Sleep well in night: How to? Some useful tips & techniques..

Sleep well in night: cannot sleep, actions that should not be taken

I haven’t been able to sleep after much time in bed. When I close my eyes, my thoughts swirl in my head, and my eyes suddenly frighten … Perhaps some of the people who are reading this page may have been searching for “I can’t sleep” or “How to sleep” on my smartphone without thinking about going to sleep.

Although it is a story with no body or lid, it is said that even if it is possible to wake up with some effort, you cannot sleep with luck . This is because the enthusiasm for sleeping increases wakefulness, and it is not possible to enter sleep mode. In order to put your body into sleep mode and sleep smoothly when you want to sleep, it is necessary to accumulate daily rhythms to adjust the body rhythm.

Sleep well in night
Sleep well in night

Here are some tips for sleepless nights when you say “I want to sleep somehow now!”

Don’t be impatient

The more you rush to sleep, the more you rush to sleep and sleep, the more your head will be frightened. In order to shift from awakening to sleep, the autonomic nervous system needs to switch from sympathetic nerve to parasympathetic nerve, but if you think that you have to sleep, tension will increase and the sympathetic nerve will advance to a dominant state It is.

If this happens, you will end up in a vicious circle of sleeplessness . It is important to relax anyway to sleep. Here are some ways to relax and relieve tension.

How to relax

Preparation: Securing a comfortable space

First, let’s create an environment for good sleep. Temperature and humidity affect sleep. If it is too cold, blood vessels will contract to keep the body temperature, and conversely, if it is hot and humid, the heat will not escape from the skin, and in both cases the temperature inside the body will not drop efficiently, resulting in poor sleep Let’s use air conditioner well while being careful about drying. Also, the light in the room should be so dark that you do not feel uneasy.

Once you’ve prepared your environment, go to bed so that you can sleep at any time, and try the relaxation techniques introduced below.

Relaxing acupuncture points – Sleep well in night

The acupuncture point at the top of the head, called the Hyakukai, helps to calm the mind.

Use four fingertips and palms of both hands, and for 5 seconds while exhaling, press gently and gently as you feel comfortable. Take a light breath after pressing. Repeat this several times.

Relaxed posture – Sleep well in night

Lying on your back in bed. Open your legs about shoulder width and pull your chin. Pull out the strength of your shoulders, and extend both arms slightly away from your body. Open your chest with your palms up and your back sinking into the bed. Remove your whole body power.

Relaxation weakness-Muscle relaxation-

If you feel relaxed, let’s relieve tension. There is a method called “muscle relaxation” that allows you to relax by tensing your muscles and then weakening your muscles to relax.

First, relax your hands. Hold your hand to goo and apply power. After keeping that state for about 5 seconds, we will be weak. Taste the sense of losing power when you lose power.

Next, relax your feet. Bend the ankle and stretch the Achilles tendon. After keeping for about 5 seconds, we will be weak. Please taste weakness.

Relaxation breathing method-abdominal breathing-

Deep breathing relaxes the body. Try abdominal breathing in a relaxed position on your back. First, exhale greatly through your mouth.

At this time, be aware that your stomach is dented. If you breathe out slowly, then inhale through your nose. At this time, feel your stomach swell.

And take about twice as long as you inhale, and exhale slowly. Repeat the deep breathing with the intention of exhaling everything that is unpleasant and floating in the head with exhaling through the mouth, and emptying the head.

If you still can’t sleep

If you’re trying to relax, but you just can’t sleep, get up and leave your bed. If you lie down and lie down in a dark place, negative thoughts tend to go around your head (* 3).

In addition, by repeating the experience of being unable to sleep even after going into bed, the brain may remember that “the bed is a place where you cannot sleep”, and it may become chronic that you cannot sleep. Let’s stop “lie down for the time being”.

Once you change your feelings and get out of bed, stay calm so as not to excite yourself. It is also recommended to read a boring book. If you have been concerned about it, you may be able to sleep with peace of mind if you clean it up. Smartphones, tobacco, and caffeine have alarming effects, so avoid them. Alcohol is not good either. Alcohol has the effect of falling asleep, but it makes it easier to wake up during sleep. Also, if you become a habit, the falling asleep effect will weaken, so the amount of alcohol needed to fall asleep will increase more and more.

First, relax and review your life rhythm- Sleep well in night

It’s hard to sleep but want to sleep.

It ’s counterproductive to think “I need to sleep early”, so let ’s relax with the feeling of “wait until you can sleep”.

And it is important to arrange a daily rhythm so that you can sleep smoothly at any time you want.

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