Smartphone Care: How to properly care for your smartphone: Seven tips

Smartphone Care : Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days . Many can hardly imagine life without the practical pocket computer and therefore carry it with them all the time. The most popular representatives include the Android phones from the manufacturer Samsung.

Smartphone Care
Smartphone Care: How to properly care for your smartphone: Seven tips

Since such a device has become an important companion in everyday life, it is exposed to numerous dangers, and because the small gadgets are unfortunately often very expensive, we have compiled some tips on how you can best take care of your Android cell phone or iPhone.

The right charging cable – Smartphone Care

Although the annoying search for a suitable cable should be eliminated with the introduction of the micro USB standard, it is still best to use the original cable. This is because the different built-in batteries require slightly different voltages in order to charge ideally. If you use a “foreign” cable, you risk too high a voltage and thus a loss of battery power. Therefore, the manufacturer’s cables are always recommended. If you have a Samsung device, for example, you should use charging cables of this brand.
For iPhones too, original Apple cables are advisable for the same reasons, despite the unique connection.

Replacing the battery can work wonders! – Smartphone Care

If the performance of the battery deteriorates, it does not have to be a new device: Often you can simply have the battery replaced and continue using the cell phone with a longer battery life . However, you should definitely make sure that original parts are used, otherwise it can happen that the battery can withstand even less and may even overheat and endanger you!

Screen protection with foils

Modern smartphones from Samsung, for example, have an extremely sensitive display. Unfortunately, this is also very susceptible to damage, such as falling or scratching. This is remedied by so-called protective films that are attached directly to the display and protect it from dirt and dust (the largest sources of scratches). Protection against falls offers, for example, the so-called tempered glass films, which are available for all modern Android phones and can also protect the display from cracks. If the smartphone is damaged in the event of a fall despite the display film and cover, it is advisable to visit a repair shop instead of throwing it away completely.

A cover for further protection against falls – Smartphone Care

In order to protect the cell phone from falling even further, it is advisable to purchase a case. Available in practically all conceivable shapes, colors and materials, they represent the best protection if you want to protect your smartphone from bumps and cracks. Many people also appreciate the individual design options that arise with the purchase of a case.

Stay safe with regular updates!

Keeping the mobile phone up-to-date on the software side is the best protection against hackers and viruses. Many manufacturers offer regular software updates, which in addition to the desired protection often also bring practical new functions with them and thus extend the life of your Android or iPhone. Unfortunately, not all providers offer such updates. However, if you have advanced knowledge, this problem can be remedied by a so-called custom rom.

Clear the cache regularly! -Smartphone Care

Many apps keep a lot of data in the cache and clog the memory of the Android. In order to maintain the cell phone, it is advisable to regularly empty the cache of individual apps . Applications that access the Internet in particular store a lot of data and therefore tend to clog the device.

The system is hooked? Resetting can work wonders!

Over time , the average user installs numerous applications, and many of them are quickly uninstalled. Unfortunately, many apps leave unused files even after uninstalling, which gradually fill up the device and thus slow down. So before you buy a new device, it may be worth it to reset the device to the factory settings and to check whether the service life can not be extended so much.

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