Rival Website OF FACEBOOK


San Francisco. To prove that Facebook and Twitter are unable to do their job properly, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has started a social-media website called ‘WT: Social’,Rival Website OF FACEBOOK LAUNCHES which is available on both social media Will compete with Synergy. Unlike the ad-fund model, Wales aims to run it through donations, just like Wikipedia.

Rival Website OF FACEBOOK
Rival Website OF FACEBOOK

Like these platforms, WT: Social will also allow users to share articles, but it will work through donations rather than through advertising.

“The business model of social media platforms is entirely driven by advertising, which is a cause for trouble. It turns out that the content of the big winner is not as good as it should be,” Endgadget quoted Wells as saying.

Rival Website OF FACEBOOK

It is started through a site Wikitrabune, which provides genuine original news through community fact checking and editing articles.

WT: Social, Rival Website OF FACEBOOK can be joined for free, but for this you will have to either donate or send an invitation to a friend.

According to Endgadget, it has had 50,000 users in a month so far. (IANS)

register … – First of all you have to enter your First Name and Last Name.

– After this enter your email address.
– Now set your password.
Now, enter your date of birth and tap on the button of ‘Join’.

Keep in mind that by joining you will become a member of WT: Social only. You still won’t get access to it. To access anything, the user has been given two options, first through invoice and second by paying subscription charge.

early access to the Early Access website, the user will have to send an invitation to a friend or family. A code has been given to send the invoice, which you can copy and send it to whomever you want. For information, let us know that there is a waiting list for Early Access, which at present is about 1 lakh 33 thousand 987 (133987). That is, your number will come only after so many people.

Website can be accessed by paying
Apart from this, according to the information given on the website, one month subscription charge will have to be paid for $ 12.99USD (Rs 931.99) and for the year 100USD (Rs 7174.65).

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