD people>
eat good things ish and oil
are often opportunities, drinking, overeating and often
there is a stress

Causes of a vicious cycle of diet

The satiety center becomes dull and leads to overeating, which interferes with dieting.

How does visceral fat increase?

Our bodies naturally consume energy, such as breathing, heartbeat, and temperature regulation. However, with age, the amount of basal metabolism, which is energy consumption for living, decreases. Then, the ingested nutrition cannot be consumed and the visceral fat tends to increase.

In other words, it is important to maintain a healthy energy balance by trying not to increase and reduce visceral fat at the same time.

Role and benefits of visceral fat – Reduce Fat

It is important to reduce visceral fat for health, but it is also the minimum necessary fat. Visceral fat has the role of maintaining the correct position of the internal organs and reducing the impact on the internal organs. Since ribs cannot protect all internal organs, visceral fat is also beneficial.

It is said that visceral fat is easy for women to protect the uterus. In addition, the visceral fat is easy to stick but easy to drop.

Do tend to get visceral fat? – Reduce Fat

People are said to have a tendency to get visceral fat. However, because it is human being, it cannot be said to be a bit, and the way of getting fat varies depending on the individual diet and lifestyle.

Subcutaneous fat-type obesity accumulated under the skin “subcutaneous fat-type obesity (pear-type)” tends to be more common in women. (Apple type) “tends to be more common among men. In particular, apples are the main cause of overeating and lack of exercise.

Also, people with high blood pressure tend to be fat, but there are individual differences, such as some people with high blood pressure even though they are thin. In fact, 40% of Japanese are said to fall under the latter.

How to remove visceral fat


Do muscle training (stretch)

If you do muscle training (stretching) for about 20 minutes before and after exercising, visceral fat tends to fall. Do not injure your body or raise your blood pressure with a sudden exercise.

Do aerobic exercise

Not only running but also walking and cycling are aerobic exercises. To burn body fat, “about 30 minutes every day” is recommended.

30 minutes is a rough estimate for a day. 1 hour for every other day. And if you don’t have a good time, you can divide it into 15 minutes. In that case, let’s make an exercise that seems to be able to stack, such as walking to the station in the morning and evening commuting or shopping. “Continuation” is the most important.

As for the walking speed, the point is to walk a little early. You can usually talk with your friends while walking and not run out of breath.

② Meals

Avoid foods that contain lipids

[Food to avoid]

  • Alcohol A
    hormone that increases appetite is secreted from the stomach and brain, causing overeating and drinking.
  • Fruits
    The sweetness of fruits also contains fat, so you should avoid eating too much. Also, it’s hard to get full, so you tend to eat too much.

[Recommended food]

  • Vinegar
    “acetic acid” produces protein that burns fat.
  • Foods containing fat-burning adiponectin
     , brown rice
     , soybeans
     , tomatoes
     , okra
  • Foods rich in protein
     , soybeans
     , coffee
     , beef (Japanese beef)
     , tuna (canned, oiled, flakes, light, etc., no matter how it is processed)

* However, be careful of excessive intake.

  • Other (Drinks)
     / Green tea: “Catechin” makes it easier to burn fat during exercise. Let’s take while exercising moderately.
  • Foods high in dietary fiber
     , seaweed (eg seaweed)
     , okra
     , avocado
     , burdock
     , garlic

Drop excess fat

In any case, excessive intake is strictly prohibited. Ideally, you should n’t eat wasted fat, and you can remove the chicken skin.

Cooking is boiled rather than fried

Because fried foods use a lot of oil, try to eat a boiled food that avoids oil as much as possible.

(3) Review of lifestyle habits

Get a good sleep

Inadequate sleep can cause secretion of hormones that increase hunger and appetite. Let’s review your lifestyle because you sleep well.

Summary of Reduce Fat

It is said that there are tens of millions of people in Japan who have been judged as “metabolic syndrome”, or who are considered “reserve”, even if they cannot say that they are obese.

It is too late after getting sick. Even if you are a reserve army now, let’s maintain a healthy body while working on relieving obesity and daily stress as well as increasing blood pressure, relieving daily stress and sleeping.

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