Sore Throat: 10 great home remedies for throat infection without drugs

Bad weather is coming. The cold makes us feel more vulnerable to external elements that can affect us. Colds, pharyngitis or tonsillitis (so-called angina) that inevitably lead to annoying sore throat . Sometimes those sore throats are the first sign that we are about to catch a cold.

In any case, and when there is no turning back and we fall victim to a sore throat but do not want to medicate ourselves , there are many very useful home tricks that help reduce inflammation and relieve pain effectively.

But beware, in case the sore throat is not cured with these tricks, the discomfort increases or the fever increases, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.

sore throat

These are the most used home remedies for a sore throat that must always be applied together .


The most common. You can drink glasses of water with half a tablespoon of salt, which is recommended. Of course, do not do it more than three times a day because we can dry out the mucous membranes.


It is a good way to keep your throat hydrated, saliva. Lemon or mint candies, which have balsamic properties, go like a glove.

Lots of hydration

The more hydrated the throat is, the less it will hurt, so drink warm water and infusions throughout the day and in small sips.

A teaspoon of honey

Honey is an excellent antiseptic , that is, it helps fight infectious diseases by destroying the microbes that cause them. In addition, it helps to eliminate coughs, so taking a tablespoon or two slowly, letting the honey rest in the back of our mouth, can be an important defense against a sore throat. We must bear in mind, however, that children under one year of age cannot take this food , since it may be contaminated with the bacterium Clostridium botulinum that causes the appearance of botulism in babies.

Mint chocolate

The properties of chocolate are a good remedy to relieve irritation.

Ginger tea

Ginger has a selective antibiotic power. This is ideal because it is relentless with malignant microorganisms but, at the same time, it encourages the growth of benign microorganisms such as those of the intestinal flora, which allow to fight diseases much better and maintain good general health .

ginger tea in sore throat

Specifically, ginger is particularly good for intestinal and throat infections . How can we combine it? We can add:

  • Grated ginger root to salads, purees and vegetables
  • Also, it is ideal in powder to make infusions


Any broth is beneficial to combat this type of pain. Chicken, vegetable or beef are the most common.

Hot water baths

Since the most harmful thing for our throat is the dryness of the environment, we must try to moisten it as much as possible, either thanks to a humidifier – especially useful in winter, when the humidity of the environment drops – or to the steam of a good shower with water hot . You can also turn on the hot water switch and sit in the bathroom breathing in the steam, if you don’t want to take a bath, or add herbs and essential oils to the water.

Prevention is the key

Although many of these remedies are effective, as always , prevention is best . In the case of a sore throat, we will prevent it from suffering if we follow these tips:

-No Smoking.

-Avoid sudden temperature changes.

-Don’t force your voice.

Except above remedies some more natural antibiotics can help in throat infection.

Natural antibiotics for the sore throat and cough

Carrot, orange and brewer’s yeast

Taking a juice made from carrot, orange and a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast, you will get:

  • Protect the mucous membranes of the throat and lungs
  • Strengthen the immune system


Onion, which is in the same family as garlic, is presented as one of the most powerful natural antibiotics . It is a good disinfectant and is used, above all, in respiratory infections (flu, bronchitis and pharyngitis)


Rosemary contains more than 40 antibacterial principles and more than 20 antivirals. This is one of the most common natural antibiotics, especially for infusions and to fight the pathogens of respiratory and intestinal diseases .

Herb Vapors

Herbal vapors are composed of: mint, pine and eucalyptus, which are the best herbs to clear nose and throat .

To benefit from them, put 1 liter of boiling water with the leaves of the three herbs in a container and with a towel over your head, bend over and inhale the vapors for 10 minutes.

Have a chicken soup

chicken soup insore throat

Any hot broth is beneficial for your throat, but doctors particularly recommend chicken soup, as well as vegetable or beef soup , at the same time that they discourage tomato soup, which is excessively acidic, or those that contain dairy, which increase mucus production . The hot soup will provide relief to sore throats and a good amount of sodium to our body.

Put a warm compress on your throat

Conventional wisdom indicates that silk throat garments can relieve throat pain. Without going too far, good hot packs can improve circulation in the throat as it loses some of its inflammation. It’s easy and simple : just moisten a cloth with hot water (not too much!), Wring it out and place it on our throat to start working. The heat widens the blood vessels and helps the muscles relax.

Apple vinager for sore throat

Apple cider vinegar has a large number of antibacterial properties that directly attack the infection caused by bacteria and help soothe a sore throat. This occurs because the acidity of the vinegar interacts with the pH, which decreases and this causes the microbes to no longer grow. Also, the expectorant nature of vinegar thins up mucus, making it easier to expel phlegm.

The symptoms of a cold are not caused by a virus, but by the inflammatory response to the infection

Wash your hands

It should be remembered once again: colds and flu are spread by direct contact. And it is not enough to simply wet your hands and dry them quickly, but you have to rub them well, with soap, and for at least 20 seconds . It can be tedious, but it can also make a difference. A famous experiment carried out by the United States Navy revealed that after forcing soldiers to wash their hands five times a day, the incidence of colds had been reduced by no less than 45%.

Don’t touch your face

The eyes, nose and mouth are the most sensitive areas of the body for the entry of harmful organisms. Children’s tendency to touch their faces makes them easy targets for this type of bacteria, and that is why they tend to have colds longer than adults. In addition, children are more contagious than adults during the first two days of illness of sore throat.

Do not stress

A stressed man is the perfect victim of cold bacteria. When we are more nervous than usual, our immune system begins to weaken and the production of interleukins begins to decline. A study published this year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences pointed out that chronic stress made the cold stronger and more difficult to cure.

Do not smoke or drink

Smokers are more likely to fall into the arms of colds and flu, as statistics indicate, as well as to aggravate their symptoms through a sore throat. For its part, alcohol attacks the immune system that protects our body, dehydrates our body and favors the appearance of infections.

throat infection

Don’t trust antibiotics

Although we should never self-medicate under any circumstances, we have to remember that antibiotics kill bacteria and not viruses, so pressuring the doctor to provide them is not only useless, but counterproductive , since it can kill bacteria that are part of our defenses.

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