Sleeping naked at Night : Is it healthier to sleep naked?

Sleeping naked at Night: Naked sleep is healthy – at least that’s the title of lifestyle magazines. The arguments for this often appear somewhat … thought around the corner. We wanted to know more about it and asked experts.

Sleeping without pajamas should be more hygienic because you sweat less. In addition, the contact of sheets on bare skin increases self-confidence – at least US hormone doctor Dr. Jennifer Landa in her guide “The Sex Drive Solution for Women”.

Sleeping naked at Night
Sleeping naked at Night : Is it healthier to sleep naked?

Dr. med. Michael Feld sees it a little differently. In addition to his day-to-day work as a sleep doctor, he has dealt with the subject very carefully and, for example, together with a professor of neurology and neurogenetics, headed the “Beurer Sleep Atlas 2017”, an extensive study of the sleeping behavior of Germans. “One of the things that emerged was that Hamburg had the most nude sleepers,” he told us.Are the people there healthier? “Rather not.”

Naked or dressed? Above all a matter of taste

First and foremost it is a matter of taste, of course, whether you like to sleep in a nightgown or without clothes. That one is therefore happier, more relaxed or even more confident can certainly only be asserted individually from person to person. In fact , according to the sleep doctor, it is better – from a health perspective – to do something. “Otherwise there is a risk of hypothermia,” he tells us.

The core body temperature drops during sleep

At night, the temperature in the core of the body (i.e. in the area of ​​the brain, heart, lungs and kidneys, as Dr. Feld adds) drops by up to one and a half degrees. According to the sleep doctor, this is the case even on hot summer nights, but not so bad because the temperatures around you are relatively high and the body loses less heat accordingly. Nevertheless, Feld would advise you to wear at least something light.

Because: It is well known that you sweat especially at hot temperatures – and sweating is a mechanism of the body to cool down. “If there is a draft, for example through an open window or a fan that is switched on, the risk of hypothermia is restored,” warned Feld. Boxer shorts and a t-shirt or negligee – according to the sleep researcher, you do everything right.

Intimate area likes airy

You shouldn’t wear too much either. That would Dr. Sign the field and the Frankfurt gynecologist Dr. med. Andreas Gardé can explain it to us a little more vividly.

“If you sweat under a warm pajama, it looks like a damp chamber. And bacteria and other microorganisms feel at home in it. ”Means: The risk of infections in the genital area is growing. Incidentally, urologists also warn against getting too warm down because the sperm quality could suffer. In the genital area you should tend to take it airy.

When you should definitely Sleeping naked at Night

If someone is lying next to you at night, the last (night) shirt can also be left out. Because: Naked skin on bare skin promotes the production of the “cuddly hormone” oxytocin. Interesting: Scientists believe that oxytocin-rich partnerships are more loving and loyal. Individual health and the immune system should also benefit from this. “Oxytocin reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol. So it can help lower blood pressure and prevent depression, ”says Dr. Gulati

The (heart-) warming exception: lying in bed with your partner. In that case, being naked should actually be healthy.

Important note for Sleeping naked at Night

In connection with health, hygiene is of course also important. You sweat at night – this is normal and makes it absolutely necessary to change the covers in winter at least every two weeks. It should happen every week in summer.
These distances do not apply to naked sleepers. With them there is no extra layer of textile between sweat (and skin flakes) and the bed linen. Means: The same way you should wear pajamas for a maximum of four days, the nude fraction with sheets and Co.

Also colleague Feld “allows” to sleep naked when someone is next to you – “a little stove where you can warm up.” This stove / bed neighbor gives up to 36 degrees Celsius without any effort. And at the latest when you get really close, the danger of hypothermia is of course no longer an issue.

Conclusion – Sleeping naked at Night

There can be certain advantages to sleeping naked – provided you have a warm body next to you. But if you prefer to go to bed alone without a nightgown, you should take precautions not to cool down. It doesn’t have to (and should) be the good old pajamas with lots and lots of fabric.

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