Reduce hair loss, Be careful if you lose more than 50 hairs a day!

Reduce hair loss Summer is a time when stress changes due to changes in the environment, such as admission, employment, promotion and moving, and hair loss tends to increase. According to hair therapist, natural hair loss that can be lost in a day is about 30 and at most 50.

I had hair loss when I was just in my 40s. I thought there was a lot of hair tangled around the brush, and when I put my hands in my hair, I slipped loosely and touched my skin.

When I checked the whole thing, the circle on the left side of the head was about 7 cm in diameter, and the back of the head was even more severely 20 cm long and 5 cm wide.

Immediately, when I rushed to the home doctor, I was told that it was stress. At that time, I was worried about the slow growth of my daughter who entered the kindergarten.

Although the temporal head was cured in about three months, it took a year and a half to get the hair on the back of the head.

Increasing number of people are worried about hair loss from their 30s!

A long time ago, thinning hair was a particular problem for men, but recently there is a lot of consultation that women in their 30s have thinned the top of their heads.

Recently, women who are in their late 20s to 40s often see <chronic alopecia>. (Omitted) Alopecia in which the growth cycle of the top of the head, etc. supported by the action of female hormones is shortened for some reason, and the hair roots do not grow well or shrink, causing the hair to fall out while being thin.
On the other hand, increasing numbers of men in their early 20s to 30s are <seborrheic disease> and <male pattern baldness due to male hormone (DHT)>. Excessive sebum secretion. It is alopecia where the hairline on the front of the head recedes, the hair on the top of the head comes out before it grows into thick and long hair, and the background becomes easier to see by reducing the volume and volume.
(Quoted from “Hair Instruction Manual”)

Symptoms common to both men and women include pores clogged with sebum, solid scalp, and a thin gel-like part of the missing hair.

14 bad habits that can easily lead to hair loss

reduce hair loss
reduce hair loss Young Hair

Poor physical condition and lifestyle disturbances are directly linked to poor hair growth. If 3 or more of the following 14 items apply, be careful about hair loss.

(1) I go to bed after 12:00 and wake up many times in the night.

(2) The hairstyle is kept with a hair set that has a strong setting power.

(3) I am doing Shan in the morning.

(4) I hate vegetables and don’t eat much.

(5) Long time in an air-conditioned room.

(6) Do not dry your hair and sleep naturally.

(7) Painkillers and blood pressure regulators are used regularly.

(8) You are on an excessive diet.

(9) There is a day when I think that it is not good to wash too much and do not wash my hair.

(10) I like salty foods.

(11) Meals are scattered and there are many likes and dislikes.

(12) I have a lot of stress at work and in private.

(13) Wash your hair and scalp too much with great effort.

(14) Dirt tends to remain due to insufficient rinsing.

“How to wash hair” to reduce hair fall

reduce hair loss
reduce hair loss

There may be some people who are thrilled by 3 or more items. However, it seems that hair loss can be reduced if the cause of hair loss is known and the correct action is taken.

If there is stickiness or itching that is a sign of hair loss, many people tend to rinse with hot water when they wake up in the morning, apply plenty of shampoo, and wash with a strong force. However, this method is wrong, and if you continue, it will be a hair loss road.

To alleviate the symptoms of sticky-itch,
warm water in the rinse of-38 degrees position
, shampoo agent is diluted to double in the hot water
wash gently with a whole finger from the root of-finger to finger (except the thumb)
you, but basic .
Don’t forget that “Luminous hot water, weak shampoo, and four-handed scalp washing” are the three principles for preventing hair loss!
(Quoted from “Hair Instruction Manual”)

Of course, in addition to this, it goes without saying that a balanced diet and regular lifestyle should also be reviewed.

Hair metabolization also leads to hair fall

The number of people with metabolic hair has been increasing recently. Mr. Tanaka has been sounding a warning that it is caused by the wide variety of hair dressing that he uses every day.

In simple terms, “metabo hair” refers to a condition in the hair similar to the fat called cholesterol that accumulates around the internal organs of the human body, often seen in adults in their 40s and beyond. In the case of hair, oils and fats, fragrances, and compounds such as emulsifiers that are blended in hair treatments such as treatments become cholesterol, which affects hair proteins and degrades the cuticle.
(Quoted from “Hair Instruction Manual”)

As Metabo hair progresses, one day, it suddenly becomes cut and will eventually lead to an increase in hair loss. The immediate solution is to choose a shampoo that is fragrance-free and has less foaming, does not feel smooth after rinsing, and is rather squeezed.

Furthermore, it is important to switch to a weakly alkaline aqueous lotion that is made of natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium and does not contain moisturizing ingredients.

This will increase the natural healing power of the hair and rejuvenate the hair age. In this book, in addition to hair loss, the causes of gray hair and dandruff, and their countermeasures are explained in an easy-to-understand manner. 

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