Singer Manna Dey Biography Best Playback singer personal life

Singer Manna Dey Biography Best Playback singer personal life

Singer Manna Dey Biography: Today we are talking about the famous singer Manna Dey of India, whom we also call Manna Da with love. Manna Dey was a playback singer of the Indian Films world. His real name was Prabodh Chandra Dey. Manna Dey started her film career from the year 1942. Manna Dey has lent her voice in 3000 songs from the years 1942 to 2013. Manna Dey has lent her voice in Hindi, Bengali and some other languages ​​and has recorded many songs.

Singer Manna Dey Biography
Singer Manna Dey Biography Best Playback singer personal life

Best Singer Manna Dey Biography

Full Name – Prabodh Chandra Dey
aka Name – Manna Dey
Birth – 1 May 1919, Kolkata, (West Bengal)
Death – 24 October 2013, Bangalore, India (94) years of age
Profession – Playback Singer
Marriage – Sulochana Kumaran (18 December) 1953) Kerala (India)
Children – Two daughters
active year – Honors from 1919 to 2013
– The Government of India has awarded the Padma Shri in 1971, the Padma Bhushan in 2005 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in the year 2007.

Early life of Manna Dey:

Prabodh Chandra Dey (Manna Dey) was born in West Bengal. Manna Dey completed her early education from Kolkata and then enrolled in the Scottish College. During college, Manna Dey used to participate in wrestling and boxing. Manna Dey’s father wanted to make him a lawyer, due to which he wrote his name in Vidyasagar College.

Football is the most played sport in Bengal and Manna Dey was also very fond of playing football. After that Manna Dey also started coming in the field of music. They used to think that in which field should they go, in the field of music or lawyer. Manna Dey’s uncle was also a singer . Then he started leaning towards music like an uncle inside Manna Dey.

Manna Dey’s uncle’s name was Krishna Chandra Dey. From that, Manna Dey decided that he too would become a singer. Manna Dey came to Mumbai to fulfill her music dreams and started living in Juhu area of ​​Mumbai.

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Manna Dey’s personal life:

Manna Dey was married on 18 December 1953 to Sulochana Kumaran, a resident of Kerala (India). They had 2 children (two daughters) Shuroma and Sumita from this marriage. Manna Dey’s wife died on 18 January 2012 in Bangalore India due to cancer. Manna Dey lived in Mumbai for 50 years and moved to Bangalore after that and Manna Dey breathed her last in this city.

Some memorable moments of Manna Dey:

In the year 1943, he got a chance to sing with Suraiya as a playback singer in the film Tamanna . The memorable thing was that the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had also seen this film . Manna Dey did not only sing the words, but by his singing he used to bring out the emotion behind the words beautifully. Perhaps this is the reason that the great poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan chose Manna Dey to give voice to his immortal masterpiece Madhushala.

The song “Tere Bina Chand Ye Chandni” was sung by Manna Dey in the film Awara. After this, he started getting an opportunity to sing in big banner films like “Pyaar Hua Iqrar Hua”, this film was Shree 420.

After that, he gave his voice in many successful songs like “Yeh raat bheegi-bheegi” and “Jahan main jaise hoon chale aate ho”, “Gud-Gud ke na dekh Gud-Gud ke”, sung in the movie Chori-Chori. . Manna Dey was fond of singing the toughest songs. The songs sung by Manna Dey were very popular among the people, which are as follows.

1. लागा चुनरी में दाग, छुपाऊँ कैसे
2. पूछो न कैसे मैंने रैन बितायी
3. सुर न सजे, क्या गाऊं मै
4. ये रात भीगी-भीगी, ये मस्त नजारे
5. तुझे सूरज कहूँ या चंदा, तुझे दीप कहूँ या तारा या तू प्यार का सागर हैं तेरी इक बूंद के प्यासे हम
6. चतुर नार बड़ी होशियार
7. यारी हैं ईमान मेरी यार मेरी जिंदगी
8. प्यार हुआ इकरार हुआ
9. हे मेरी जोहरा जबी
10. हे मेरे प्यारे वतन

His songs are still on the tongue of the people. At that time, if a filmmaker had to sing a song in his film, then he used to sign Manna Dey. Manna Dey used to say that I can never joke with music.

“We all still call him by the name of Manna da. He has no linen in classical singing ”…………. Mahendra Kapoor

Best Singer Manna Dey Biography

Honor to Manna Dey:

He was also honored with the Filmfare Award for Best Singer in 1969 for the film “Mere Hujur”, for his performance in the Bengali film Nishi Padma in 1971 and for his singing “Mera Naam Joker” in 1970. The Government of India honored him with the Padma Shri in 1971 and the Padma Bhushan in the year 2005 for his matchless contribution.

Subsequently, in 2004, Ravindra Bharti University awarded him an honorary degree of D Lit and in 2007, he was awarded the ”  Dadasaheb Phalke ” award by the Indian Hindi Film Industry .

Death of Manna Dey:

Manna Dey was admitted to a hospital in Bangalore after a sign infection on 8 June 2013 and on 9 June 2013, he suddenly worsened his health and died on 24 October 2013 in the morning. His daughter and son-in-law were present at his last time.

Autobiography on Manna Day:

Manna Dey was a playback singer and Manna Dey wrote an autobiography in Bengali language. After that his autobiography was printed in other languages. Many other poets also wrote a lot of books about his biography , which are as follows:

Today, even though Manna Dey is not in our midst, we still remember the contribution made to his music. Such great figures are rarely seen and we are proud that they were born in our country.

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