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How do I bait or attach my rod on Stardew Valley?

Using bait in Stardew Valley can help speed up the fishing process. Having to wait for a bite can take up a great deal of valuable time (even in the best fishing spots), and placing the bait on a fishing pole greatly increases the player’s efficiency. However, when the bait is first unlocked in Stardew Valley, there is no obvious way to equip it. Therefore, those who want to fish for Breem or Sturgeon should read on.

This also puzzled me at first, until I found out how it worked in the accident! There are (at least) three types of fishing rods:

  • The bamboo stick : Just a pole with a hook
  • Fiberglass rod: A stick that allows you to use the bait
  • Iridium Rod : A stick that allows the use of both bait and tackle.

The bamboo stick does not allow to use the bait. In the last two cases, you just have to select the item (bait or tackle) in your inventory and, with it selected, right-click on the stick. You can click the right mouse button again to delete the object.

How to unlock bait in Stardew Valley

Unlocking the first type of bait in Stardew Valley (known simply as “bait”) is not difficult. A player only needs to get Willy’s rod and fish until he reaches fishing level 2.

Once the Bait Recipe is unlocked, five pieces can be crafted for each Bug Meat. It can also be purchased at the Fish Shop for 5 g per piece. Players can find Bug Meat in the mine by defeating Cave Flies, so they should have no problem quickly building up a bait pool.

There are also two other types of bait in the game:

Magnet: Doubles the chance of finding treasure when fishing. Wild Bait: Gives the opportunity to catch two fish at the same time and makes the fish bite faster. Recipe: 5 Insect Meat 10 Fiber 5 Slime Obtained Recipe: Get four hearts with Linus.

It should also be noted that a pile of bait can be placed on a pole to avoid having to do it every time. The game will notify you when you use the last stacked piece, which is very useful.

How do I bait or attach my rod on Stardew Valley
How do I bait or attach my rod on Stardew Valley

How to equip bait in Stardew Valley

The problem that probably confuses players when it comes to equipping bait in Stardew Valley is that the default rod cannot do it. Unfortunately, the Bamboo Pole that Willy offers players does not have a slot for equipping baits or tackle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that tackles don’t last forever (they eventually wear out). So, if you find a piece of rigging from a treasure chest, from a quest, or something else, hold on to it!

You have to have a fiberglass rod. Once you have it, you have to go up the menu screen and click with the right mouse button on the bait and then with the right button on the fishing rod.

How to play multiplayer and invite friends in Stardew Valley?

Such has been the success of Stardew Valley , a PC game developed by the independent studio ConcernedApe , which, in addition to reaching all current-generation consoles, will soon offer a multiplayer mode for free. Yes, we say soon, since, for now, this mode is only available on PC in beta version  . However, if you want to try it, we are going to tell you  how to play multiplayer and invite friends in Stardew Valley .

Stardew Valley was released for PC in 2016 and subsequently for a number of consoles, including PS4 , Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch . This farm simulation game has achieved great success thanks to the myriad of activities and options it offers, among other reasons. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that its developer wants to expand it, this time with a multiplayer mode. At the moment, it is only available in beta for PC, but it is already possible to test it. If you want to enjoy it and play it with your friends, in this guide we are going to tell you  how to play multiplayer and invite friends in Stardew Valley .

How to play multiplayer

As we have explained, the multiplayer mode of Stardew Valley is available in beta. Therefore, you have to perform a series of steps before playing it. First, go to your Steam Library and right click on Stardew Valley to access Properties.

Once done, a list of beta versions should appear. In the event that it does not appear, you will have to unlock it. If so, access the box that you will find below the drop-down menu and enter the following: jumpingjunimos. Verify the code and the beta will appear ready to be downloaded with the cooperative mode installed as well.

If you play Stardew Valley on GOG , you must follow a different process. First, you must make sure that you have the GOG Galaxy application downloaded. Once you have it, access it and search for Stardew Valley in your library. Click on More and look for the Settings option.

 Inside, locate the Beta Channels option and change the setting to On. Then, you can go to the updates area of ​​the game, select to add private channels and add the same code as before (jumpingjunimos). Submit it and the beta will be unlocked on the roster. Then select it to download it.

