Sourav Ganguly rescued sana on post of CAA – Keep Sana away from it

Sourav Ganguly rescued sana on post of CAA – Keep Sana away from it

Sourav Ganguly rescued sana: Former Indian captain Saurabh Ganguly has appealed on Twitter in his familiar strict tone. However, this appeal is not for cricket but to keep his daughter away from politics. After the post regarding Sana’s fascism, Ganguly said that Sana is still very small in terms of politics.

Sourav Ganguly rescued sana
Sourav Ganguly rescued sana on the post of CAA – Keep Sana away from it


  • Sana’s Instagram post was being shared in protest against citizenship law
  • Ganguly tweeted about this post, ‘Sana is too young yet to know about politics’
  • The BCCI chief also shared another photo of Sana with friends as the last day of the school
  • Ganguly’s daughter is very active on Instagram and is a true Odissi dancer like her mother.

Saurabh Ganguly himself came out in defense of his daughter, who had come under attack from critics over the post for protesting against New Delhi citizenship Kannu. The BCCI chief and former Indian captain said on Twitter that his daughter is still very young and does not understand political matters. Ganguly also appealed on social media to keep his daughter away from politics. A post opposing fascism was posted from Sana’s Instagram account which became quite viral on social media, but the post was later removed.

Sana’s appeal, keep my daughter away from it.
Late last night the former Indian captain tweeted and defended her daughter Sana. He tweeted, ‘Please keep Sana out of it … This post is not true … She is too young to understand anything in politics.’ This tweet has also been made by the former captain as his pin tweet. With this, he shared a picture of the daughter’s last day of school late Wednesday evening and wrote that today is the last day of 14 years of school life.

Sana wrote on Instagram that
Ganguly’s 18-year-old daughter Sana is currently in 12th. Like her mother, she is also a trendy Odissi dancer and has given stage performance with her many times. Sana posted an excerpt from Khushwant Singh’s book on her Instagram account. He shared an excerpt from famous author Khushwant Singh’s book ‘The End of India’ on Instagram. The post wrote that fascist forces always target one or two weaker sections. It further wrote in this post, ‘The agitation based on hatred can only go on as long as there is an atmosphere of fear and struggle. Today those of us who feel themselves safe thinking that they are not Muslims or Christians, they are living in a world of fools. ‘ Later that post was deleted.

Sana is very active on Instagram
Saurabh and Donna’s only child Sana Ganguly is very active on social media. He has shared pictures with his father several times on his social media account. A few days ago, he shared a picture of his father, which was discussed on social media.

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