Rural Management: Career, course, salary, institute and job prospects

Rural Management: Career, course, salary, institute and job prospects

Rural Management:If you want to make your career with contribution to rural development, then the field of rural management can prove to be the best for you. 70 percent of the population of our country lives in villages, when there are so many people living in villages, then many excellent career prospects are also available here. Actually, rural areas contribute 50 percent of our country’s GDP. Talking about the growth rate, after the year 2000, the growth rate of rural India was 6.2 percent whereas the growth rate of urban areas was only 4. Remained only 2 percent.

In the case of this growth rate, rural India is developing rapidly. There is a great demand for rural management professionals to increase the pace of social and economic development in rural areas. Not only is the package being provided in rural management, but due to the immense possibilities of employment, the youth are trying their luck in this career. Initially in this field, a graduate can get a package of 4-5 lakhs or more. At the same time, professionals doing the course of rural management from the top institutions get a package of Rs 6 – 8 lakhs annually. If you also want to make a career with your contribution in rural development, then let us know about the career related to this field.

Rural Management
Rural Management: Career, course, salary, institute and job prospects

Let’s know about career in Rm

What is Rural Management?

RM professionals are needed for the development of rural areas. Under this, it is the responsibility of RM professionals to implement rural development programs properly. Due to the frequent migration from villages to cities, the economy of rural India is changing. Apart from providing employment opportunities for such people, it is the job of a RM professional to contribute scientifically to the social and economic development of rural areas.

Career prospects in RM

There are many opportunities available in the field of RM. There are many government and private sector companies that hire rural management professionals as managers, consultants, analysts or researchers. Apart from this, there are many opportunities for rural managers in the rural cooperative sector, agri business, food and agriculture marketing etc.

RM Work Profile

A RM Professional has to work as a Rural Manager. These people work for preparing, implementing and improving rural development projects. These people have the greatest responsibility to speed up the work of development in rural areas. These people work with the management of the firm or company in rural areas like planning, budgeting, market analysis.

Qualification required for taking a course in RM

If you want to take a course in RM, then you can do courses related to this field after Bachelor degree. Students graduating from any stream can take admission in Master of RM and PG Diploma courses. Entrance exam has to be given for admission in the course of Rural Management. Depending on the score of the Common Admission Test, admission can be taken in many government and private institutions.

Major courses related to RM

-MBA in RM

-Master of RMPG Diploma in Business Development Management PG Diploma in RMPG Diploma in Rural Marketing

-Bachlor of Rural Technology and Management Fellow Program in RM.

You will get a job here after taking the course

There are many opportunities for students after taking a course in RM. Jobs can be easily found in many government development agencies, non-governmental organizations, social development units of the corporate sector, state resource centers, etc. Apart from this, students can also earn good money by doing social service as freelancing or part time. There are thousands of NGOs who work for rural development, they hire rural management professionals with good packages. In these NGOs, RM Professionals are employed as trainers, researchers, consultants, project co-ordinators, project directors, etc. In addition, there are several international NGOs and United Nations development agencies that provide jobs to rural management professionals. If you want, you can make a good career by starting your own NGO.

Major Institutes

IRM Anand, Gujarat

Xavier Institute of Social Services, Ranchi, Jharkhand

IIRM, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Benaras, Uttar Pradesh

Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

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