How to play multiplayer and invite friends in Stardew Valley
How to play multiplayer and invite friends in Stardew Valley

How to invite friends

Once you have installed the beta version of Stardew Valley , you can invite your friends to play. To do this, you have to have enough cabins so that they can sleep. You just need to talk to Robyn and have either 100 gold or 10 stone for her to build one. Once you’ve built a few, save the game and go back to the title.

Then, open the multiplayer mode menu, where you can select the save you want to use. When you are inside, you can invite your friends by invitation or freely (any of them can access). 

Don’t miss these tips and tricks to start playing Stardew Valley

Now you know  how to play multiplayer and invite friends in Stardew Valley . If you need help with the game, you have at your disposal our guides on which are the best crops of each season , how to fish easily and  the best tricks to get quick money .

How to get clay in Stardew Valley

Clay is an essential resource in Stardew Valley. You need it on your farm to hold soil, garden pots, brick flooring, gifts to fish in fish ponds, and to build a silo on your farm. However, getting large amounts can take a little time.

How to get clay in Stardew Valley

There are five different ways to get Clay in the game.

  • Digging up the dirt
  • Digging up sand
  • Digging up artifact stains
  • Opening Geodes
  • You can receive it as a gift

You will need a hoe to dig up dirt, sand, and artifact points that you find around the world. If you have a small spot on your farm that you are not using for plants, feel free to walk around here with your hoe and start digging. You may randomly receive a piece of clay, but they are relatively rare. The same goes for sand and artifact stains.

How to get clay in Stardew Valley
How to get clay in Stardew Valley

Geodes are probably your best method of finding them in game. You can receive Geodes by exploring levels 1 to 39 of the Mines. You want to go for the standard Geodes, not the Frozen, Magma, or Omni Geodes available at the lower levels of the Mines. When you receive a Geode, you must take it to the blacksmith, Clint, who has his shop located across the bridge to the east of town. His shop is open from 9 am to 4 pm It costs 25 pieces of gold to open.

How to fish in stardew valley

After passing through other platforms such as PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the Stardew Valley farm simulator has recently been released on Nintendo Switch in digital format. If a few days ago we told you the best tricks to get fast money in Stardew Valley , today we bring you a new guide focused on fishing, one of the most interesting and complex activities in the game.

 As we do not want you to have any problems when carrying out fishing activities in the 505 Games and ConcernedApe game, we have prepared a new Stardew Valley guide with all the details on how to fish easily.

Of all the activities available and the wide range of skills of our main character in Stardew Valley , fishing is one of the most complex, as simple as it may seem at first glance. It is important to learn to fish well taking into account different aspects such as the rods used or the baits and hooks necessary for each type of fish. 

In addition, as we complete fishing activities we can improve our skills by getting access to new traps for crabs, hooks and baits, and can even improve the probability of finding treasures while fishing.

Fishing in Stardew Valley is very simple and the really complex thing is to master the activity and take into account all the aspects related to it so that we can make the most of the time we spend fishing. The first thing you should do is find a fishing area, throw the rod and wait until a small exclamation point appears above the head of our character, at which point we simply have to press the corresponding button to pull the rod and collect our loot. Many times we will not get fish, but we will get other resources that could come in handy during the adventure.

But since what we want you to learn is how to fish easily in Stardew Valley , we are going to explain how the fishing minigame works. When a fish bites on our hook, a minigame in the form of a side bar will begin in which you will see how the fish goes up and down until it is finally caught. 

To achieve this, you will have to keep the small green bar of the minigame at the same height as the fish. The key is not to press the controls too hard to avoid losing the position of the bar with respect to the fish and to be very careful to know when to press and when to release the button so that the fish is always within the bar of the minigame. 

How to fish in stardew valley
How to fish in stardew valley

Obviously, there are areas of Stardew Valley where fishing is easier and others where you will have to work hard to get a good reward, but in any case we advise you to be patient and practice so that you can level up and improve your fishing skills. fishing, as well as your options to get better fish, baits and even treasures. In the same way, we warn you that there are areas in which fish appear quite frequently and others that will force us to have a little patience, and may even have to wait a few minutes until the first fish appears.

As we mentioned before, there are several rods available for fishing in Stardew Valley, although some will ask you for certain requirements such as having a certain level of fishing skill. In addition, and of course, the best rods will cost you a good number of coins, so we recommend that you go slowly and calmly in the process of fishing and level up your fishing skills.

