Ruckus on Commando 3

Ruckus on Commando 3 over social media , wrestler pulling girl’s skirt

Ruckus on Commando 3: Controversy has started on the film’s introductory scene with the release of Commando 3. Actually, people have objected to the introductory scene of the film shown by the wrestler picking up the skirt of a school girl. 

Here is the video:

With the release of Vidut Jamwal starrer Commando 3, it has fallen into controversy. The scene begins with a wrestler openly flirting with a schoolgirl. In this dance minute video, people are creating a ruckus on the shot by the wrestler picking up the girl’s skirt.

Actually, in this scene of Commando 3, a schoolgirl talks about making a video of sexual exploitation with girls viral. After listening to his video, the wrestler starts threatening him. He goes near the girl and starts lifting her skirt. 

Ruckus on Commando 3
Ruckus on Commando 3

People said to try to discredit the wrestler

This scene of the film is disturbing, on which people are objecting. Many users have opposed this scene by commenting on this five minute video on YouTube. People say that it is wrong to show wrestlers in this scene. Users have written that wrestlers respect women and this scene in the film is against their character.

Some users have commented, ‘Do not bring wrestling in it … wrestlers never do such dirty acts’. At the same time, a user has even demanded to boycott Commando 3. One viewer wrote, ‘You just want publicity by showing children’s nudity’. One user wrote, ‘Do not discredit our wrestler to promote his script’.

Producers told it bold step

According to the report of IANS, producer Vipul Amritlal Shah has called this introductory scene of the film a bold step. He said, ‘Finding new ways to reach the audience is the key. We started the film with a bold step by placing an introductory scene like this. It is a gamble but we believe that after watching this clip, the audience would like to watch the entire film.

The film is directed by Aditya Dutt. Apart from Vidhut Jamwal, Ada Sharma, Angira Dhar and Gulshan are in the lead role. Now that the film has got good public reviews.

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