 With each level up of the fishing skill we will not only have access to better rods, but the size of the fish that we can catch will also increase and the capture minigame will be improved, reducing the time needed for each fish.

And so far our Stardew Valley guide on how to fish easily. The rest already depends on your practice and the time you spend to improve your fishing skills, something that we advise you since it can allow you to obtain resources and treasures. We remind you that Stardew Valley has been available on Nintendo Switch for a few days, although you can also enjoy the game on other platforms such as PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Stardew valley – how to feed chickens

Farm animals are a vital resource in Stardew Valley, and they are beneficial by providing you with useful resources that you would need to purchase elsewhere, just like the fishing ponds in the game. One farm animal that you want to obtain for your property is chickens, so you can collect their useful eggs, which you can use in a variety of recipes. To keep them happy and content, you need to feed them.

You add chickens to your farm by adding a chicken coop, which you can have Robin build. She is in the Carpentry, north of the city. You can upgrade the co-op into a large co-op or a fancy co-op. The standard version has four, the large chicken coop has 8, and the deluxe chicken coop has 12. After purchasing you can get chickens from Marnie’s ranch or by placing an egg in an incubator. Then you assign the chickens to the cooperative you have and name them. They come in three colors: white, brown, and blue. You get blue by completing an eight-heart event for Shane.

Stardew valley how to feed chickens
Stardew valley how to feed chickens

Your chickens only eat hay or grass. You can buy hay by cutting the grass on your farm or buying it from Marnie. Every chicken you own requires a single piece of hay every day in the feed bank. Instead of always having hay in your inventory, you can locate it from the hay chute on the upper left side of the chicken coop. It automatically grabs the amount of hay you need, making it easy to put it in the feed bin. The hay comes from your inventory, or from the silo, which you must buy from Robin to build. If you are purchasing hay from Marine, you must manually place the hay into the silo.

Players who have a fancy chicken coop don’t need to feed their chickens because their hay hopper comes with an automatic feed feature. You may want to improve your path by talking to Robin to find out what materials you need to build it to have one less chore on your farm.

How to get married in stardew valley

Getting married in Stardew Valley is much easier than it sounds. In this guide we will explain everything about getting married in multiplayer and in single player mode. Also, we will talk about such interesting things as divorce or how to have a baby. Are you ready to start a farm family? Well keep reading.

How to get married in Stardew Valley – get married in multiplayer mode

To get married in multiplayer you will need a wedding ring. The wedding ring is a handcrafted item used to propose marriage in a multiplayer game. The recipe can be purchased in the Travel Cart for 500g of gold. although we already anticipate that you will need 5 iridium bars and 1 prismatic shard.

To propose to another player, the ring must be given to the player, who has the option of accepting or rejecting it. If they accept it, the two players commit. As with the villagers’ marriage, the wedding ceremony will normally take place in 3 days. The wedding ring cannot be fitted like other rings. It can be carried in inventory or stored in a chest, before or after proposing marriage. It cannot be gifted to a villager.

How to get married in Stardew Valley – get married in single player mode

In single player mode, marriage is only possible with a villager who is marked as “single” in the Social tab. Before you propose, you need to earn 10 friendship hearts with your partner , which requires you to give them a bouquet of flowers. You will also have to repair the bridge to the east of Elliott’s cabin (it costs 300 lumber) and upgrade the farm at least once.

The candidates to be your partner are:


  • Alex
  • Elliot
  • Harvey
  • Sam
  • Sebastian
  • Shane


  • Abigail
  • Emily
  • Haley
  • Leah
  • Maru
  • Penny

How to get married in Stardew Valley – let’s put the icing on the romance

Romance can only begin once you’ve reached 8 hearts with a potential partner (where friendship levels freeze for marriage candidates). The morning after reaching 8 hearts with a marriage candidate, Pierre will send you a message to let him know about the bouquet (It costs 200g in Pierre’s shop).

Giving the bouquet defrosts the level of friendship with that bachelor or single, allowing the friendship to advance. By accepting the bouquet, your Social Token status also changes to “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. The bouquet can be given repeatedly (even several times in a day) to any candidate, to increase the level of friendship. It can also be given to multiple candidates, regardless of gender. There is no penalty for giving bouquets of flowers to dating rivals, although there is a Group Heart event that can cause all the girls / boyfriends to turn their backs on you for a week.

How to get married in stardew valley
How to get married in stardew valley

How to get married in Stardew Valley – propose marriage

The day after reaching 10 friendship hearts with a marriage candidate, you will receive a letter from Mayor Lewis. To get engaged, give your partner a Mermaid Pendant. You will have to buy it for 5,000 grams. gold to the Old Mariner. You can find it on rainy days in the tide pools on the beach (across the bridge you repaired). During winter, it doesn’t rain, so it won’t appear unless you use a Rain Totem. He will not sell the pendant unless your farm has been upgraded and you have 10 hearts with an eligible villager.

The wedding ceremony takes place in the morning, 3 days after the proposal. That is, if you propose on Monday the 1st, the marriage scene will take place as soon as you get up on Thursday the 4th. When the ceremony is over, you and your spouse will show up at the farm at 6 a.m. (on the porch, or if you have restarted or recharged on game day, inside the house). The day then proceeds as it normally does when you are married. Friendship with your spouse can now rise to the (hidden) level of 13 hearts, but drops by 20 points per day when there is no contact between the two.

The wedding ceremony does not take place on a day when another event takes place in the town square. In such cases, the wedding is delayed until there is a day without such an event. On the wedding day, the time icon that appears between the date and time is replaced by a heart.

How to get married in Stardew Valley – married life

Once a villager is married, they will move to the farm. They will have a maximum of 12 hearts instead of 10, and keeping them happy will result in their help on the farm. A happy spouse can make breakfast, feed animals, repair fences or water crops. Occasionally they change the wallpaper or the floor of the farmhouse. Interacting with your spouse when dialogue is not available will result in a hug.

Giving gifts to other eligible singles may make your spouse jealous. This can also happen when you are engaged and not yet married. It is also possible to have children under certain circumstances. Once married, the twice-a-week gift limit is removed, however, the once-a-day limit still applies.

Spouse Tasks

  • Irrigation of all crops on the farm (in spring, summer and autumn).
  • Feed all the animals.
  • Fill the dog / cat drinker.
  • Repair of broken fences.
  • Give gifts, including breakfast and dinner. (If the inventory is full, the item will not be received.)

How to get married in Stardew Valley – how to have children

You can only have children if you are married and have updated the farm for the second time. After going to bed at night, your spouse will ask if you want to have / adopt a child. You can answer “yes” or “no now”. Same-sex couples will adopt children, and opposite-sex couples will have biological children.

You can only have two children, a man and a woman. The sex of the first child is random, and the sex of the second child is the opposite of the first. Children never grow beyond the toddler stage (Stage 4). You will have the option of acquiring a second child only after the first child has grown to the toddler stage.

How to get married in Stardew Valley – how to get divorced

In version 1.1 divorce was introduced. Players can visit the Mayor’s Mansion where a small book inside will give them the option to divorce their spouse. A divorce costs 50,000g. After filing for divorce, players have the option to cancel before the day is out (until 10 p.m. when Lewis’s house closes). If they don’t cancel, your spouse will be gone the next morning and your friendship level will return to 0 hearts. Under the name will be indicated (ex).

After the divorce, the spouse will return to their former residence, and will have negative interactions with the player, citing the failure of their marriage. They will also not accept any gifts from the player. The children of the couple will stay on the farm. Players can visit the Witch’s Hut at the end of the game, where they will find a shrine that can erase all the memories of their ex-spouses for an offering of 30,000g. Afterwards, all ex-spouses will have no memories of the previous marriage, allowing players to date and remarry if they wish.

The children of the couple can also be “turned into doves” in the Witch’s Hut in exchange for a prismatic shard. This permanently removes children from the game. If you are expecting a child and you divorce your spouse, the child will not be born.

How to make money fast in stardew valley

Farmer life is not easy and it is not easy in Stardew Valley , even if we talk about a video game. Now your farmer and farmer arts will have to be transferred to the virtual field with the availability of the game on Nintendo Switch after its arrival previously on other platforms. And if you want to prosper in Stardew Valley,  you’re not just going to have to plant and plant, but also make money.

To get a lot of money in Stardew Valley you will have to take advantage of all the hours that the program allows you virtually and also know how to take advantage of each of the seasons of the year, because you will understand it is not the same to plant in autumn than in spring, and it depends a lot on the type of seed.

To make life easier for you as a farmer and for you to prosper, we tell you many ways to make money in Stardew Valley so that you can invest the money in other improvements for the farm and for the town.

How to make money fast in stardew valley
How to make money fast in stardew valley

The best tricks to make a quick buck in Stardew Valley

Here are some tricks to make money fast in Stardew Valley, all legal and that will help you be a better farmer.

Cultivate the right

The best way to earn money is by saving it. Having a lot of money for the farm is not going to help you if you end up losing it to bad investments. That is why you must be very clear about what you should and should not plant in each of the stations of the game.

As you may have already imagined, you cannot grow just anything, and some seeds work better than others depending on the season of the year in which we are.

So you should cultivate the following:

  • In spring (strawberries)
  • In summer (blueberries)
  • Autumn (crawberries)
  • Winter (nothing)

Thanks to this you will be able to produce much more. The good thing about berries is that once they grow they will continue to produce you. In this way you will have much more merchandise to sell month by month and thus earn a lot of money without losing it.

Take advantage of your time

We already know that it is very hard to be a farmer and your back will be destroyed. But since this is a video game, once you finish farming, use your time on things that will generate more resources and therefore money. When you finish cultivating it is recommended that you make a daily visit to the mine to obtain minerals with which you can trade later.

Also go fishing, because it will not only feed you, but also fresh money since the fish is well valued in the adventure.

Get organized at the stations

In general, in the first three seasons of the year you can plant and plant, but not in winter. What you should do is leave some non-mandatory tasks for the winter such as going to the mine or fishing in the morning. Also in winter, spend time meeting community center goals to earn rewards.

Process food

It’s great to have raw materials that you can sell and make money, but what if you process them? Fruit can give you money, but if you have the necessary machine (invest in it) you can process food and make jam or wine, and for these products they usually pay about 10 times more. So you can make a lot of money in Stardew Valley by processing food.

Also, remember that hens’ eggs are also good for making mayonnaise, which is also very well paid.

Upgrade the community center

When you have free time and cannot produce, spend your time improving the community center. Once you bring the magician Rasmodius what he asks for, you can improve the site by completing a series of packs.

Each time you complete a pack you will receive numerous rewards in the form of many seeds or even machinery. Also, you can locate new areas of the game and find more places to mine.

Only invest in what is necessary

You always have the mania to improve everything that can be improved, and that is a waste of resources and the main reason why you do not save. That is why you only have to improve the tools that you use often such as the pick or the ax, both will allow us to advance to other areas of the map with more resources and even go to the forest to get Iridium.

It is also convenient that you improve the watering can because it will allow you to finish the work of the crop in the shortest possible time and thus invest it in producing other materials that you can later sell.

These are the best ways to get a quick buck in Stardew Valley to prosper as a person and as a farmer.

How to get hardwood stardew valley

The resources in Stardew Valley are vital to building your farm and creating a viable farm. The more resources like stone, vegetables and hay that help you when you start your farm. One resource you want to consider is hardwood.

You can purchase hardwood in a number of ways. The easiest way to grab some is to cut the large stumps with a copper ax. Alternatively, you can take a few tending the large logs you find using a steel ax. You can find the stumps on your property until you remove them, but those with the Forest Farm map may discover some that respawn daily on the west side. There are eight of them, and they reappear daily, giving you two per item.

The next way to get a hardwood drop is to harvest it from a Woodskip fish pond. You can catch Woodfish in Secret Woods, or starting with Forest Farm. You can find them at all times of the year, in any weather condition. They are difficult to catch, so even if you have one on your line, you might have a hard time trying to get it out of the water.

How to get hardwood stardew valley
How to get hardwood stardew valley

Once you have it, take it to your fish pond, and you should be able to spawn a new fish every other day after completing its quest. After having at least six Woodskip fish in the pond, they have the opportunity to produce five hardwood materials. These are your required missions:

  • 1 Woodskip: 10 hardwood
  • 3 Woodskip: 2 to 3 common mushrooms or 2 to 3 red mushrooms
  • 5 Woodskip: 1 oak resin or 1 pine tar
  • 7 Woodskip: 2 jade or 1 tea leaves

Alternatively, for those who are a lumberjack, they have a chance of hardwood falling when cutting standard trees.

Using many of these hardwood harvesting methods can make crafting some of the more difficult materials to create materials much easier.

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